Job vacancies in the real economy more than doubled

Job vacancies in the real economy more than doubled
Job vacancies in the real economy more than doubled
3 November, 21:28Photo: Соцсети
The number of vacancies for students in October 2022 increased by 9.16% due to the departure of specialists during the mobilization period.

In October, the number of vacancies for students of Russian universities increased sharply - by 9.16%, according to a study by the Jobby career platform. At the same time, the demand from employers varies greatly depending on the required specialization. Data from Jobby and other job sites were used for the analysis.

Thus, the highest shortage of personnel is felt by companies in the manufacturing sector. The number of vacancies for students here has more than doubled - by 120.53%. In second place are companies in finance and investment , which posted 51.5% more job ads in the last month than in September. In the top three in demand are IT specialists : for beginners and talented, the number of positions has increased by 44.5%.

A slight increase in vacancies was shown by the sales sector - 12.7%. On the other hand, the demand for working personnel , on the contrary, decreased by 22.7%, as well as for specialists in the field of transport and logistics , and the number of offers decreased by 19.64%.

Jobby notes that the number of vacancies for students has grown for the first time this year. Experts attribute this to the announcement of partial mobilization, which caused a shortage of specialists due to their conscription to the front or departure abroad. “Due to the recent events in September and October, many companies felt a shortage of personnel,” says Tatiana Lewis , founder of the Jobby platform. – The only way to make up for the lack of specialists is to educate them yourself. In addition, students are not subject to the draft campaign and are not afraid to make plans for the future.” She explains the lack of demand in the field of transport and logistics by the fact that this industry has suffered greatly due to sanctions: this trend has been observed in the labor market for the past six months.

The top 5 vacancies for students on the Jobby platform in October include:

  • "Kaspersky" which opened a set in the paid program of internships of SafeBoard;
  • the Moscow government offering internships in various departments;
  • Essity, which is looking for junior engineers;
  • the Cherkizovo group of companies, which offers various vacancies in production;
  • Media Direction Group recruiting junior project managers.

In addition, new vacancies were published, in particular, by such companies as Trust Technologies, MGTS PJSC, Skyeng, ELSI Energoproekt JSC, as well as the Baltekskom group of companies. The average salary of interns and novice specialists in PR and marketing today is 50 thousand rubles, Jobby notes. A similar income is received by “juniors” in the IT field. Junior specialists in the field of finance today earn from 45 thousand rubles.

“The Russian market of IT-specialists has been experiencing a shortage for more than a year. Since the beginning of spring, this trend has only intensified. And if at first there was a trend to hunt only experienced developers in the hope of a rapid increase in efficiency, today the situation has changed: employers have paid special attention to novice specialists. There was an understanding that they should be nurtured by the market itself, invested in applied training and adapted to modern demands and challenges. We at QIWI also adhere to this strategy. In the summer, we launched a large-scale paid internship program, in which IT is one of the key blocks. We selected promising senior students and within the framework of this internship we have already closed about 30 positions in various areas, including IT. Now we have gone further and launched the SOFT educational project - an online intensive for those who want to enter IT from scratch and start with “soft” competencies ,” says Aurika Dmitrieva , HRD of the QIWI group.

“Competition for valuable candidates between companies is intensifying. In the future, this trend will increase. In turbulent times, the salary opportunities of companies sag significantly. The ability to productively involve students in the work is an excellent way out for companies that need competencies here and now,” says Yulia Tsapkova , Head of HR Community Skolkovo .

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