Alexander Korzhakov: “Berlusconi gave $ 1 billion for Yeltsin’s election”

Alexander Korzhakov: “Berlusconi gave $ 1 billion for Yeltsin’s election”

Alexander Korzhakov: “Berlusconi gave $ 1 billion for Yeltsin’s election”

15 April 2020, 17:17
Photo: Ельцин-центр
In an interview for the YouTube channel of the Ukrainian journalist Dmitry Gordon, the former head of the security service of Boris Yeltsin, Alexander Korzhakov, spoke, among other things, about the nuances of how the election of the first president of the Russian Federation was held.

“Of course, this was forbidden by the law, but who would have been butt because of this? So, Kohl gave $ 500 million for Yeltsin’s elections, Clinton, Chirac and Major gave the same amount. But they gave state money, they needed return, and returned to all later.

But Silvio Berlusconi, that real man, promised - and gave a billion. With no reimbursement. From that money the pensions and even salaries were distributed in some places, especially to state employees. Let me remind you that Yeltsin's rating in 1996 was initially 4%. So that's why he won, and not because of the "singing songs".

And oligarchs had very little relation to the election. They are very greedy people, and they won’t give their mother. They, when they get money - they just get sick, they need to recruit, recruit, recruit ...

Who made the elections is understandable: the presidential administration and the security service. It was just what it was to transport money then. There were 97 subjects of the federation, even 98, and each had to transfer the money that was delivered to us and which had to be divided. So we delivered them. I do not know if, in terms of security, Grisha (Yavlinsky - ed.) Or Zyuganov had a similar opportunity. I think it was real only with us, and everything else was trembling.

It is clear that artists made a great contribution to Yeltsin’s victory. They were led by the Yeltsin Headquarters, mainly Igor Krutoy and his team. And those who “vote or lose” - there were five of them there, and this is all rubbish. They sucked in to steal money, so they got caught with that copier box when they brought half a million to Chubais, such a trifle.

In general, everything was 50/50. He could have defeated both Rutskoi and Khasbulatov, but in this case, probably, now we would not have Putin, but Kadyrov. Our people do not care - that is the Georgian, that is the Chechen.

Yes, it always happens with us: romantics conceive and make a revolution, and as a result the villains take power; then they tried to get rid of me ...

Yeltsin turned into ruin on February 1, 1996, the day he turned 65 years old. He always told me that the political age of a person is only up to 65, and then you need to plant in the garden, plant strawberries, dig potatoes, cut apple trees.

We then got drunk well, and the next day I came to him - and did not recognize, he became older for 15 years. He just programmed himself. We’re talking about all kinds of psychics, about the aura, but all this is. A man inwardly feels everything inside. So he understood everything about himself, so he hesitated for so long whether to go to the polls or not ...

The word "binge" did not refer to Yeltsin, by the way. He just loved to drink, and he drank constantly. Quickly sobered up. Job is done - then it's ok to drink again. But that for a week in a binge or for a month, this was not, no. He could soon have gone for such a time to "work with documents."

When Chubais was the head of the administration for eight months — as I say, regent — Yeltsin’s first question was always “Did Chubais agree with this?”. And if Tanya and Yumashev brought documents, they signed anything like that, so they trusted them.

Family secrets of the Yeltsin family is a storehouse of the hoo ... After all, when he once moved from his apartment, he ordered me to completely disassemble his archive. So I learned so much ...

A separate book must be written about Yumashev. Too little has been said about him. He made a very big contribution to the new life of Russia. When the Putsch (coup) happened, it was not out ofthin air that he hid in the boiler room for three days, in the village of Pravda, shaking that if they killed Yeltsin, they would come to the first to arrest him, since he had already managed to do a lot of “useful” things for the country. But he, however, behaved quietly, intelligently, it was Berezovsky who loved everyone to talk about him, but this one - on the contrary ...

Berezovsky advised Yeltsin something constantly, but only through Tanya. He spudded her to the fullest, of course, along with Naina. It was enough for Tatiana to give gifts and cleverly speak her. She herself was a little far-fetched in politics and easily fell into all his fishing tricks.

Yumashev arranged a meeting between Tanya and Berezovsky in Logovaz. There was Fedorov, this addict. And after the next dose, he uttered such nonsense - that Barsukov and I have hands to the elbow in blood. Tanya carried it all to Naina, and then they together with Yeltsin. And then his confidence in me shook for the first time. Like, it turns out that Korzhakov is dishonest with him that he, along with the bandits, kills people and steals billions. That's where it all went and went.

The next day, Yumashev ran to my gym when I got out of the shower, sobbing on my knees in front of me, like a woman, that the demon had beguiled me. Berezovsky turned out to be more cunning - the record of that conversation was taken by Barsukov, the head of the FSS ...

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