Not safety, but punishment! What is fraught with a new draft amendments to the traffic rules

Not safety, but punishment! What is fraught with a new draft amendments to the traffic rules
Not safety, but punishment! What is fraught with a new draft amendments to the traffic rules
15 September 2020, 13:15
The new draft amendments to the rules of the road contain so much outright nonsense that there is a suspicion that the Ministry of Transport was not concerned with safety principles during its development, but with a desire to replenish the treasury and the pockets of officials.

As you know, the Ministry of Transport has developed a large-scale draft amendments to the rules of the road. There are many changes in it, they mainly relate to the rules of parking and parking, as well as the movement of electric scooters and the operation of buses, tinting, compliance with the speed limit.

Of course, there are perfectly sensible ideas that reflect the changed situation on the roads, but there are also outright nonsense, proposing which, the officials obviously pursue the goal not to create a safe traffic, but to confuse its participants, so that their confusion will be recorded by cameras with subsequent punishment with fines.

Here is the most egregious example - a circular movement, the rules of which change with frightening regularity, despite the fact that in all civilized countries they have been established long ago and clearly.

The journalist, editor-in-chief of the magazine “Za Rulyom” Maxim Kadakov called the publication on his blog on this topic “Rape in a circle”:

“The Ministry of Transport is burning again. New amendments to the traffic rules are proposed. And now - another iteration with a circular motion. Quote of the next sentence:

"When entering an intersection with a roundabout, the driver must give way to vehicles moving in a circle, if the intersection is equivalent and the sign 4.3" Roundabout "is set.

Question: what the hell? "Roundabout" in recent years was raped in such a way that I no longer remember how the rule of passage in a "circle" sounds literally in the traffic rules. Of course, I don't even remember the European rules literally, but why don't I have any problems there? Even in right-hand drive Britain? Because the signs and markings clearly tell me how to drive correctly - whether the circle in this place is the main one or only its half, etc. So why not make it as simple as in Europe - not to force the driver to remember the rules, but to show on the spot (with signs, markings, traffic lights) who is giving way to whom? "

In addition, there are other oddities in the project, to put it mildly. Here is what the public figure Pyotr Shkumatov writes on this score:

The Ministry of Transport has developed amendments to the traffic rules, thanks to which all of us will be deprived of our rights sooner or later. I'll tell you how. Under the SIM (means of individual mobility) in the Ministry of Transport they understand not only a vehicle with an engine, but also without it !!! That is, if you have a driver's license and you decide to go rollerblading with a can of beer, then the traffic police will stop you and deprive you of your license for a year and a half and will be fined 30,000 rubles for driving a SIM while intoxicated !!! BEHIND THE ROLLERS, CARL!!!

Again, for those with a driver's license, things will be much worse than for those without one. If you do not have a / c, then you can ride anything in any condition (vodka, drugs, pills) and at most you will face a small fine. If you have a / c, then they will take you on an electric scooter under a "drunken article". That is, there is obvious discrimination.

Islands of safety. Parking on them will be prohibited with the corresponding consequences. However, there are places where these islets are wider than the road (!!!) and there are cars even in three rows! For example, in one of the regions, parking is organized in this way near one of the hospitals, I myself parked there. Maybe stop using only black or only white paint? The situations are different.

I strongly recommend to all motorists to get acquainted with it!"

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