And you can't even play golf! Donald Trump and Trumpists are squeezed out of politics and business

And you can't even play golf! Donald Trump and Trumpists are squeezed out of politics and business
And you can't even play golf! Donald Trump and Trumpists are squeezed out of politics and business
14 January 2021, 15:33
The chances that the Senate will approve this decision of the House of Representatives are slim, but Trump has already lost a lot in recent days.

Yesterday, the US House of Representatives voted to impeach Donald Trump. He was accused of "inciting mutiny" over the January 6 riots when the congress building was seized by his supporters.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump became the first ever US president to be impeached twice. The reaction to the historic, but anticipated decision of the House of Representatives was rather modest, the markets practically ignored it, reports The Bell.

Now the issue of impeachment of Trump will be referred to the Senate, which will not begin considering it until Joe Biden's inauguration on January 20. In terms of the balance of power, the Democrats have little chance of achieving success in the upper house. Some Democrats have already expressed fears that Senate hearings early in Biden's presidency will overshadow the transfer of power and slow down appointments to key White House posts, as well as the new administration's first legislative initiatives.

Trump's second impeachment is a historic event in everything, but the main intrigue is whether the Democrats will succeed in getting Trump banned from holding federal office - this will deprive him of the opportunity to participate in the presidential elections in 2024. While this prospect looks unlikely.

Meanwhile, journalist Stanislav Natazon calculated Trump's losses in recent days on his channel:

“Let's just put all this anti-Trump witch hunt in one place:

  1. The American president has most of the social networks turned off
  2. The US Professional Golf Association has refused to host its tournaments at Trump's golf courses.
  3. PayPal Refuses To Make Transfers Of Trump Supporters
  4. Deutsche Bank is ready to forgive Trump for a $ 300 million loan in order not to cooperate with him further. Signature Bank forcibly closed Trump's accounts.
  5. Major US banks, including JPMorgan Chase, Goldman Sachs, Citigroup and Morgan Stanley, have refused to further allocate money to support politicians who sympathize with Trump.
  6. List of large companies that said they would not allocate money to politicians who doubted Biden's victory: Amazon (largest online retailer), Dow (chemical industry), AT&T (telecom), The Blue Cross Blue Shield Association (medical insurance), Marriott (hotels ).
  7. In addition, Amazon, Apple and Google are blocking other services on their platforms and data centers where they can support Trump. For example, social network Parler
  8. Several American educational institutions stripped Trump of honorary degrees
  9. Trump's lawyer Giuliani is promised to be kicked out of the New York Bar Association and also stripped of some honorary degrees..."


Political analyst Alexey Makarkin comments on these events:

“Thus, Trump is blocked not only on social networks, but also in the business world. In fact, he is being pushed out of political life, encouraging Republicans to oust Trump - which does not mean the decline of "Trumpist" ideas (it just can be expressed by more systemic and predictable politicians). Trump in this situation can start a battle for the party - this threatens the strongest internal conflict. He can start to create a new party - and the republican electorate will split. Both of these options are beneficial for Democrats ahead of the tough 2022 midterm elections.

Republicans can hope for a third scenario - Trump steps aside, the party does not show public harshness towards him, sponsors are gradually returning. But would Trump want to become such an altruist for a party that has already begun to distance itself from him? Moreover, opponents will strive to finish off Trump - and it is more profitable for him to defend himself as an incumbent politician, and not as a retiree, whose public interest will significantly decrease..."

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