Analyst: against the backdrop of a pandemic, any regional conflict can grow into a big war

Analyst: against the backdrop of a pandemic, any regional conflict can grow into a big war
Analyst: against the backdrop of a pandemic, any regional conflict can grow into a big war
10 November 2020, 18:33
It is very easy to provoke a full-scale war today, but it will be almost impossible to stop it.

Network analyst Alexander Rozovdrew attention to the extremely interesting words said in an interview with Sky News by the head of the British Chiefs of Staff, General Nick Carter:

“I think we face a real risk that the escalation could lead to miscalculations, given the many ongoing regional conflicts. This is what I think we should look out for".

Carter noted that more and more people are involved in such conflicts, not realizing their likely consequences, and in fact they can eventually lead to a full-scale war, as has happened before.

In this regard, Rozov lists several aspects that confirm the general's fears:

First, wars flare up especially quickly when poverty and despair increase. People, not seeing options for the future, tend to the position "better a terrible end than horror without end", and thus a psychological environment is created in society that contributes to the outbreak of war. This is exactly what we see now, when the authorities of different countries are spinning coronavirus hysteria, and at the same time destroying the economy and stirring up horror.

Secondly, the analyst is sure that if the “main persons” have bad brains, they can very easily start a war simply to solve some “important geopolitical problems”. It is important to take into account that they have absolutely no idea of the true nature of war, and therefore they will not solve the problems, and they will not be able to stop the war.

Thirdly, due to their own stupidity, they will not be able to prevent even a local war, which may break out for the reasons indicated in the first paragraph. Moreover, General Carter did not mention a few more important things: 1. The "main persons" are frankly bad not only with their brains, but also with the ability to make internally logical decisions, adequately reacting to changes in the situation.

  1. “Leaders” do not have the will to make important independent decisions, and resort to the advice of consultants, among whom there is a very large percentage of mentally ill “visionaries” at the moment.
  2. Visionary consultants, however, have recently been more and more inclined to recommend not human, but "artificial intelligence" for solving problems, for which the concept of common sense is inaccessible, and whose solutions depend almost entirely on the training sample, and therefore AI will not be able to adequately solve any new problems...

Finally, the analyst recalls that already in the 21st century, the "main persons" have fomented many wars, failing to solve the assigned tasks in any of them, and not being able to stop any of them...

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