Resumption of the construction works in Moscow: the pros and cons

Resumption of the construction works in Moscow: the pros and cons
Resumption of the construction works in Moscow: the pros and cons
7 May 2020, 15:32
Despite the regime of self-isolation, the city authorities decided to open construction sites, and there are arguments for this decision.

The decision of the Moscow authorities, despite quarantine and even the strengthening of this strange regime of "self-isolation", to resume construction work in the city, provoked a stormy reaction in society. The officials didn’t play “for” even such a seemingly ironic argument that in the USA during the Great Depression it was construction sites that pulled the economy. The claimants, as it were, accidentally forget that in the United States in the early 1930s there was no pandemic. Meanwhile, this decision was not as unambiguous as its opponents believe.

The journalist Anna Narinskaya, for example, did not leave a stone unturned from him:

“All my attempts at patriotism are always unsuccessful. For example, this pandemic. Due to the fact that it happens almost simultaneously throughout the world, and social networks turn this whole world into some kind of interconnectedness - it begins to seem that everything is the same everywhere.

Well, yes, somewhere people are given money - but we don’t. For that, we did not have such a shortage of food and hygiene products as in other places. And the doctors at our place - still - are coming home, and the doctor said directly to my temperamental friend in Italy: I'm afraid to go to you. And no one came to her.

In general, of course, one cannot say “we are as good as everywhere,” but, I thought, we can say “everywhere is as bad as ours.”

But no. I was wrong. From the 12th day in Moscow all construction projects will resume, despite the fact that it has been proposed to almost strengthen self-isolation.

How is this even possible?

That is, let people at construction sites infect each other at work and on the way to it, for all the others let them suffocate while a jackhammer knocks under their window?

Is that all so that developers do not lose money?

So that all these high-rise buildings, the elevators in which all future infections are concentrated and nurtured, grow by leaps and bounds and their owners didn’t have to pay forfeits or even just inconvenience?

That is, some unfortunate cafe should pay employees during quarantine, but is it too much for billionaire developers?

In general, I have always believed that the main thing that our authorities lack is decency. Just acting is not indecent. And here I was just not mistaken. But to be at least a little patriotic: they say that we cope with all this badly - so everyone cope badly, it didn’t work out for me. How do we know how difficult it is ... "

Civic activist Ekaterina Men supports Narinskaya:

“They limited us in everything under the dressing of care, but they themselves did not refuse anything - neither from construction sites, nor from curbs, nor from their propaganda talk shows, where crowds of people are lugging, nor from their luxury salons, which for some reason were allowed work. All this asymmetry precisely cuts down ... "

Blogger Oksana Lukyanets explains:

If you look at the composition of deputies of city councils in large cities of the Russian Federation, you will see that these are 70-80% developers (or their proteges) - the strongest category of lobbyists, the most cynical, narrow-minded and archaic in their decisions. .. "

And political scientist Vladimir Gelman approaches this problem theoretically:

“Popular explanations for removing restrictions on the work of industrial enterprises and construction sites in Moscow while maintaining restrictions for all other sectors - cutting money“ on a tile ”and preparing a“ popular vote ”are probably correct, but not the only ones.

Since the days of the USSR, the idea that the economy is big workshops with an abundance of powerful machine tools, a lot of cranes with a bunch of hard workers, in a word, "Group A", "production of means of production" has firmly stuck in the minds of the people who rule Russia. But “Group B”, “production of consumer goods” is something secondary even not because of the “consumer goods” as such, but because the workshops are usually smaller in these plants, the machines are not so powerful, there are no cranes at all , and most importantly - less hard workers.

Partly from here comes the idea that small businesses are crooks, well, and everything else ... "

However, the Moscow authorities also found defenders from among the irreconcilable oppositionists.

So, journalist Arina Borodina writes:

“This is not even a matter of millionaires and developers, and, in my opinion, not at all in them. They are much more afraid of crime. Migrants sit in Moscow, without money and without work. And they can’t leave home, the borders are closed. Even Sobyanin generally does not hide this quietly. Therefore, there is horror in horror. They are afraid that a strong wave of robberies will go, and even worse. And the city will become uncontrollable. Therefore, according to their logic, let's open construction sites, we will give work to migrants in order to somehow borrow them and give some money. And there already it will be, spontaneously, no longer from us, they say, that's all. Wanted money and work - please, but if you become infected and infect others - this is not for us ... "

The same opinion and political scientist Kirill Rogov, who can not be suspected of love for the Russian authorities:

This is pretty much true in general. But in this situation, there are practical, and not completely unreasonable arguments. This is primarily the problem of migrant workers. It is impossible to send them anywhere, their living conditions in crowded dormitories in any case do not imply any isolation, sitting in these dormitories is simply dangerous, and it is not clear who should pay all for this. Therefore, in essence, the decision is reasonable, although all those ideological things also take place..."

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