Valentin Katasonov: "I would not rush to congratulate Biden on his victory"

Valentin Katasonov: "I would not rush to congratulate Biden on his victory"

Valentin Katasonov: "I would not rush to congratulate Biden on his victory"

9 November 2020, 23:09
Doctor of Economics Valentin Katasonov believes that lawlessness is going on in the United States and, moreover, a civil war has already begun, just so far "the weapon is silent." He shared his view of the American elections on the ROY TV YouTube channel.

“I believe that the fact that Biden will still win is a controversial statement.

I think, most likely, it can turn into such a form, let's say so, of a protracted confrontation. As you know, the match ended in a draw, then penalties begin.

Penalties in the form of some kind of lawsuits, penalties in the form of some kind of compromising evidence, in the form of armed clashes, and so on.

In general, it can be seen with the naked eye that the civil war has already begun.

We are used to the fact that people usually shoot in war, but this is a kind of war, which is waged by other means, not only with firearms, although firearms may appear on the scene later. So far, everything is limited to individual incidents.

A vivid expression of this war is that the media is blocking Trump, and this is also a vivid manifestation of the lawlessness in the country.

The ears of those who move Biden stick out - it is clear that this is not Biden himself, that this is not the electorate that supported him, but this is the very deep state. This deep state gives commands, and this is, in general, unprecedented.

In more than two hundred years of America's history as an independent state from Britain, this is probably the first time that the media so brazenly spoke out against the current president.

Whatever one may say or twiddle, Trump is the current president today, and this, of course, is a challenge.

Therefore, I would still refrain from saying that everything can end with Biden's victory.

In general, I do not exclude that America can become a platform where forces that will be pulled from other parts of the planet will clash. In other countries, there are many supporters of both Biden and Trump.

Europeans, Canadians, Hispanics, Australians said that if Trump calls, we will come to America with arms and protect her. Maybe these are just nice words, I don't know, but the situation is so non-standard that I don't have enough imagination to say what will happen.

But the fact that the dust will not settle before the New Year is for sure. Until the New Year, the mess will definitely continue.

I would also like to say that the Russian audience pays disproportionate attention to the US elections.

I remember how we followed the election of American presidents during the Soviet era. Yes, of course, it was an important event, but people in the Soviet Union slept on the night of the presidential elections in the United States. And in the morning, slowly, we learned everything from radio, television, newspapers.

But on the night of November 3-4, I know, thousands and thousands of our fellow citizens did not sleep and monitored the situation in the United States. Moreover, even I was dragged into one online discussion. There were Russian, European and American experts. True, I was allowed to go to bed early, but in general the people there, as I understand it, were busy until the morning.

What does this mean? About our weakness, about the weakness of Russia. Because if Russia is following the American elections so closely, it means that it is really very important for us who wins.

... Back in the early 70s, one American told me: "Understand, we are heading for collapse". I could not understand him in any way. There was a feeling that some person from the department of ideology and propaganda of the Central Committee of the CPSU was speaking. And he even doomedly added then that "nothing can be done already."

Then I went to San Francisco in 1990, I went to California. I found people even from the first wave of emigration, I will not name these famous names, there were even princes. They said: “Apparently, everything is narrower, the process is irreversible. America is the locomotive of globalization, and at the final stage of history America itself will dissolve in this process of globalization". This is how they reasoned.

And now, look, if you take John F. Kennedy, who tried to resist this entropic process, and Trump - half a century has passed, more. It would seem that America is already all flat, and unexpectedly - such is the attempt at resistance.

Why am I doing this: today we often say that in Russia we do not see national parties, national fronts that could oppose this "Biden and his company", but maybe a miracle will happen. It's like in America.

I think Trump and current events in the United States are a miracle for America. Because, let me remind you again, back in the 70s, 80s, 90s, Americans talked doomily about America disappearing. No one could have foreseen that there would be such resistance.

One must learn to resist attempts to destroy oneself. And this is not about the fact that we must certainly resist at some high political level, somewhere in the State Duma, or go to the presidential elections and push our own person - but this must be done every day at our level.

And we all perfectly understand what it is - every day and on your personal level".

You can listen to the full conversation with Valentin Katasonov here.

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