Yevgeny Ponasenkov: "Comrades doctors and virologists, people don't believe you because you lied"

Yevgeny Ponasenkov: "Comrades doctors and virologists, people don't believe you because you lied"
Yevgeny Ponasenkov: "Comrades doctors and virologists, people don't believe you because you lied"
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Historian Yevgeny Ponasenkov on YouTube's Common Sense Channel shared his thoughts on what he thinks about the origin of the virus, vaccinations, and why Russians do not trust doctors and the government in this matter.

“I’ll say right away that I am for vaccination, but I have to explain why people don’t believe anyone.

Recently I read a post of one head physician of a Moscow hospital, a good head physician, who was indignant about why there is no trust in society, why society does not listen to a certain community of doctors, a community of virologists, and he also called the organization WHO.

People do not listen, do not believe you, comrades doctors and comrades virologists, because the absolute majority of you, your so-called community, are not sure, by the way, that it exists as a community, because inside there are a lot of absolutely diametrically opposed opinions, because about the Wuhan , the Chinese virus, you basically lied, lied and made mistakes for at least the last year and a half.

You lied to people about it being a natural virus from the market.

I immediately, in February last year, said that it was a virus from the laboratory. Now everyone knows and talks about it.

And most of you lied.

The overwhelming majority of the medical community was blathering ineptly, unprofessionally, daring to blather that it was practically a "light flu" and that no special quarantines, masks, and so on were needed.

And this continued in the first months of last year. People remember all this, they postponed it, and I postponed it. I have all this documented.

I remembered all of them, those who performed on state channels, on "Echo of Moscow" and so on. Already after Luc Montagnier, the Nobel laureate, said that this was done artificially, this virus, after serious scientists said about it, after I stated this on the basis of the documentary data that I cited in commercials on the "Common Sense Channel"...

And these ***, criminals, in fact, and I believe that they are, in fact, criminals, because they are either intentionally, or unintentionally, but unsuitable, receiving a salary and deceiving people, covered up the criminal government of China and hid from people the truth, so people don't believe them.

How many months on all talk shows sat, excuse me, from both sides, the academician, the same academician, one says - wear masks, the other says - in no case; one says - wear gloves, the other says - in no case, do not wear!

One says - here, there is a medicine, the other says - no!

How many months have you said: to make a vaccine, it takes three, four, five (years) - each of them was talking nonsense from his own bald. Indeed, it takes many years to make a vaccine, to test it.

But you need to explain to people, ordinary people, of other professions, that this is wartime and martial law, that shells are bursting, and at least something must be done. Desirable - good.

And how is it good to do? How to trust, for example, our marvelous scientists, if at first they say that this is incredible, we do not know how to make a new vaccine, and then they admit by December that this is not a new vaccine, but in general, they acted against Ebola , she's not entirely new.

At first they talked about one injection and there were only consequences, and then they say, oh, you know, let's give two injections, maybe people will go there less (to the next world). We did two.

Then, what other problems did we have? Said, oh, you know, the wrong temperature (of the vaccine storage). Have already injected, but it was necessary to keep the vaccine at such degrees.

Then they vyaknuli that it is possible to keep the vaccine even without these degrees. What is that?! If there is such a colossal difference in the documentation of the same medical product, why should we trust it?

I'll tell you why we have to ... We have to trust.

And I tell all my friends, damn it, yes, if you have no wild contraindications, if you are not allergic, and so on, inject yourself, because the shells really explode.

And indeed, if we take world history, then they are so terrible - and there were no such terrible ones, but there were similar epidemics, they were stopped only by vaccination and nothing else. Vaccine only.

And stop you measuring these idiotic antibodies. What kind of illiterate girl in a provincial town will measure them for you, in which laboratory, do you know what qualifications you need to have ?!

Inject and ...inject!

...Cleanly not where they clean, clean where they don't litter.

It was necessary to immediately close the border from freaks, bastards and savages. Because if the barbarians do not wash, if the barbarians stole Western technologies, but in fact they are barbarians, therefore they do not observe any sanitary standards, they have no honor, they have no dignity, they can produce a criminal virus prohibited by all international conventions, according to in fact, biological weapons, lose, then send out millions of their bastard tourists...

Therefore, it should not be allowed. Borders are needed".

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