The resignation of Dariga Nazarbayeva became an unpleasant surprise for the Kremlin

The resignation of Dariga Nazarbayeva became an unpleasant surprise for the Kremlin
The resignation of Dariga Nazarbayeva became an unpleasant surprise for the Kremlin
5 May 2020, 17:33
Kazakhstani analysts explained the reason for the unexpected decision of the country's leadership to dismiss its "potential leader".

Kazakh expert Daniyar Ashimbaev explained the sensational decision of Kazakh President Kassym-Zhomart Tokayev to dismiss Nursultan Nazarbayev’s daughter Dariga from the post of Senate speaker. According to the expert, for various reasons, Nazarbayev himself did not consider his daughter as his potential successor as leader state.

He explained that Darigu was indeed considered the successor of his father, however, if Nazarbayev wanted this seriously, he would give her the opportunity to gain more administrative experience by working as the head of a region or even the prime minister, while her experience is very small: , television and party work.

In addition, the expert recalled that frequent scandals were associated with Dariga, especially with her son, she flickered in the famous Panama dossier, her reputation was greatly tarnished, and she did not seek to fix this:

“Dariga is quite odious, and absolutely unacceptable for society as a potential president ...”

Moreover, the Nazarbayev clan itself is by no means monolithic and is not a single team in the political sense of the word. And although Nursultan Abishevich himself still has influence as the “father of the nation,” state policy is based more on continuity of the course than on inheritance of the throne. Tokaev is called upon, even sacrificing some figures and institutions, to preserve precisely the political legacy of Elbasy, the values contained in his ideology, stability and harmony in society, and his reforms should be aimed precisely at this in order to restart the entire political system.

“The former and current presidents quite wisely interact on many issues and agree on key decisions so that there is no unnecessary talk, and Dariga Nazarbayeva does not fit into this harmonious tandem. (...) Tokaev showed that he is not going to cross out the entire policy of his predecessor ... ”- the expert concluded

But the experts of the Kazakh channel Uzyn Qulaq explained why this situation is unpleasant for the Kremlin:

“The Kremlin is forced to adjust its plans to integrate Kazakhstan into the Union State project due to the decree of Kasym-Zhomart Tokayev on the termination of powers of the deputy of the Senate of the Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan Dariga Nazarbayeva.

The decree on the termination of powers, published on Saturday, was a complete surprise, as evidenced by the absence of any insider information prior to its signing - the issue was resolved in a narrow circle. Obviously, Tokaev became a fairly strong political figure, since he decided to remove Dariga Nazarbayeva from the "political Olympus" who was applying for the presidency. As our interlocutors from the presidential administration of Russia say, it was Dariga Nazarbayeva who until recently was considered by Moscow as the most convenient presidential figure after the new transit of power in Kazakhstan. This was due both to her personal qualities:

- far from all sorts of national traditions, “Kazakhophobia”, with contempt for ordinary fellow citizens, whom she repeatedly and publicly called “mambets”;

- suffering from excessive alcohol addiction.

So a high degree of corruption:

- The case of BANK RBK JSC with the withdrawal of funds in favor of the company Dariga Nazarbayeva and Nurlan Nigmatulin, which we wrote a lot about in detail (the unfortunate banker Zhomart Ertaev hid in Russia, gradually tried to transfer all of his and stolen assets of Nazarbayeva to Russia - naturally, falling into the focus of attention of the Russian special services);

- the presence of Dariga Nazarbayeva in the Panama dossier of WikiLeaks and the freezing of 3 billion euros in her accounts in a Swiss bank;

- in addition to the Kazakh passport, there is also a passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation and a second passport addressed to Dariga Aliyeva (for which about 600 million US dollars were laundered in Austrian banks);

- the presence of super-luxury real estate in London for herself and her son Nurali Aliyev totaling more than 80 million pounds, not counting the Sherlock Holmes house-museum worth 130 million pounds.

All this made Dariga Nazarbayev predictable, vulnerable and, as a result, easily controlled for the Kremlin. Even despite the fact that a whole team of image-makers and PR managers hired by her from neighboring countries recently destabilized the situation in the domestic political bloc of Kazakhstan and set off a “storm in politics”, pushing Dariga Nazarbayeva to publicly revise the course of Elbasy and attack the members of the “Shaprashta clan”.

In addition, having concentrated a huge media resource in her hands, it was Dariga Nazarbayeva who, through the media controlled by her, could take all the risks by promoting the Kremlin’s agenda on introducing a single currency in the EAEU, deeper integration led by Russia, and avoiding cooperation with the USA and the EU and, ultimately, the “forced” loss of sovereignty by Kazakhstan in the framework of the “Union State” project...

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