Andrey Fursov: “A period of upheavals requires from people the will and intelligence”

Andrey Fursov: “A period of upheavals requires from people the will and intelligence”

Andrey Fursov: “A period of upheavals requires from people the will and intelligence”

8 November, 09:36
Director of the Institute for Systemic and Strategic Analysis Andrey Fursov, on the air of the Belarusian YouTube channel ONT TV Channel, spoke about what qualities one needs to have in order to adequately survive the hardships of the crisis that the world is now facing.

“I think that the chances of a world nuclear war are not so great.

And do not pay attention to what Duda, Zelensky say... These are all dwarfs of political life, these are not serious people.

It is important what we say and what our opponents say, whom we called partners until recently.

I think that the opposite side will have enough sense not to bring it to a dangerous point. And the point here is not even that Biden is inadequate - most likely, he suffers from Alzheimer's disease - besides him there are the military, and besides, there are masters who stand above them all.

Nobody wants a nuclear war. And, most likely, if people like Zelensky or Duda try to do something, I think they should be pulled up.

Although the fact that we entered the war era - moreover, we did it back in Syria, is absolutely certain.

... In German classical philosophy there is the concept of due and existing, and they should not be confused.

What we should want is a socially just society, the image is clear.

But life is completely different. The moment that we are experiencing now is that the old world has broken, it has definitely already broken, and for many people, especially for people of my generation and for people a little bit younger who found the late Soviet Union, they understand that with all criticism to the late USSR - it was a quiet life with confidence in the future.

One of the features of the current life is that this confidence has become much less, and you need to get used to it.

In general, it must be said that the period of history that was after the end of the Second World War and ended with the destruction of the USSR, these 45-50 years, it was probably a unique period, it was a quiet life.

In history, I see only two analogues - the period after the Napoleonic Wars in Europe, as well as the Roman Empire of the 2nd century AD. These periods are very, very short.

And now we have entered a period of breaking one system, and the emergence of a new one. This is a very serious shock. And this period requires two things from people, very simple at first glance: will and mind.

Mind - to understand the situation and not to panic, and to understand that it will not be the same as before. And the will - to resist circumstances and create in the space that belongs to us, this is Northern Eurasia, fraternal peoples, Slavic, and other indigenous peoples - a society of the greatest possible social justice.

In general, no society is 100% fair.

Any anti-entropic form, sociobiological, implies a hierarchy. And that means a violation of social justice.

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