Mikhail Veller: "Trump had a lot of trump cards in the debate - he didn't hit a single one"

Mikhail Veller: "Trump had a lot of trump cards in the debate - he didn't hit a single one"

Mikhail Veller: "Trump had a lot of trump cards in the debate - he didn't hit a single one"

1 October 2020, 15:26
Photo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o8Iu0tstyV8&t=11s
“Trump could have smeared Biden on the wall, but for that you had to be in shape. He had pockets full of trump cards, but he hit none. Biden did not say a word of the truth, but he held himself well: the professional cynicism of a politician”, - says Mikhail veller.

The debate between Trump and Biden brought disappointment to the supporters of the current US president, the writer said. On his YouTube channel, he commented on the verbal duel of the two politicians.

“As many people have already noted, this was an unexpected debate. Biden has stepped above his capabilities, Trump has stepped far below his capabilities.

The fact is that either he reacted lightly to this, or turned into a whirlwind of work, and before such a debate it was advisable to rest for a day, in general, somehow detach from everything in order to rest, sleep, relax, put everything in his head and go to debate absolutely fresh.

Here Biden was more than fresh, and Trump was somewhat tired.

Or perhaps they are so accustomed to the low level of the American audience, the electorate, that they believe that one can already speak like this...

Let's go straight for the missed chances.

Biden was cold-blooded, he was patient and he was a true diplomat. Absolutely hypocritical, absolutely deceitful, at the same time absolutely calm, confident in himself and spoke convincingly. Well done, well done.

And when Trump told him something that it is impossible to object to, he kind of smiled condescendingly, looking slightly down - well, like an adult at such a stupid rascal. Wonderful, wonderful Biden!

I don’t know, did anyone notice that he hardly made it to the podium? Eight steps got into the frame - old man Biden covered this distance rather hesitantly!

...I will not declare myself the best specialist in discussions in the Soviet and post-Soviet space in Russian, but it is unlikely that I should be the last.

The Lord God, as the French said long ago, gives pants to those who don't have a backside. Trump needs one debating masterclass!

I hope there are such specialists in the States, but it's another matter how much he listens to them?

At one time, when I did not get out of Russian TV, participating in all the discussions that were, such a partner would be like Biden - it would be a dream, a gift, a marzipan cake!

When he says that because of Trump, we have 200 thousand people...

Dear Biden, dear Joe, just as soon as Dr. Fauci said something, when she was still shouting to the WHO that it was not dangerous and there was no need to close anything, and when I stopped communicating with China, what did Democrat Joe say? That Trump is a racist, chauvinist, cut off communication with China, but how dare he!

What Nancy Pelosi said - sorry, this is no longer for the record, but this is a crazy old hag who does not understand at all what he is doing and what he wants - she went around San Francisco, to Chinatown and said, dear Chinese brothers, no no virus! And now they dare to blather something?

Of the 204,000 deaths, 45%, that is, more than 90,000, are in nursing homes! Who drove people with an infection who were not yet cured, or those who had just been cured, but were still carriers, into nursing homes, making everyone suicide bombers? These are lovely democrats!

Joe says I'm the Democratic Party here! Answer, Democratic Party, who killed, through these enterprises, half of the Americans who died from covid? Yes, he would not have collected the bones, not a single feather in this shabby tail would have remained!

...Trump could really smudge Biden on the wall, but for that you need to be in shape, you need to be in good shape. You need to know what you say. It is necessary to anticipate the on-duty topics that will definitely come up.

They say that Trump is racist. At least one fact, please. African American unemployment is at its lowest in history.

This is all absolutely pure slander. What act of racism can you blame Trump? None. If there was any, it would have been eaten long ago.

That is, Trump has pockets full of trump cards, but he assumed that Joe would barely crawl out and begin to fall apart right behind the podium. But Joe disappointed him. He really crawled out with some difficulty, but he is a hardened cynic, a professional politician. He has been in the Senate since he was 30, but now how old is he? 78!

Dear ones, for 48 years this man did not do anything except politics. Out of these 48 years, he was vice president for 8 years, and before that he was a senator all the years, and now he is rolling by inertia.

Spit in the eyes of this person - he will say, God's dew. A true politician who does not hesitate to meet any slop that is poured over his head with tubs. This must be understood!

Trump is a great connoisseur and understanding of the psychology of ordinary people. Still, the level turned out to be very low, and yet Trump was not very convincing.

If you look at it from the outside, as a person who is not in the know at all, it turns out that Biden was even a little better.

Another thing is that he no longer has the resources to improve. Trump said it would be nice to test Joe for drugs, because it is not known what stimulated him, because his movements are not entirely confident, some kind of mechanical pointing with a finger, a mechanical stretching of his hand ... Look at the recording, who does not believe: something from a mechanical doll, which they made up like a mummy, of course, there is in Biden.

But you need to be fair and draw conclusions. Because with such trump cards as Trump's, Biden shouldn't crawl out anywhere at all!

To paraphrase the genius classic of American literature Robert Penn Warren (the context is the novel "All the King's Men" - noted by Novye Izvestia), "we and other wahlaks will knock Joe Biden down so that in the next elections he will not nominate himself as a gongfermor". Read the classics!"

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