Irina Mukhina: "The world is now a mental hospital, and its management is in the hands of patients"

Irina Mukhina: "The world is now a mental hospital, and its management is in the hands of patients"
Irina Mukhina: "The world is now a mental hospital, and its management is in the hands of patients"
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Doctor of Physics and Mathematics, specialist in artificial intelligence Irina Mukhina (Canada) on the Stalingrad TV Channel on YouTube talked about what the “big reboot” by Klaus Schwab is and what awaits the world next.

The birth of a new world is taking place now. But everything can be like in Pushkin: “In the night the tsarina gave birth to either a son or a daughter; not a mouse, not a frog, but an unknown animal".

A completely new world order is being born.

Klaus Schwab, 50 years ago, organized what later became the World Economic Forum in Davos. And in his book, in an accessible language, point by point, he described the order that they are preparing for us.

A year ago, I was amazed at the level of harshness of the news that came from this forum.

And then I immediately realized: if this monster began to show its heads above the water in the open, then they went for broke and they had nothing to fear.

They showed the infernal essence of the new order on the example of the main system of world governance - the stock exchange.

Historically and politically, it has always been the main white Anglo-Saxon Protestants. So, in order for the company to start selling its shares on the market, they demanded that the board of directors of the company now include either people of color, people of gay orientation, or women.

And this, as they say, was such a "Gypsy" with an exit. I then thought that the guys had either the roof gone, or the ground under their feet was floating.

Now they are forcibly installing a new social structure into society, and they do it in three ways, everything is written in Schwab's book.

Firstly, these are digital platforms, and secondly, this is mandatory, green investment or socially responsible investment, everything that supposedly does not destroy society according to their rules - and all this is now a prerequisite for any company.

And this "green stick" is, in fact, green fascism.

And the third is medical fascism, which, as we can see, is now unfolding in full force.

And it's all market driven.

These three things - digital, green and medical - these are the three heads of this monster of theirs ("The monster is awful, mischievous, hugely, one hundred feet and bark", an epigraph to the book of Alexander Radishchev, who modified a line from the 514th verse of Vasily Trediakovsky's poem "Telemachide "- approx." NO ").

If you speak Russian fairy tales, then this is such a Serpent Gorynych.

And in this book, Schwab and his co-author explained step by step why this is necessary.

And, most importantly, everyone must understand: it says in plain text that all countries of the world must enter this new system, otherwise it will not work!

This is ultra-globalism. Struggle between two capitalist systems. We live in a post-truth time.

… But there are deep people, they stayed, but the question is what percentage.

If we talk about this in terms of education ... I have been working for 25 years in serious analytical companies. And I mostly hire people from Russian emigrant families or people from Eastern Europe to my team. Because in their families they teach to learn, teach to work.

Figures provide mathematical education for the world in China and in the republics of the former USSR.

Now, if they ruin it for us, it will be the fall of the whole civilization!

Then the decline of human culture will be measured, as Pereslegin says, with whom I completely agree, for centuries.

Because the technocratic civilization, in which we all live, is entirely created by Western culture on Christian values.

And if now this culture and human component is broken, reformatted, then there will be no one to support it. There will be no one to support nuclear power plants, infrastructure. And then a century of dark times will come.

In Russia, to organize an alternative infrastructure, there are as many positions as China.

Only China did it because there was political will. I believe that they are not completely on a leash with transhumanists, because they have an ancient cultural tradition.

And in Russia there are deep cultural codes too. And the technology is there. And there are people.

But people, unfortunately, squabble with each other. ... And these people pretend to control something, while they are not able to control their own emotional world.

Therefore, my conclusion is this: the whole world is now a mental hospital, and the management of the mental hospital is placed in the hands of patients.

And not just given into the hands of patients, but so: who first put on a gown is the doctor.

And so these mentally ill, technocratically developed people imagined that they could control society.

They have their own soul split.

Therefore, it is so important to remember what happened in Russia and what you can return to at least at the level of councils of people's deputies, when people who have already lived there, with families, grandchildren who understand that it is possible to do with all this really, and not engage in criticism...

90% of the sphere is filled with negative. People spend their life, time, effort, energy and money throwing mud at their neighbors instead of growing something constructive on their land.

…We live in a very interesting time. Abyss of infernality opens, in which one does not want to believe, in which one does not want to look. This crazy, crazy, crazy world ...

It is extremely important for us now to raise a healthy generation. And all this mask mode and so on - all this leads to the fact that we put enormous pressure on our children without realizing it.

In ten years they will go out into the world. And what they will be - this will be our world”.

You can watch the whole episode with Irina Mukhina here.

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