According to the laws of the Matrix: when Bill Gates chips Nikita Mikhalkov

According to the laws of the Matrix: when Bill Gates chips Nikita Mikhalkov
According to the laws of the Matrix: when Bill Gates chips Nikita Mikhalkov
6 May 2020, 16:32
The aggressive carelessness of a frank obscurantists can be defeated only by humor and ostracism.

Alina Vitukhnovskaya, writer

Covid-dissident syndrome is extremely interesting in terms of the social psychology. It was as if it had absorbed all the paranoia of a subjectless modern human, nurtured by "classical" dissidentism and dystopias, who, in order to feel at least somehow his own individuality, must tightly dig into Brodsky's denied victim status and fully identify with him.

The 20th century was marked not only by two bloody and large-scale wars, but also by many peripheral, local conflicts, some of which continue to this day. But we have long come from authoritarianism to globalism. Authoritarianism was characterized by the fact that a person as an individual was constantly suppressed, his personality was erased, and his function was reduced to a cog in a huge mechanism.

The end of the 20th century gave us practically perfect linguistically and visually designed samples of the apotheosis of absolute totalitarianism, such as the famous work of George Orwell “1984” or the movie masterpiece of the Wachowski brothers “The Matrix”, which is closer to modern times. These anti-utopias not only overshadowed the real memories of the horrors of totalitarianism and fascism, but also replaced them in some way. That is, the modern dissident, a paranoid by nature, expects from reality in the person of governments and odious top managers something completely monstrous, secret, uncontrollable and, moreover, absolute.

Verily, the state replaces the role of the “evil demiurge” in the outwardly renewed, but still inwardly archaic consciousness. In the real world, neither good nor bad in essence, no one wishes us harm for the sake of "evil." The supposed loss that we can suffer from being is already laid in its essence, but it is not evil, and even more so, inevitability.

The modern world is the most open and humane world in the history of mankind. Although he also does not wish us well for the sake of good. But he wishes us well for the sake of his own functionality, profit and progress. Which, from an ethical point of view, is more honest and optimal than the imaginary "general good" that promised and wished us the previous managerial models - models of the traditionalist world, where the "god" and communism, and so on, were combined in a strange and terrible way. "Heaven on earth."

Current states are more likely a hybrid of corporations, production, service, trading companies and law enforcement agencies, in which the role of an individual has received relatively more freedom in the right to engage in and choose one’s path and occupation in the manner of not coercive, but contractual relations.

It is surprising that the majority cannot endure this not absolute, but still sufficient freedom, as it could not endure lack of freedom and violence. It is also surprising that the masses who were given freedom from ideologies, in their criticism of modern society, proceed primarily from obsolete ideological premises, in terms of profane terms like “consumer society”.

Whereas the notorious consumer society is the first society in the 21st century, free from the yoke of ideological prejudices. All this leads to an unpleasant conclusion that most of humanity simply languishes as before on slavery and not finding it in reality, it thinks in its conspiracy theories.

Expressions of such engaged media figures as hereditary footman and cultural laborer Nikita Mikhalkov and ex-star of House-2 Victoria Boni gained immense popularity among the masses. Both of them operate according to the patterns of the Khokhloma campaigns of the Soviet era during the Cold War. The first believes that the American businessman and founder of Microsoft, Bill Gates, is going to chip all of humanity and wants to arrange a world apocalypse, reducing the world's population.

Mikhalkov noted that instead of vaccinations, the company intends to chip humanity: “A chip is being implanted into the human body, which plays the role of a regulatory body to ensure that the characteristics of daily activity correspond to some cryptocurrency.” As "evidence" Nikita Sergeyevich showed a patent registered by Microsoft Technology Licensing, LLC, under the number WO / 2020/060606. The director noted that the patent number is similar to the "number of the beast" from the Bible.

At such a level, “argumentation” would pass for trolling, but, alas, many took such statements literally and with a bang. Victoria Bonya continues in the same vein, broadcasting “about Bill Gates, who wants to vaccinate the whole planet, about exposure to“ microwave waves ”, about documents on the CIA website and about other conspiracy theories.”

Most of the respondents answered my Facebook poll that they were skeptical of Covid-dissidence. However, there were colorful exceptions. For example, an active communist Marya Marusenko writes:

There is a virus , like so many others. There are more dangerous viruses. The economy is not banging because of them. Self-isolation leads, in addition to general impoverishment of the population, to alcoholism and an increase in domestic violence. The measures taken led to a situation where people with other diseases, including oncology, were abandoned, and these are complications of health and death.

And, of course, I am against 5G, because AI will work with this network. I am against Gates, because I know that vaccination leads to tragedies. But instead of developing safe vaccines, our children are stuffed with poison, it came to the point that it was vaccines that became the main way of polio infection in the world, for example, etc. At the moment, there are simply no safe ones; no one is developing.

I am against id2020, which probably leads to chipization. And most importantly, I am against forced vaccination and discrimination based on the presence / absence of antibodies. And also against the use of a new type of vaccine from the crown - DNA and RNA, which Gates speaks of. ”

One could treat such statements with irony and healthy skepticism, but their authors become extremely socially dangerous in their aggressive carelessness. It is pointless to fight only by strengthening measures with similar errors. At the same time, scientific education and work with disoriented citizens can bear fruit. And against outright obscurantists and "heralds of the apocalypse" humor and ostracism will work quite well.

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