Mikhail Veller: "The occupation of Russia has been in full swing since the beginning of the 90s"

Mikhail Veller: "The occupation of Russia has been in full swing since the beginning of the 90s"

Mikhail Veller: "The occupation of Russia has been in full swing since the beginning of the 90s"

5 January 2021, 21:35
Photo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NNHwiBPzMvw
In his first January issue on YouTube, writer Mikhail Weller spoke about what, in his opinion, every Russian should remember now: our country is occupied.

This is not about an occupation with machine guns at the ready, but about an occupation of a different type, when a more powerful civilization "launches its tentacles" into another and "rebuilds it for itself." And it all began, according to Veller, with language - "the information frame of the general civilization body".

“Let's talk today about one thing that would be useful for everyone to imagine, but which not all represent.

We will talk today about the occupation. Partly about the occupation in general, but mostly about the occupation of Russia.

But not about the occupation, when evil occupying soldiers stand at all intersections with machine guns. The occupation is done differently.

...The occupation began around 1994.

A journalist friend and I went - summer, hot, July - to the esplanade of the Rossiya cinema with the intention of modestly drinking a glass of beer. The desire is legitimate.

And the boy there, about 18 years old, only after school - or maybe just for the holidays, who sold beer there, wrote the entire price list in English. There were six or eight beers.

And I tell him affectionately, even in a fatherly way, son, but what is your price tag in English?

“Well, how to make it cultural,” he answered me. That is, as? Do you live in an uncivilized country? No, he says, but this is culture in general!

That is, already in his young view, English is more cultural.

This suggests that when two civilizations come into contact, the more powerful one launches its tentacles into the body of the less powerful one. And he begins to rebuild it for himself.

And this is where the occupation begins in our times.

...Language is only an information frame of the general civilizational body.

And when a civilization enters somewhere or contacts with some others, then the more local residents, not speakers of this language, need this contact, need connections with this civilization, the better they themselves learn this language!

…And what does the metropolis do? It draws brains from all over the space under its jurisdiction.

And not even because she orders: send me your clever ones. Well no. The smart ones themselves strive to the center in order to realize their mental abilities, their energy, their capabilities.

And now 100,000, 200,000, 300,000 people leave Russia every year. Basically, where? To the States. Well, Western Europe, well, partly Australia, Canada.

They are leaving to do - what? First of all, mental work, and only then physical.

And who leaves, first of all? They are young enough, educated, energetic and smart.

Brothers, what else do you need from the occupied power? And nothing else is needed.

And what is sent here? And everything goes here.

That is, you know, socks on the market are not made in the Russian Federation!

You see, this applies to absolutely everything.

Take kitchen knives, I'm not talking about cars. Take screws, literally, and so on and so forth. It all comes true here.

The question is, what else is needed from the occupation!

...It all starts in the center. And these concentric circles, waves, reach the outskirts of my immeasurable homeland.

And this (it was about recognizing homosexuality as a variant of the norm - note "NI") is only one point. There are racial, national, cultural moments ahead.

Consider: what is being done there, in the big wigwam behind the Atlantic puddle, in a distorted or undistorted form, sooner or later, comes here, to Europe, to Eurasia, to Russia. And it takes root in the brain. This is human psychology.

Be independent, be proud. Don't be silly. Understand what's what.

I wish you all happiness, peace and prosperity. The year will be difficult, so you have to hold on tight".

The full release of Mikhail Veller's program can be viewed here.

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