Stepan Demura: "Only the Anunnaki from Nibiru can provide external demand for the world"

Stepan Demura: "Only the Anunnaki from Nibiru can provide external demand for the world"

Stepan Demura: "Only the Anunnaki from Nibiru can provide external demand for the world"

4 August 2020, 15:38
According to the financial and stock market analyst Stepan Demura, both the entire world economy and financial system were Japaneseized. The world is plunging into a deflationary collapse, in which Japan has been living for 30 years.

But unlike the land of the rising sun, which "somehow" during all these decades was headed above water thanks to the external demand for its goods, our entire planet, according to Demura, can wait for the saving external demand, perhaps, only from the "Annunaki from Nibiru". He shared his views on what is happening in the economy with the viewers of the City Class YouTube channel.

“On the economic front everything is craptastic.

If we abstract from the growth of financial markets - what do we have?

We have such very interesting things as, for example, the volume of reserves by the banking system against bad loans, against losses.

Now this volume has already exceeded the level of the 2008-2009 crisis.

Moreover, there is no crisis yet, mind you.

Financial markets are practically at historic highs. Someone has already beaten them, someone is going, like S & P.

The debt market and the high-risk debt market are quiet and smooth. There are no special scary movements on Forex, in Commodities there is also nothing special yet.

In general, peace and quiet.

And the banks feel some kind of * opu and have already made such a reservation.

I can imagine what they will do in five or six months - and maybe even earlier - when the markets start to crumble.

All this just should give you, let's say, some clue about the scale of the economic catastrophe that has begun.

Nothing has happened yet, and banks are already making such reservations.

But this is not surprising, they see their clients. The economy is staked.

Estimates of the fall in US GDP are already somewhere in the 35-40% region. Maybe it will be higher. We already talked about this three months ago, if not four. And now even the "expert" community has come to this.

It's a wild fall.

Moreover, now there is such a small recovery growth, but judging by the cost of freight by the volume of international cargo transportation, there is no recovery and is not expected.

Because the damage was enormous. A huge number of businesses were closed. Consumer demand has been hit hard.

And that is why there is nothing to be glad about the fact that now banks - even here - are happily reporting that both consumers and businesses (in the West) take a huge amount of loans. Neither people nor businesses have income.

People and businesses out of habit think that it will not be the first time, it seems, and take loans to service their old loans, sniffing the default, and hope to live - stand a day and hold out for the night ...

But the demand has nowhere to come from, it is destroyed! The only thing that he is currently supported by in the West is government subsidies.

Trump has just extended the unemployment and community assistance program for another five weeks. And I think that after these five weeks he will extend it still.

Yes, there was a record job creation - well, it was just businesses that opened. But they opened in order to close soon, macroeconomic data show.

As for the so-called recovery after 2009 - with the exception of financial markets, nothing has been recovering.

That is, the recovery was the weakest on record.

Therefore, I think it is wrong to say that the "plague" has led to this crisis.

Firstly, not a “plague”, but inadequate actions of the authorities, and secondly, the “plague” was just an excuse, not a reason, for the collapse of the world economy and financial system.

It has been said a hundred times, but guys, when you have consumed all your income and future periods, then you already have nothing to service the existing debt obligations and maintain consumption at the current level so that the economy can continue to develop at the same pace.

And as soon as it all slows down, everything starts to crumble. This is a standard deflationary collapse.

Now even some "experts" are beginning to say that America is beginning to turn into Japan.

Guys, are you morons? The Japanese have been living with this deflationary collapse since 1990, that is, for 30 years.

But do not forget one nuance: when the deflationary collapse occurred in Japan, all these 30 years the rest of the world was still in the fifth wave.

It was not as burdened with debt as the Japanese, so consumption grew and, accordingly, there was external demand for Japanese goods.

And this somehow saved Japan. Somehow.

And now, my dears, the whole world is Japan!

The Japaneseification of the whole world, the entire world economy and financial system took place.

In it, external demand can come from, well, if only from the Anunnaki of Nibiru. Nowhere else!

Naturally, the debt bubble is now bursting and is beginning to collapse. This is a standard deflationary collapse.

It starts slowly, because nothing happens linearly in the economy and in society, all transitions occur nonlinearly, that is, the speed will only grow.

And, again, what we saw in 2008-2009 will seem like a commercial compared to the film that will be shown to us now.

Therefore, get ready!

If you want to guess right now exactly when there will be a peak in S & P and a low in the ruble, if you want to buy a dollar 3-4 rubles cheaper - if you have any thoughts about buying a dollar at all - then I would you in every possible way recommended not to toil nonsense.

Because, with a high degree of probability, you will miss this moment. Then 75 will be expensive for you, 80, as usual, will be already indecently expensive, but 150 will be the very thing to take a dollar!

We have already gone through all this.

Therefore, my simple recommendation is: forget about the possible strengthening of the ruble, but stupidly, if there are rubles, buy the dollar.

And with the gold I would have waited".

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