On the logic of Evil: why the Russian intellectuals fell in love with Tesak

On the logic of Evil: why the Russian intellectuals fell in love with Tesak
On the logic of Evil: why the Russian intellectuals fell in love with Tesak
18 September 2020, 15:28
The Russian intellectual needs to be dipped into mud all the time in order to reflect on his own being through humiliation and belonging to a stronger pseudo-subject.

Alina Vitukhnovskaya, writer

Russian nationalist Maksim Martsinkevich, better known as Tesak, committed suicide in pre-trial detention center No. 3 in Chelyabinsk. Martsinkevich's body was found in one of the solitary confinement cells, where he was temporarily for further transfer to Moscow. It is known that Martsinkevich left a suicide note, but it seems that it was written under duress. However, his letters from 2014 also appeared, where he warned about the possibility of his murder.

I have a personal story related to Cleaver. It was a long time ago, the year 2008-2010. The "journalists" called. Then I just had several books and I was constantly giving interviews. Intuition told me that the matter was unclean, but I had to check one person, and at the same time myself.

Three people fell into my apartment (Tesak and two more characters, both already dead), tied to a chair and held a gun to my temple. They wanted me to give back the keys to the room, where in their opinion there were antiques. Under the guise of going for the keys, I threw the keys to the apartment in the trash can. The door would not open from the inside without the keys. They again tied me to a chair and held up a pistol. I say - "Well, shoot!" It all ended with them begging me for over an hour to open the door and let them go. My statement to the police about this disappeared without a trace, it was simply destroyed. Which suggests that Tesak and all his activities were closely supervised by the special services.

As for the change in views of Tesak, about which many are now writing, how naive you are! It's just that libertarianism is trending now, but gopism is no longer. As they say, rock 'n' roll is dead, but something needs to be done. The cleaver is essentially a gopnik-businessman with an outdated ideology and a Robin Hood halo for fools.

As for pedophilia, pedophiles themselves are most interested in this topic. And / or sadists. Who was Tesak.

He complained that he was helping the state, but it was sent to prison. Well, everything is logical. The state here has an appropriated right to violence, and the Tesak climbed into a foreign field without asking. Here is the violence and exercised its right over the Cleaver. So when speaking about the banality of evil, do not forget about its logic. A story worthy of Stephen King. In which the main character identifies himself with the force, which he calls upon himself, is absorbed by it.

The deceased had a large number of admirers among Russian intellectuals, which, of course, does not do them credit. Journalist Yevgeny Levkovich laments:

“The cleaver for me is one of the rarest examples of incredible human evolution. The fact that a person in whom no one believes can learn, change and grow. Therefore, for me he is not a Tesak for a long time, but Maxim.

In the collective memory, he will forever remain the Cleaver, the "neo-Nazi", the bastard. This is because our society does not offer the slightest chance of either correction or evolution. Russian society is many times more terrible and dumber than Tesak, even a young one. It hates the seeker and the living - it needs a stable, understandable, and best of all - the dead.

He is also a rare example of courage for me. Absolutely unbending. Not free, not in prison. And absolutely uncontrollable. Therefore, it is dangerous. More dangerous than the entire Russian "opposition" taken together".

A certain Grigory Perebirschikov, whose photograph Tesak once added to the enemy's photo album, also grieves over whose victim he could have fallen. He's writing:

“In 2007, you posted a picture of me on your Nazi website in the“ enemies ”section. And he wrote to me in ICQ "to chat for fun." I hardly knew about you then. It seemed strange to me that this communication was relatively civilized. But you still did not delete my photo, and this had some consequences for me, which largely determined my life.

You were a talented person - that's what all those who communicated with you told me. But you've always found the worst use for your talents.

In your biography, especially in your early one, there were enough offenses that are punishable by law. It is all the more absurd that you spent almost your entire long term in prisons not because of them, but for your words - according to the so-called. "Political" articles. It wasn't fair.

One of my friends has been in correspondence with you in recent years. He gave me your letters to read, they surprised me. Your views have changed on many issues, you have read a lot.

You weren't ordinary. It’s a pity that you can never use your abilities in any better way. The news of your death devastated me. I didn't know you well. And almost nobody knew. Rest in peace, Maxim. We'll all be there".

The intellectual differs from the intellectual in that the latter thinks directly, and the intellectual is aware of himself through feeling, through reflection. Therefore, the Russian intellectual needs to be dipped in mud all the time, because there is, in fact, nothing else here, or it does not cause such violent emotions.

Sublime art from Mozart to Bach, from Goya to Bruegel, from Nabokov to Joyce - everything that the Russian intelligentsia used to cover up their empty heads filled with straw of imprints and false elite pathos for years did not grow on this soil and did not bear fruit. For culture without civilization is not viable and rather turns into torture than pleasure. Hence this expression, beloved by the local public, "Art must be boring." Thus, they at least latently recognize their fatigue from the classical forms. Therefore, Slasher is filmed in the film "Dau", where he cuts a pig. This is the art for the Russian public as it is and it should be presented in the West. This has its own truth. After all, the policy pursued by the country for 20 years and has led to complete degradation no longer allows us to perceive either Pushkin or Tolstoy, they simply no longer believe.

The people whom Tesak put on the list of his enemies give him honors precisely because, as I wrote above, they need to reflect on their own being through humiliation and belonging to a stronger pseudo-subject. What is the level of these people, if for self-identification they need a person who calls himself the Cleaver?

Martsinkevich is considered a nationalist, giving the term a derogatory meaning. However, nationalism is only one of the forms of political ideology that has the right to exist, if we are talking about freedom of speech and freedom of political opinion at all. The problem is that Tesak used nationalism as a cover for his criminal activities, which boiled down to humiliation, robbery, physical violence, and invasion of privacy. That is, in fact, he was engaged in systematic extrajudicial killings under the guise of civic activism.

Nobody will get sympathy from me for Tesak, because if a gang breaks into a citizen's house in the United States, especially with a weapon, he has the right to shoot. We were deprived of all the rights to freedom, normal life and self-defense, replacing them with pseudo-Christian neuroses and harmful ideas "about non-resistance to evil by violence".

Despite the fact that the deceased was a disgusting person, this does not negate the fact that the Russian penal system is essentially a huge torture base for suicide bombers, creating lawlessness and lynching.

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