Yuri Podolyaka: "The new monetary system of the world is almost complete"

Yuri Podolyaka: "The new monetary system of the world is almost complete"

Yuri Podolyaka: "The new monetary system of the world is almost complete"

19 January 2021, 09:35
Photo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DhkcjWJduDQ&t=406s
"There is nothing eternal in this world, and the dollar system is as mortal as everything else",- says Ukrainian political and economic observer Yuriy Podolyaka. On his YouTube channel, he told about the weakening of the dollar and the new global monetary system, the outlines of which are already clearly visible today.

“The American dollar system in the form in which we know it is living out its last years.

Because other countries in the world, which felt that America was weakening, began to build an alternative system.

Both Europe and China are not ruled by idiots. They perfectly understand the situation and the real balance of power.

Therefore, they somehow interact and are trying, as we have seen in recent years, by joint efforts to throw off American rule.

Moreover, Russia is the most important connecting and cementing link here.

In addition to the fact that Russia has a huge nuclear potential, which neither Europe nor China has, equal to the potential of the United States, it is also a powerful logistics chain that connects Eurasia into a single whole.

Accordingly, if a Russia-Europe-China union is created, which is also called the Berlin-Moscow-Beijing axis, then this union will be very, very difficult to break.

Moreover, the direction of the work of this union is precisely against the United States.

Now let's imagine that the United States falls out of this world system. They just disappear.

For Europe and China, literally right away, Greater Eurasia in the form in which it is being built now becomes unnecessary.

Moreover, they begin to look with appetite at the territory of, in fact, Little Eurasia - namely, the post-Soviet space.

For them, this is a territory where there is a huge amount of resources for which they can now fight, because their rear is already free.

That is, if the United States leaves the world agenda, in five, ten, fifteen years, global geopolitics will turn 180 degrees.

And Little Eurasia will have to fight back both in the East and in the West.

And then indeed China will become an enemy, and Europe will regain the status of enemy number 1.

That is why I say that the complete disappearance of the United States is very disadvantageous to us.

It is beneficial for us to weaken the United States so that it ceases to be a world hegemon, strives for world hegemony and simply becomes one of the centers of influence in the world, which will keep both Europe and China in good shape.

And what exactly are the countries of Greater Eurasia up to?

For many, it has long been no secret that a multi-currency system is supposed to replace the US dollar.

What specific principles it will be built on is no longer important. It is important that there will be no dominance of one world currency, there will be several world currencies, which together, to some extent, will make up a kind of a single whole.

How will these currencies be selected? And here is the most important point.

Those countries of the world that will create their own international payment system for their territory, for their zone of influence - these countries will create this multicurrency basket.

Moreover, the list of these countries is already known.

Such a system has already been created by the European Union, China, Russia, and also Britain has created such a system to serve its still not completely dead empire. And, accordingly, the United States also has such a system. Thus, five such systems have been created to date.

Due to its size, India will almost certainly create such a system.

Iran already has plans for creating such a system, but this country has huge problems with internal stability, so the success of creating such a system is still a big question.

The same applies to Turkey, which has so many problems that today it does not even try to create an analogue. It is surrounded on all sides by enemies and its economy is constantly in a fever.

And in order to create such a system, the national economy, the national currency must be relatively stable so that others will be drawn to it.

I think Japan will become a kind of independent cluster, which, it is not excluded, will block with South Korea in this regard.

Well, here, in fact, are all the clusters that may appear.

The emergence of the South America cluster is not yet visible, because the Americans are so strong that they can suppress the emergence of any similar system here.

That is, in fact, the future world economic system is already looming.

Its clusters are created; in some countries already established; moreover, it is already obvious that they have challenged American hegemony. And the only question is how many years it will take for the Americans to come to terms with this.

The entire release of the review from Yuri Podolyaka can be viewed here.

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