The hydrogen will wait. For Russia it is more profitable to use traditional fuels

The hydrogen will wait. For Russia it is more profitable to use traditional fuels
The hydrogen will wait. For Russia it is more profitable to use traditional fuels
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Our country has its own strongest school of gas turbines, which will provide its economy for a long time with engines powered by familiar Russian hydrocarbon fuels.

Andrey Zlobin, candidate of technical sciences

I would like to express my support for the position voiced by Russian Deputy Prime Minister Yuri Borisov during the opening of the Tyumen Oil and Gas Forum. "Russia should not follow the path of the West in the matter of forming a fuel policy". This position can become a cornerstone in the process of strengthening the Russian energy sector, aviation, sea and road transport. Becoming, in fact, the locomotive of powerful economic growth, the same position will contribute to the development of domestic oil refining, processing industries, machine building.

Recently, I have written a lot and often about the fact that blind imitation of the West in the fuel sector will not lead to anything good. The so-called "green technologies", including hydrogen, "green energy" not only do not solve the fuel issue for Russia, but, on the contrary, create many unnecessary problems for our country, including unbearable financial costs. Russia still has huge reserves of minerals. And deposits of coal, oil, gas are our great competitive advantage. We now need two things like air - the revival of the national school and practice of geological exploration, as well as a developed small aircraft for geologists. Both are quite real directions of development, in contrast to the imposed hydrogen fuel, which is equivalent to the next "Star Wars".

The well-known and insanely expensive space shuttles of the Space Shuttle type flew on hydrogen fuel. We need it - to pay for energy, airplanes, ships and cars, as for spaceships? Today it is not necessary to deal with ephemeral "green" plans, but invest in geology and aviation. We need thoroughly worked out and quickly implemented appropriate government programs. In particular, advanced aviation will help to quickly create the infrastructure that is so necessary for the fields, which, due to their remoteness, are considered to be unprofitable. And one should listen not to the graduates of some "foreign vocational school", but to Russian scientists who have almost a century of experience in solving energy problems, including fuels, on the vast territory of the USSR.

Слева направо: Заведующий кафедрой МВТУ им.Баумана, заслуженный деятель науки и техники, профессор Владимир Васильевич Уваров, генеральные конструкторы: Артем Иванович Микоян, Архип Михайлович Люлька, директор завода Алексей Александрович Завитаев, генеральный конструктор Сергей Константинович Туманский.

Russia needs to strongly support the famous school of gas turbines of Professor V.V. Uvarov. Since the beginning of the 20th century, under the leadership of Vladimir Vasilyevich and with his direct participation in the USSR, stationary, aviation, marine, automobile gas turbine units (GTU) and engines have been developed. VV Uvarov created a famous scientific and engineering school for gas turbines, founded the Department of Turbine Engineering at the Bauman Moscow State Technical University, for the first time proposed many new technical solutions that determined the priorities of gas turbine engineering all over the world. So, it was Professor V.V. Uvarov who was the first to prove the possibility of creating power gas turbine installations with a capacity of hundreds of megawatts. Under his leadership, projects of Soviet power gas turbines of high power were developed.

In fact, all the world's manufacturers of powerful energy gas turbines follow the ideas of Vladimir Vasilyevich. It is gas turbine engines that exemplify environmental excellence when using traditional fuels. Russia really should not follow the path of the West in terms of forming a fuel policy. We have our own strongest school of gas turbines in our country, which, without any star wars, will provide energy, aviation, and the fleet with engines powered by the usual Russian hydrocarbon fuels for a long time.

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