Professor Montanari: “All talk about the vaccine is a global fraud!”

Professor Montanari: “All talk about the vaccine is a global fraud!”
Professor Montanari: “All talk about the vaccine is a global fraud!”
6 April 2020, 08:38
The coronavirus mutates so quickly that it is impossible to keep up with it, creating vaccines, in addition, you cannot get vaccinated against this type of virus

In social networks, information is circulated to refute the panic mood with which all Italy is shod.

So, it says that in Italy, 129915 people died in 2020. Divide this number by the number of days (Jan + Feb + March = 30 + 29 + 22 = 81 days) and we get that 129915/81 = 1603 people die in 2019 579,244 people died in the year. Divide 579244/365 days = 1586.

So, in 2019, 1,586 people died in Italy daily, and for 3 months in 2020, 1,603 people died every day. Difference: 1603-1586 = 17, which is within the margin of error.

At the same time, on March 19, the byoblu24 channel was given a large interview by an Italian nanopathologist with 40 years of experience in operating theaters, doctor and professor Stefano Montanari. In his shocking interview, he said that in reality, only 3 people died directly from the coronavirus in Italy. But what kills if not a virus? Here is an excerpt from his interview:

“Our politicians have done everything for the past 10 years to destroy Italian medicine. Departments and entire hospitals were closed, staff were fired. When I hear that in Italy the best medicine in the world, I give up, and not just my hands. It is not true! Equipment and consumables were procured at a minimum. The cost of medicine was cut mercilessly. Plus huge corruption. The fact that in an ordinary country costs 10 euros, in Italy - 20. And the minimum funds that were available were spent ineptly. For example, for some reason they bought 27 million doses of swine flu vaccine, which they then threw away, but there was no money for ventilators.

Our medicine was not ready for so many patients with lung complications. What this virus is dangerous for. But the problem is not the virus! Yes, there is a virus, it is completely new. I still can’t say for sure whether they produced it in the laboratory, or it came from bats, or from somewhere else. As for mice, I really doubt it, then right away from unicorns. I can say for sure - he is new and he is young, he mutates with cosmic speed, he is still in the phase of searching for his status, in which he will then freeze. Yesterday it was one virus, and tomorrow it is another virus. In Italy, not the virus that was in China. But in Germany it’s not the same as in Italy. He also has incredible permeability, he is pathologically contagious. But on healthy ones, it is asymptomatic. According to my assumptions, if we do tests for all citizens of Italy, we will find that at least half of the population is already positive.

All talk about the vaccine under these conditions is a global fraud. He mutates so quickly that we will not follow him, creating vaccines. In addition, this type of virus cannot be vaccinated. Well, graft it, and you can get sick 200 times. Immunity is not developed on it! If I told my supervisor 50 years ago about the possibility of getting vaccinated against coronaviruses, he would have thrown me out the door. SARS vaccines are a brilliant idea and a lie of the pharmacological business. I am sure it will end with the fact that we are obliged to all be vaccinated, and earn their billions on this.

Where are the trucks with corpses from? Why so many dead? The reason is the ruined medical system of Italy. The old system would handle the load. What I am observing now is some kind of apotheosis of insanity. We are led by the “Captain Skettino”, who absolutely do not understand what they are doing. Or they perfectly understand and know their price. The competence of managers is extremely low. Why rubber gloves? Why are these masks? Gloves have a destructive effect on the skin's natural protective barrier. We have very smart skin! Masks are generally funny! For a healthy, it’s the same as putting a fence out of sticks against mosquitoes. There are billions of billions of viruses around us. And if there is a coronavirus near you, the mask will not protect you at all. And if a person is sick, then he needs to change this mask every 2-3 minutes. Otherwise, this also makes no sense.

People should not sit at home, in fear and without movement. People have to move, walk in the sun, now vitamin deficiency. By its measures, the government is extremely harmful to public health. Even if a person is asymptomatic with the virus, that is, he is essentially healthy, and they say that he is sick, then this will affect his health. As well as the health of all those who are now intimidated, they are sitting at home, not receiving vitamin D, leading a sedentary lifestyle, in uncertainty about their future. I believe that the risk group - pensioners - should also calmly take to the streets and lead their normal lifestyle. Locked up will kill more than coronavirus. Although, perhaps this is the goal. We are on the other side of the absurd!

There is an important point not in my competence - this is economics. Now everything is closed, except for the exchange. She had fallen almost to the ground. Only the exchange works, and millionaires can buy tidbits at very low prices. And when a signal is given to complete the "operation", then they suddenly turn out to be owners of huge fortunes. Millionaires will become billionaires, the rich will become super-rich, and the middle class will become poor. I believe that everything was arranged for this. And for the sake of future billions in profits from an allegedly wonderful vaccine. From a virus from which there can be no immunity, and therefore, there can be no vaccine ... "

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