Khazin: "The main question is when will Kabul be repeated in Kiev, Sofia, Berlin and Paris?"

Khazin: "The main question is when will Kabul be repeated in Kiev, Sofia, Berlin and Paris?"

Khazin: "The main question is when will Kabul be repeated in Kiev, Sofia, Berlin and Paris?"

14 September, 10:37
The old world is over, we need to prepare for new tough challenges, Mikhail Khazin is sure. An economist and analyst gave an interview on this topic to the Belarusian YouTube channel 1prof by.

“A couple of weeks ago, the Americans fled Kabul with a loud noise.

The noise and din was so strong that any experienced person involuntarily had a thought: is this a special PR action aimed at explaining to the people around them, "what will happen".

From my point of view, the United States has given everyone a signal: all those who count on the fact that they want to receive money from the United States for the declaration of friendship with the United States of America and the struggle for freedom and democracy - they will not receive any more money.

And from now on, all US obligations are limited to a contract. You fulfill your contracts, and we pay you money in accordance with the contract.

The contract is not concluded or is not being fulfilled - the United States has no more obligations.

So, the key question that arises at the same time: when will Kabul be repeated in Kiev, Sofia, Athens, and then in Paris and Berlin?

Someone, perhaps, will say that it will not happen again, but especially for them, Mrs. Nulland, who once handed out cookies on the Maidan, said that in no case would the situation in Kabul be repeated in Kiev. After that, the most experienced people began to pack their bags in Kiev.

You need to understand that the world, the old world, is over.

The United States said bluntly: we owe nothing to anyone.

And now the question is: who will feed everyone? And, in particular, at what money will people, the middle class, which they have been creating over the course of several decades, live on?

If the world markets, supported by the emission of the dollar, end, then the middle class also ends.

And this is a fundamental question when describing today's labor market.

And for this reason, I came to Minsk with great interest, to a conference on the labor market, in order to talk about this topic.

Because we, in contrast to them, have a chance to realize an alternative scenario, without a frenzied recession. And, by the way, this is exactly what Lukashenko and Putin talked about in Moscow, and Mishustin, respectively, with the government of Belarus, is here.

And in this direction, I hope, we will work".

Mikhail Khazin's commentary can be viewed here.

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