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Technology of triumph, or how to get the desired result in elections and voting
Novye Izvestia talked with the experts and sorted out the most popular ways of rigging the votes, and also found out that with a certain pressure...
Today, 12:02
Abbas Gallyamov: "Government of the country has switched to the regime of political special operations"
The situation in which all political decisions are carried out by the Kremlin in the form of special operations almost completely paralyzes the...
Yesterday, 19:57
You will not please the offended: how the desire for the tolerance led to complete destruction
The story of how difficult and even almost impossible to overcome the mistrust of offended people
3 July, 18:14
Populism, totalitarianism, hysteria: the three lessons of a pandemic that the world must learn
Artificially warming up the size and danger of the coronavirus pandemic, mankind has significantly complicated life for itself.
3 July, 17:31
Trillions of dollars question: is the sequestration of the federal budget awaiting Russia?
After July 1, the passion for voting and coronavirus will obviously go down to a minimum.
2 July, 19:19
The ghost of communism is roaming around the world again
While Russia continues to enjoy the dubious charms of wild capitalism, the developed countries are steadily becoming more left-wing oriented.
30 June, 17:13
Coronavirus brought down the faith of Europeans in the USA as a world leader
Sociologists have found that Europeans are disappointed not only in the USA, but also in China, but their attitude towards Russia has not changed.
29 June, 18:45