Natalya Zubarevich: "People have not fully realized that they need to be careful - that's why we have such result"

Natalya Zubarevich: "People have not fully realized that they need to be careful - that's why we have such result"

Natalya Zubarevich: "People have not fully realized that they need to be careful - that's why we have such result"

8 December 2020, 09:50
“They will no longer shut us down, the loss of 600 billion from the budgets of the constituent entities of the Federation for three quarantine months was enough”, - says Natalya Zubarevich.

The professor of the Department of Economic and Social Geography of Moscow State University, director of the regional program of the Independent Institute for Social Policy commented on the situation in the economy and the readiness of the regions for the second wave of Covid-19 at the radio station Echo of Moscow.

“And not everyone knew that there would be a second wave of coronavirus, I, for example, did not know. I guessed, but to say that it will be for sure ... So, I assure you, the governors. In the same place, until the roasted cock bites ... Well, the first wave passed somehow - and good. They have a lot of other tasks.

They reported for the first wave: few deaths, few cases, well, good. We were not ready for the second wave.

The bed fund, which was expanded in the spring, was clearly insufficient. Excuse me, but who knew that he would trample on?

Another thing, Moscow unfolded, my mother, how! And she left everything in reserve, because she has money to keep it all in reserve. And in the regions it was returned to normal hospital operation.

Therefore, it is necessary to scold, because there are those who just grunt, but, on the other hand, we must understand that no one had such resources or such reserves of beds as Moscow had.

I'll scold Peter. Because he stupidly did not invest further. Crimea - did not invest more.

And the rest - look at the numbers: in January - September, additional spending on health care, without Moscow, increased by two-thirds! In Moscow, for a minute, 2.3 times.

...They will not "close" us, I hope everyone has understood this. For example, it was clear to me in the summer, following the results of these insane quarantines.

Listen, well, when your lost revenues of the budgets of the constituent entities of the Federation fly towards 600 billion rubles in three quarantine months, it becomes somehow nervous, you will agree.

The rate of decline in the second quarter of retail was minus 17%, at the bottom it was minus 26%, minus 40% was for paid services. Everything flew there ... It was clear that the economy would not survive.

But that’s not the problem. The trouble is that people have not fully realized that they need to be careful. Have you seen Moscow?

I also went to the subway and electric trains; for the whole carriage, I sat in a mask and, perhaps, some other aunt.

And all the rest - "free will". That's it.

Therefore, both the authorities and, frankly, people are to blame. People.

... Nothing personal: only Rosstat data. For housing commissioning - minus 8%, for investments - minus 3%, for household income - minus 7%. Before the covid, all this has already happened, but what do you think!

In industrial production, thank you, Lord, we have already got out, they have recruited, but in the sector of market services they did not come out. That's it!

One blow - 2014, 2015, 2016 with a very weak output, slow, added, supplemented, with this sharp, hard covid blow. And he won't be alone.

I am now closely following the monthly statistics. And here's what you tell me about these numbers.

We collapsed in the second quarter in retail by minus 17%. Thank God, in August, they raked out by minus 2%. Almost recovered.

September - minus 3%, October - minus 3%. Industry: completely collapsed. All over the industry somewhere minus 5 - 6%, but I can lie. Rowed out by August by about minus 4%; September - minus 5%, October - minus 6%.

Do you see arithmetic? The second wave went.

Exactly the same will be true for the income of the population.

That is, we crawled into the second wave of covid economically, despite the fact that, it seems, nothing was closed tightly.

Demand is shrinking anyway. A significant proportion of people reduce their consumption. Incomes of the population did not "squeeze out" at all: the second quarter - minus 8%, the third - minus 5%.

Here's a picture for you".

You can listen to the full interview with Natalia Zubarevich here.

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