Valentin Katasonov: "The authorities have no levers of economic management left"

Valentin Katasonov: "The authorities have no levers of economic management left"

Valentin Katasonov: "The authorities have no levers of economic management left"

2 September 2020, 15:52
“Under the guise that we are building a bright digital future, we are building not just a concentration camp, but a concentration camp that can also be blown up through hardware“ bookmarks ”, because 80% of the“ hardware ”in Russia is imported,” says Valentin Katasonov ...

In an interview for the Spets YouTube channel , the Doctor of Economics spoke about how the Russians should actually have been helped to survive the quarantine period, how things are now in our economy, and that the United States is preparing for a cyber war with Russia.

“In the fall, the situation, of course, will be very tense.

Let me remind you that since March 25, the president turned to the Russians about the introduction of quarantine and then outlined several positions on how to alleviate its consequences.

One of the points was this: the introduction of tax holidays. Pay attention - for six months.

If counted from March 25, they end on September 25.

This is the deadline, but I think that everyone tried and will try to use them to the maximum, this very vacation.

This does not mean that taxes are abolished, but simply postponed, their payment, the repayment of these obligations, is merged.

The same is for credit holidays, also for six months.

Instead of writing off debts or at least carrying out debt restructuring, everything was limited only to a delay.

After that there was one more point. In my opinion, Mishustin voiced it. It consists in the fact that there will be a moratorium on bankruptcy for six months.

That is, it turns out that somewhere by the end of September - early October, all these obligations will be activated and then the moment of truth will come.

That is why we hear statements from officials that maybe a second wave of coronavirus will begin.

They calculated and realized that it was necessary to somehow dampen possible protests, possible bankruptcies.

Well, if you introduce the same vacation for another six months, then, in fact, there will definitely no longer be alive there.

In a year, if you count from March 25, there will simply be no survivors.

Here it was necessary to act - and it is still possible to act - according to a completely different scheme of restructuring obligations, writing off some obligations, and so on.

Or, say, follow the path of prolonging these obligations until the moment when the economy reaches the pre-crisis level.

That's why I don't see anything good.

...I have just been researching an issue related to cyber warfare.

The US National Security Council announced that it has already prepared cyber war tactics for the duration of the election campaign and elections, and if there is Russian interference, they will take appropriate measures.

One measure has already appeared. Many have received text messages offering to receive $ 10 million for information that confirms that Russia has intervened or is about to interfere in the election process.

But these are kind of jokes, but there are things more serious. Today's cyber warfare toolkit allows stopping industrial production, blocking servers related to government, and even less pleasant, related to military management, with complex weapons systems, infrastructure, transportation, and so on.

They said that what happened in 2016 was all children's games. Now, in 2020, we will show Russia "Kuz'ka's mother", and carry out cyberattacks, as they say, in an adult way.

And I do not rule out that this could be, because last year they tried to block the energy networks of the Russian Federation.

Well, you understand that if the power grids of Russia are blocked, then we will not be able to communicate with you either.

This is all about blocking the Internet, social networks, YouTube. You know, the Tsargrad canal was blocked. Yesterday I was at the Day TV studio, they were also temporarily blocked, however, now all the video materials have returned, but they themselves do not understand who blocked them and why they returned them.

That is, they twist what they want.

And if we also cut off the electricity, then, as you yourself understand, it will already be possible to take us with our bare hands.

... By the way, I found the following estimates from experts. For "hardware" - hardware - own needs are covered by own production only by 20%. And 80% is imported hardware.

Therefore, these are "bookmarks", these are hardware "bookmarks".

Are we mining our country, it turns out?

Under the guise of building a bright digital future - I'm not even talking about the disappearance of cash and so on - we are not just building a concentration camp, but also a concentration camp that can be blown up through these very "bookmarks". And through the software, these are also "bookmarks".

I looked at the materials of the June meeting with the participation of Putin, where our IT specialists were. And everyone said that our software is doing well.

And that in 2019 we, then, something like that, exported software worth $ 7 billion.

But at the same time, our internal needs for software are not covered.

So what are we doing? Import substitution or are we engaged in the development of world markets?

That is, you see, the madness continues.

Today Moscow and the Kremlin have no levers of economic management left.

They voluntarily "mined" the country, voluntarily gave the levers of management to the Central Bank, which is independent from the state power, and at the same time we still have free movement of capital across the border".

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