Fyodor Krasheninnikov: "The regions are hardly going to dare on rebellion"

Fyodor Krasheninnikov: "The regions are hardly going to dare on rebellion"

Fyodor Krasheninnikov: "The regions are hardly going to dare on rebellion"

9 April 2020, 09:00
Photo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z5k1N8Vk4pk
The political scientist Fyodor Krasheninnikov (Yekaterinburg) spoke on the FeyginLive YouTube channel.

In his opinion, the regions approached the current situation of the crisis and pandemic being completely unprepared, however, hardly anyone would dare to rebel there:

“The regions are completely routed and robbed, completely devoid of resources. Manageability is zero. They are not ready for any quarantine, and indeed for nothing. Some boobies are in charge of the regions and the largest cities, randomly sent and it is not clear, by what principle, they were chosen. Putin has blamed everything on these people and these impoverished territories, “you fight there”, “there is no money, but you hold on” and so on.

The thing that is worrying me is that the observers - especially from abroad, but often from Moscow - are too serious about this whole “comedy with federalism”, which is now “diligently put on act by the presidential administration.”

Often the situation is perceived by them as a kind of bright initiative, “it must be, the governors took it upon themselves,” which means not far from the collapse of the federation.

But in reality they were just ordered from Moscow: jump, dance, wave your hands, distract attention from Putin, introduce various measures. At the same time, although I have no evidence, I am sure that all measures, in any case, of course, are coordinated with Moscow.

And if all this threatens the structure of the state, then only in the sense that in the end this comedy will lead to the fact that everyone will see: the king is naked!

Of course, all these governors for some time will be able to lull and pretend to be the masters of the territory. But all of their "management" ends on one point - there is no money. They are simply not there. They took everything in wagons to the hero city of Moscow, and there they transferred it to gold bars and sent it to the UN.

In the regions, no promises were made to pay people money as support. Sobyanin promises to give to those who suffer 20 thousand each. In the regions, it doesn’t sound anywhere that at least someone will be paid at least something.

I wonder if 20 thousand are able to impress anyone in the capital, but the regions do not promise this either. Although there are many people who work for such money as Papa Carlo.

That is, it all comes down to the fact that they are trying to cover up this whole shame of a helpless and ossified vertical, which can do nothing, and most importantly, which is completely impoverished at the lower level, with a tunic of federalism. “We have a federation!”

Why is this done? Searching for the guilty.

The peak of the epidemic has not yet arrived, it is only approaching, the number of cases is growing, and instead of strengthening quarantine measures, it is already falling apart on the ground, without even being fully announced. To the fact that, all this will last a long time, no one was ready at all.

For a week, people still somehow sat on the spot, but after five of them in the one-room Khrushchev, they became brutal, and began to run. The de facto quarantine regime is abolished. The governor allowed to work and so on.

And this does not happen at all because all such anarchists, but because, I repeat, there is no money.

People do not want to believe in a “virtual threat” that someone will fall ill and die, and because of this they do not want to stay at home.

Moreover, the answer to the main question - what to live for? - power does not give regions. And in the regions it is much sharper than in Moscow. Because Moscow is like Rome.

In the worst case, in the capital on the street they will distribute bread, including to homeless people and migrant workers. In Moscow, they will find money for this, unpack the state reserve. Because they are afraid. They even put some new stumps around the Kremlin.

So Moscow will be fed to the last, so that, God forbid, there should not be a hunger riot. But I don’t know how they will live in poorer regions, where no one will feed anyone.

Probably, the governors will be given a signal: here you have OMON-shmomon, and go. And then Putin will say that we have federalism, it was not I who ordered it, this is this scoundrel, to remove it! Because he himself only distributes good to everyone, good promises and vacations.

In a word, I see this whole game of federalism in such a way that there is an operation to cover up Putin’s helplessness, so that later you can put the blame for the impoverishment and helplessness on him of the selected people who we have, as they say, from Moscow to the outskirts.

There are a lot of people who believe that there is some governor who will come and say, for example, that he will not send money to Moscow, because they themselves need to fight the virus and others. Yes, you will not. But the Minister of Finance will be - all finance ministers in the regions are appointed from Moscow.

Well, and how in this situation can this fantastic rebellion arise?

Which of these people frightened to death sent here on a business trip from Moscow will rebel and, most importantly, why?

The situation can lead to collapse, but not because someone will rise, but because of the helplessness.

The worst that can happen at a time of this collapse and devastation, in my opinion, is the whole team plunges in the plane shouting “we don’t know what to do here, people are hungry and angry, they want to beat us, they walk along the streets with the forks” - and fly to Moscow.

So I will be very surprised if someone decides to rebel. But who knows, anything can happen. What if all of a sudden among our governors there really appears someone giving the finger behind his back? But still I do not believe in it. Unfortunately"

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