Valentin Katasonov: “There is a huge difference between vaccination for the elite and the vaccination for the cattle”

Valentin Katasonov: “There is a huge difference between vaccination for the elite and the vaccination for the cattle”

Valentin Katasonov: “There is a huge difference between vaccination for the elite and the vaccination for the cattle”

17 June 2020, 14:22
On the air of the YouTube channel Studio Rubezh, Doctor of Economics Valentin Katasonov drew clear parallels between what is happening today and what in the prophetic novel named We was described by Evgeny Zamyatin exactly one hundred years ago.

“...I think this year the vaccine will be created. She most likely already exists. It's just that the atmosphere in society is specially warmed up in order to scare people, drive them into a corner and then take them with their bare hands.

Maximum, this vaccine will appear next year. She will be made public and ordered that everyone get vaccinated. Those who do not get vaccinated will certainly be blacklisted and become outcasts. This is the situation.

By the way, for the last few days I have been reading Zamyatin’s novel We, which was released a hundred years ago. This is the first dystopian novel.

A lot of things in this novel are recognizable, although the events there take place in the XXXIII century AD, that is, after more than a thousand years from today.

I will not tell the whole scenario of the novel, but there is a single State. At the end, a rebellion begins.

This totalitarian state is organized on the principle of an electronic concentration camp, although a novel was written, I repeat, in 1920.

There are no people - there are no names, there is only a "number". There the words man or human are not used; there, a number refers to a number.

And since the Benefactor is such an analogue of Big Brother from Orwell’s novel 1984, it’s not possible to build everyone, it’s not possible to provide tight control, at the end of the novel this is what happens: he signs a decree that everyone goes through the Great Operation .

It involves the removal of the centers of fantasy and vestiges of the soul . The operation, in general, is called the “Benefactor", and after it the person must turn into a kind of biorobot - or, as Zamyatin wrote, into a tractor. Tractor people came out of the operating room.

Reading all this, I thought about our 2020. Suddenly, some "benefactor" will sign a decree on universal vaccination?


I already talked with some doctors, they say that over the past 20 years some new vaccines have been appearing on the market all the time.

Maybe they don’t have any poison, let’s say so, that programs the death of a person a year after vaccination, but they are still not tested.

Giant money is made on these vaccines. For Bill Gates the same is a huge business. He entered into an alliance with this farm mafia. In this case, of course, people die.

In general, the statistics are terrible. I don’t remember her in memory, but for some reason it seems to me that what may happen is what a hundred years ago Yevgeny Ivanovich Zamyatin described.

And everyone will have to undergo this Great Operation "Benefactor" - vaccination. Here is such a version ...

By the way, in the book of Brzezinski, which we recalled not so long ago (material on this topic can be read here -“NI”) , it also says about the need to control people's health.

But I do not think that Mr. Brzezinski really worried about the health of the citizens of the planet.

Even then, all these ideas arose in the head of these possessed politicians. Of course, I think that all these possessed politicians are well acquainted with the dystopias of Orwell, Zamyatin, Huxley, who wrote "Oh Brave New World . " All these books are clearly spelled out.

These works also have birth control and, moreover, they deal with eugenics.

The same Zamyatin has a Health Bureau, which gives the numbering permission to have a baby, but only after they undergo a genetic examination. Can you imagine, it was written in 1920! And now, the output, in fact, should be some calibrated product.

And if it is not calibrated, then this is a marriage, and if it is a marriage, then it is destroyed.

The Benefactor has the so-called Benefactor's Machine, a beam sparkles there and the defective product disappears, only a puddle of distilled water remains from it. 1920, and what they wrote! But today we are close to that.


The novel "We" is still a classic. And how is the classic different from non-classic? Not a classic becomes morally obsolete in ten years, you can throw it in the trash or heat the stove, and the classic, like a good cognac, is becoming more and more high-quality.

In 1920, by the way, this was not very perceived. Zamyatin was qualified as an anti-adviser. In England it was believed that he was an Anglophobe, although he lived in England a little. In the US, too, they got angry at him ...

His romance is that mirror in which everyone can recognize himself. This is not just a dystopia, but a parable novel. A parable is suitable for any situation, for any time.


I studied a little the question of vaccination. It turns out that there is vaccination for the elite, and there is vaccination for cattle. And these, of course, are completely different things.

Vaccines for the elite are really tested, indeed there are guarantees against negative side effects of some kind. It is at the medical level. I read special literature on this topic.

If Bill Gates is such a proponent of vaccination, why aren't his children vaccinated? And they are not vaccinated. But it is clear that Gates does not want his children to die or lose their reproductive ability.

So there is a very clear racism, fascism, call it as you want to. Medical fascism, pharmaceutical fascism...

Look at the medicines that other countries supply us. What is a sin to hide: we are not supplied with the best quality medicines. And when we are abroad, we buy drugs there, because we know that they deliver here that "not in condition".

That is, this happens even at the interstate level. But inside the state, too, there are standards, levels.

...They say about the vaccine that the death after it can be delayed for six months or a year. Apparently, the calculation is that in six months it will be possible to vaccinate everyone and no one will see the results of this vaccination.

It is clear that if it is stretched in time, people will be scared and they will definitely not be able to vaccinate. Therefore, all this will be compressed in time and will take no more than six months.

...Among the owners of money who want to crank all this up are representatives of different ethnic groups, with different skin colors.

This is an international rabble. I call them the demon alike beings, because they cannot be called people anymore”.

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