Natalya Zubarevich: “We must talk not about the death, but about the degradation of our economy”

Natalya Zubarevich: “We must talk not about the death, but about the degradation of our economy”

Natalya Zubarevich: “We must talk not about the death, but about the degradation of our economy”

16 November, 17:43
The Russian economy is gradually adapting to the crisis, in some areas it succeeds, in others not so much, but in general this phase will be protracted. Natalya Zubarevich, an economist and professor at the Department of Economic and Social Geography of Moscow State University, spoke about this in an interview with the CivilNet YouTube channel.

“What does “death of the economy” mean? Economies do not die, they adapt to the conditions in which they can live.

The death of the economy is a phrase that may be convenient for humanitarians, but those who understand professionally will remember Venezuela, North Korea, Iran.

Is there an economic downfall? No, there is what is.

Only irresponsible and unprofessional people spoke about death.

We are talking about the degradation of the Russian economy, about simplification, about the loss of technological industries. Because it is impossible to "replace" quickly.

Because the Russian economy is an economy that has been included in the global world very strongly.

We exported a lot of mineral resources and semi-finished products, and these were the most profitable sectors of the Russian economy. We have a lot of enterprises that used imported components and technologies, and these enterprises were technologically the most advanced in Russia.

And here is the second problem: it is difficult for you to obtain these components and technologies. And the first problem is that it is difficult for you to sell for export. But the first problem was delayed.

The first export restrictions appeared only in summer - for timber and forest products, and in August for coal. And metallurgy. And we are already seeing results.

… Literally, the results of a survey of entrepreneurs conducted by the Business Russia Association of Medium Businesses have just been published.

Five thousand entrepreneurs were interviewed.

A third said that the exodus of people affected them. But some did it. And the fact that it had a really hard effect was said by 6% - basically, this is a small business. They said "we'll have to close".

Therefore, in terms of scale, maybe it's not so scary. And from the point of view of the outflow of brains, human capital, this is a blow to the economy, which will be long. We do not know how many people will return.

I think that a significant part will return if the situation changes, the situation, you know where.

Nevertheless, the decline in human capital for Russia is no less a blow than a blow to the economy.

When the most qualified people, mostly living in large cities, employed in modern business, leave, it’s bad for the economy, and very bad for society.”

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