If not fighting - then throwing a scare: Why is Russia demonstratively pulling troops to Donbass

If not fighting - then throwing a scare: Why is Russia demonstratively pulling troops to Donbass
6 April , 21:21
The Russian authorities are well aware that any hostilities in the Donbass are doomed to failure, and they can only hope for the psychological effect of the transfer of troops to the borders of Ukraine.

Truly frightening metamorphoses are taking place in the work of the Russian special services, and first of all, counterintelligence, and in real time, says social psychologist Alexey Roshchin in his publication. Judge for yourself: social networks and the media are literally bursting with photographs of echelons of Russian military equipment, which is being pulled up to the borders of Ukraine. Hundreds of posts, thousands of reposts. So what? Are some of the authors of these publications already under investigation and arrested by vigilant KGB officers? Not at all! Everyone is free!

But more recently, the same media and social networks were simply full of reports about another criminal case under espionage, initiated against housewives, market traders, pensioners and other cunning "scouts" who allegedly passed terrible military secrets about the movement of Russian military trains Ukrainian enemies! This list includes the mother of seven children, Svetlana Davydova from Smolyanka, Sergey Stefanenko from Krasnodar, and Vladimir Morgunov, 71, from Rostov (sentenced to 12 years of strict regime!!!).

Now even Yandex.News publishes the following headline: "Huge columns of military equipment have been spotted near Rostov". And - a long series of links to "news" with such content. And not just like that, but with photos! ("Novye Izvestia" also recently devoted several materials to this situation with information and photographs taken from open sources). Moreover, even Peskov's press secretary commented on the movement of the trains.

Meanwhile, pensioner Morgunov has been in prison for the third year...

Why did the concept suddenly change so radically? - asks Roshchin.

Everything is simple: Russia is in a very difficult situation. Realizing perfectly well that there can be no serious war, since it will become a suicide, nevertheless, the country's authorities are forced to demonstrate their military muscles in order to protect the Donbass from the foe.

So far, only a blind person does not see that Russia is literally bogged down in the Donbass, and does not know what to do with it: it cannot invade, since it will already be a direct, not a girid, aggression, and in this case Ukraine will receive all the necessary assistance from West, and leave Donbass to be "devoured" by the Bandera members, too, for fear of losing all its psychological advantage in the eyes of the Russian-speaking population of this region. So it turns out that the eye sees, but the tooth doesn’t.

“In international public opinion, Russia is clearly losing this situation. Now the advantage is entirely on the side of the Ukrainians. They choose the time, choose the place, they make Russia twitch and expose itself to negative PR. It remains, therefore, only to BE ENDORED and periodically stand on their hind legs, at the same time raising the front ones with their claws extended, growl loudly and grin their teeth - bears do this to get higher than the attacking predator and thus undermine its fighting spirit.

As a result, the world media immediately get a picture of a maddened Russian bear rearing up on its hind legs at the very border, which is about to tear apart Ridna Nenka Ukraine. A desperate situation..."

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