Mikhail Kovalchuk: “Russia offers the world an alternative way of development”

Mikhail Kovalchuk: “Russia offers the world an alternative way of development”

Mikhail Kovalchuk: “Russia offers the world an alternative way of development”

10 April 2020, 20:30
Photo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R5ygKVnyh5w
President of the Kurchatov Institute, Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Professor Mikhail Kovalchuk on the TV show “Evening with Vladimir Solovyov” on the TV channel “Russia 1” said that today, in his opinion, the world is convulsing in the transition to a completely new system.

Civilization has come close to the fork of existential choice. One way, "absolutely anti-human", where reckoning reigns supreme, is offered by America, the second way, alternative, is offered to mankind by Russia.

“Everything that happens, as we understand it, has initial reasons, for a start it is important to understand what they are. Several decades ago there were two superpowers on the planet - the USSR and the USA. It was a stable dynamic system, in physics there is such a concept.

The collapse of the USSR marked the disappearance of the counterweight, which immediately brought the whole world into an unstable position, it was at the bifurcation point. An unstable position cannot last long. And the whole past period has become a period of transition to a new state. It was, in fact, the death of the Second Empire.

The Americans made a big mistake. They had the illusion that they could rule the world, preserving the system through the creation of controlled chaos. At first they acted by force, then by economic, but as a result, nothing came of it.

Globalism was an instrument for the development of capitalism. If you want to be richer, you need to reduce the cost of production and increase the number of customers. In this sense, the removal of production outside the United States was a global expansion. But what did it lead to?

The economic system, which was created to provide the countries of the golden billion, automatically expanded to the whole world. And immediately it became quite obvious that this classic economic model of unlimited growth has exhausted itself. And right from two sides.

I was always amazed when economic efficiency was estimated by GDP growth. After all, this means that you turned on the machine for the destruction of resources, but at the same time all the time you want to deploy further and further, increase to infinity. But it became clear that this system was over.

And the result was very simple. On the one hand, you realized the finiteness of resources, on the other, you saw an abundance of people. There was a demographic crisis "vice versa."

The USA and the West have created a huge industrial zone outside their own borders. And within themselves, they built a service economy by de-industrializing.

And in this industrial zone, they did not at all care about the environment and what was happening there, dumped the old and, I emphasize, outgoing resource-energy-consuming technologies that automatically lead the whole world to a resource collapse.

And when the bipolar world collapsed, it all surfaced.

I always thought - and even once made a bet about this - that if the Americans have really smart analytics, then the preservation of the Soviet Union should become their life position and they should contribute to this in every way.

Instead, they continued to ride on one clay foot, on this one colossus, and to squeeze us. NATO, Crimea and this is all further. They didn’t even let us save face. It turned out that the Americans applied methods to Russia that they applied to any third world countries.

But as a result, we have strengthened, become independent, strengthened the military-political power and, in the end, agreed with China.

In the last year, when I woke up, every time I thought - are we alive or not? There was a clear feeling that the planet was on the verge of World War III. The accumulated problems and contradictions could not be resolved in a peaceful, natural way.

And since there was an example of how the Americans once dealt a nuclear attack on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and then prepared a plan for delivering nuclear bomb attacks on the main cities of the USSR, it could be understood that there was a danger that this Gordian knot could be cut only when help nuclear weapons.

In addition, if you recall, the United States made changes to its military doctrine, which implied the possibility of delivering a preventive nuclear strike, while here, I remind you, a retaliatory one, and secondly, they took up low-power charges.

That is, it really could well be assumed that our key cities could be hit. To put the world in order, we had to scare us.

Over the past years, our president in his appeals to the Federal Assembly has not without reason very persistently explained and shown new types of Russian weapons. This was a warning to some hotheads that you can’t deal with us by military means. It is impossible.

At the same time, Russia began to demonstrate an active position in all areas. Iraq, Libya, Syria ... Without us, issues are not resolved. Next is Ukraine, in which, they thought, we would be mired, but nothing came of it. We have stepped up relations with Latin America and so on.

