Fish vs meat: why liberals and patriots are no different from each other

Fish vs meat: why liberals and patriots are no different from each other
Fish vs meat: why liberals and patriots are no different from each other
12 June 2020, 23:51
It makes no difference whether you love Okudzhava or Stalin, if there is no core inside you called the “moral law”, if you are in the same situation blocking out “yours” and spitting on “strangers”.

The poet Andrey Martynov in his blog compared the so-called "two nations", the existence of which in the modern Russian society was discovered by writer Boris Akunin:

“I won’t write about Yefremov.

I will write about something else.

About the "two peoples" described by Akunin.

Because this is the first thing that comes to mind in connection with the latest events.

Let me remind you: according to Akunin’s version, “Two separate, not at all similar nations live side by side in Russia, and these nations have long been fiercely at odds with each other”.

"There are We, and there are They", - says the famous fiction writer.

“We have our own heroes: Chekhov there, Mandelstam, Pasternak, Sakharov. They have their own: Ivan the Terrible, Stalin, Dzerzhinsky, now Putin”, - he continues further.

“We're sick of their favorite singers, movies, and TV shows. They pay us with the same coin, and with an overpayment. - states Akunin.

And he ends his essay with the following passage: “In addition to Us and Them, there are just people who make up the majority of the population, and We and They are constantly trying to pull this niribanimyas to our side, to attach to our values”.

You know, in different periods of my life it happened that I attributed myself to one or the other of the described peoples, and now, perhaps, I can confidently classify myself among the "Niribonyms" that Akunin speaks of so unflatteringly, and not because I stupid or not initiative, as he believes, no, not at all, but for another reason - just watching these “two peoples” for a long time, I concluded that you are two twin brothers, you are two sides of the same coin, you are the same the eggs, only from a different angle, in short, all your differences are not significant, because in the main you are not different from each other, and more than ever this is clearly seen in situations such as the present.

Understand that it makes no difference whether you are dragging yourself away from Okudzhava or others... go to Joseph Vissarionych if you do not have a rod called “moral law” inside the rod, if in the same situation you are protecting “yours” and spitting on “strangers”. You despise and consider second-class people those who simply do not see the difference between you, you believe that it is their misfortune, and yet it is your fault, because both of your “peoples” strangle dissenters in the same way, privatize the Law in the same way and Power on occasion, and in the same way, white exposes black and black to white, if so called by “people's” interests.

And to make sure of this, let's just imagine that it would not be Efremov who was driving, but, let’s say, Porechenkov, and now imagine - as you, “two nations”, diametrically different, as you yourself say, that’s as if dramatically changed all your statements from plus to minus and from minus to plus, and as if easily and naturally you would change places at the moment.

But this is what should not be.

Therefore, today I say “the plague on both your houses” and I really hope that someday the young and not too audible today “third nation” will grow and get stronger in Russia, and it will let the Future begin...”

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