Mikhail Delyagin: "And then there will be an attempt to build a thug feudalism"

Mikhail Delyagin: "And then there will be an attempt to build a thug feudalism"
Mikhail Delyagin: "And then there will be an attempt to build a thug feudalism"
10 June, 10:42Photo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D1F8UCslMx4
On the GlavTemaNarod YouTube channel, economist Mikhail Delyagin described the social structure of Russia and told where modern society is heading.

“Trusting Rosstat is a little strange. First, Rosstat does not take into account the shadow economy, which, according to official statements, employs up to 30 million people, that is, up to 40% of the workforce.

On the other hand, Rosstat operates with an official minimum subsistence level, sorry for you guys to live on it.

You can't live on a living wage. The real cost of living is twice as much.

Therefore, I personally trust sociologists who say that we have a little more than 10%, now it is about 12% - people who do not have enough money for food. This is poverty.

The poverty line is when there is not enough current income to buy simple household appliances. We have more than two-thirds of our society like that.

That is, more than three quarters of society, and most likely 80%, are poor and destitute in our country. This is our social structure.

Last fall, insurers estimated the number of people with income below 25,000 rubles per person in 73% of society.

But I will remind you that insurers deal with the well-to-do part of society, they simply do not notice the very poor, due to the specifics of the profession.

Therefore, we can assume that, roughly speaking, 12% of us are poor, roughly speaking, a little less than 70% are poor, and their total is 80%. This is the rough structure of our society.

Deripaska embellished reality (he said that about 80 million live near or below the poverty line - note "NI"), as befits an oligarch who looks at the world from a personal helicopter, but not catastrophically embellished.

All this has already resulted in supermortality and drunkenness. That is, society kills itself, society dies.

Further - this is an attempt to build thieves feudalism, as formulated by Sergei Yuryevich Glazyev. And many different thinkers, independently of each other, talk about feudalism, but they mean the class society.

On the one hand, class society is not compatible with our ideas about progress and modernity, but it fits perfectly into the world that the West is building within the framework of social platforms.

There are the masters of social platforms - the new feudal lords, and there are all the rest, disenfranchised slaves who produce a digital footprint for training artificial intelligence. And whether they have a mind or not - it does not matter, because it does not affect their productivity in any way.

This is the same attitude of the feudal lord to the peasants: if this animal plows the land, it does not matter at all whether it is reasonable or unreasonable. It should: a) plow the land, b) not rebel. Everything.

And this is where the objective process is going.

... But this is absolutely not fatal, because this trend is likely to break. Linear extrapolation does not work. Quantity turns into quality, in one direction or another.

Therefore, most likely it will not work. But Putin, as a tactician, simply follows the global trend and runs ahead - but, in this case, not a steam locomotive, but an asphalt roller".

You can watch the entire episode with Mikhail Delyagin here.

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