You see, China was not dangerous to America, because it is not adequate from a military point of view, it cannot fully respond to it. And we, in turn, are economically weak compared to the United States and China.

And today, our agreement with China, in fact, ensures the merger of the Russian military-political power with the economic potential of China.

And it turns out that all the methods that could be used now no longer work. And this is an absolute fact. Resolution by military means became impossible.

But the world order that has developed as a result of accumulated problems must change. Either war or revolution. There is no natural way.

At the same time, the Americans have a budget of $ 800 billion, and we have 45 billion, but we hold everything.

And now, pay attention, against this background a virus appeared.

It is of natural origin or not natural, but I will say one thing: there was already a nuclear, chemical, bacteriological weapon ... And modern science has been developed so that today to construct any virus in a computer - there is no question, to make it genetically alive - too. This is a matter of technology.

And now we see that this virus alone completely stopped the entire world system.

An absolutely colossal version of managing the world has appeared. Moreover, the animal fear of death works to implement this control. No cyber or cognitive impact there does not have the same horror on a person. This fear is all-encompassing. Perfect. And it is suitable for introducing any changes in the world.

China may have big problems right now. The US industrial zone is no longer needed. What was their main advantage - cheap labor, today has become a tombstone.

New nature-friendly technologies will appear. That is, people will no longer be needed.

At the beginning of the 20th century, 90% of people worked in agriculture, and today 2% of the population in any developed country feeds everyone. That is, agriculture has become so technologically advanced that the need for people has disappeared. They were pushed into the city, where they were picked up by the emerging industry.

And now the same process has occurred in industry as a whole. People are no longer needed.

The Americans understood this a very long time after the Second World War. And they came to the conclusion that population should be reduced. How? By destroying the religious foundations.

At the heart of religion is procreation. So, it is necessary by any means to instigate debauchery. Playboy Magazine and that’s it. For 50 years, it has been successfully implemented.

The population in civilized countries is reduced in like gloves - through LGBT people, the philosophy of a family without children - “childfree”, and so on.

So what about the industrial zone? But such a situation as a virus - it will deal with any industrial zone, you know?

The world in convulsions is moving into a new system. There are global processes in which, in a global sense, people are not needed. This is very important to understand.

To make it clearer, I recommend everyone to watch the movie “Dead Season”. Today, its absolute implementation is happening technologically. Creation of people. An incubator, so to speak ... An artificial uterus ... A human function is genetically introduced.

The issue of creating service people is solved by genetic, biological, technological means. And you need to be aware of this.

Today you can hire a surrogate mother. But what has changed so much? Previously, royal families, noble families, simply rich ones, always had breadwinners. And today such "mother-in-law" just appeared. Because it has become possible technologically. And we see further stratification into rich and poor people, into rich and poor countries.

Today the world is at a fork. There are two ways. One is American. He is absolutely anti-human. This is a bare calculation - how much is there, who it is enough for, how much it is, and so on.

And with us everything is completely different. We are a huge richest country in the world. And - I want to emphasize this idea - not mastered. We need to calmly systematically master our wealth. And for this we need people.

And amendments to the Constitution are most welcome here. The family is the union between a man and a woman. We fix it. Again, we all have a human face.

Russia offer the world an alternative development option. To put a person at the forefront, develop his dignity and use.

In the current tough circumstances, we have demonstrated tremendous elasticity and capabilities.

I repeat that under the sanctions we just rebelled. And in agriculture, and in the field of defense complex. It has pulled up the high-tech industry, it is expanding our science.

We found out how many unique institutes we have in virology, epidemiology, genetics, biology, what doctors we have ... We got a completely different picture.

Similarly, we, having gone all the way to improve the army for little money and with reasonable and correct decisions by the authorities, clearly see that we can also continue to move on throughout the field.

See what kind of infrastructure solutions have appeared. Roads, bridges, airports - this happened all over the country. Over the past five years, I traveled a lot in Russia and just amazed how much has been done.

So I recommend to very many people who returned from Courchevel that they turn their eyes to their own country in order to finally see how it has changed.

We all need to realize that the further strengthening of our country is connected only with the correct actions of each of us. ”

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