Andrey Konchalovsky: "Russia needs a pro-American dictator for 15 years"

Andrey Konchalovsky: "Russia needs a pro-American dictator for 15 years"

Andrey Konchalovsky: "Russia needs a pro-American dictator for 15 years"

9 October 2020, 13:31
The popular YouTube channel Analytics and Politics posted a speech by film director Andrey Konchalovsky, in which he talks about the pressing problems of Russia.

“We have global problems. And it's not about America, or something... We have a global problem: what to do with a huge country in which beyond the Urals there are two people per square kilometer and both are drunk?

Do you understand what it is? Through the border with China - 135 people; Ural, Russia - 45; Japan - 335 people per square kilometer. We have huge richest lands on which two drunk people lie!

And the oil is pumped by other people who come there, they are well paid and all this goes there. What to do with this giant land?

Come to think of it, we don't have to live with a six-year plan. The Chinese have plans for 500 years, they are in no hurry. And we have six years ... By 2020, we will do it, and then it turns out - boom! - there is no money, but by 2022 we want this - boom! - and already in 2018 there is no money.

We have to think about who we are. Who are we white? Are we a Christian culture, not Christian? If we are a Christian culture, what is the third way? Chimera. Either we are Europeans or we work for the Chinese.

If we are Europeans, then the Europeans cannot give China a colossal piece of land. So what should be done, in my opinion? America, Europe, Russia must together ... This is convergence, this is what Sakharov said. It's unavoidable.

The third way is a chimera, which only supports the current government.

Here is "we have a special path." What is the "special way"? So far, you see, a "special way" to go to hell.

As long as we build our government philosophy on the fact that there are enemies around, and especially the West - and after all, the West became an enemy even under Alexander Nevsky... Since the time of Nevsky, every time Russia chose an ally for itself, it chose for itself whom? Tatars. She never chose Europeans as allies.

Why? Can you answer that? And I'll tell you: the Orthodox Moscow Russian Patriarchate feared most of all, and rightly so, of the Latins. And Ukraine became a place where the fight between the West and the East, between the Moscow Patriarchate and the Latins took place. This fight is still going on, you know.

Therefore, the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, in my opinion, is closer to the Greek Orthodox Church than to the Moscow Patriarchate. The philosophy is different. Why? There was no slavery, there were no villages, there was no black redistribution. There were fertile lands, climate, farms. Not the harvest itself-3, but the 5 itself. So, the market near Dikanka, the people of Sorochintsy, let's go.

That is why I made the picture "Battle for Ukraine" (2012 film - noted by Novye Izvestia), because I believe that Ukraine is not Russia. Russia is Muscovy, which is why Ukrainians say “Muscovites”. Even the Cossacks say, "I'm not Russian, I'm a Cossack". It is interesting.

This is what we Muscovites need to think about: how, after all, can we become Europeans?

… I do not think that noble consciousness is necessary. The nobles were full of idiots. And in general, the nobles are gone.

It is very difficult for me to talk about this, but we do not have many ways out. Today, as long as oil is flowing and it will have a price, everything will stay that way, because it will always be possible to feed 40% of the Russian population that way, which does not turn off the TV at all.

Here 40% of the country's population does not turn off the TV, they live in villages, they receive a pension, they have not planted anything and have not sowed for a long time, they have already forgotten what Ilya the Prophet is and when to plant, wind and sow.

The old people don't remember anything now, because he was an agronomist, and they were collective farmers, they were not farmers. This is not a peasant. Agriculture was destroyed by the collective farm system.

And the generation of former collective farmers, which is now dying out and does not know how to sow and plant, they were given land, but they don’t know anything, they can only sell it or drink it away.

And the new generation is fleeing to the city.

Russia is a country that does not produce anything from the land, it does not produce agricultural products. Just think about what a colossal ecological catastrophe all this smells like!

We "export" from meat to corn. It's all incredible.

The scope of the problem is colossal... Obviously, until we touch the bottom - and this can happen in any biennium or triennium ... If America finally reaches shale gas and oil and becomes independent of the world, and even starts to export, then oil will fall and then there will be the next stage...

But, you see, I don’t believe... I don’t think that Russian society, that faction of “European-minded” is able to do something, there are too few people there.

I think that the power elites should simply understand that they are kirdyk and they should urgently apply some other forms of government. And then a geopolitical problem will emerge - what to do with this country, because, in my opinion, if you let go a little, it will start to fall apart. It's all very interesting.

I am convinced that a fifteen-year dictatorship of a real visionary like Peter the Great is necessary, who will be a traitor to his class, which will be pro-American - because if he is anti-American, the West will not accept him. Because, it seems to me, we need a person who will understand that the white civilization can survive in a collision with the great Muslim civilization, the great Chinese civilization - only by uniting. So it seems to me".

You can listen to Andrei Konchalovsky's speech in full here.

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