Sergey Svetlakov: "We harshly criticize the authorities without offering anything"

Sergey Svetlakov: "We harshly criticize the authorities without offering anything"

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On the YouTube channel "And Talk?" showman Sergey Svetlakov answered Irina Shikhman's questions about her attitude to the current government and opposition leader Alexei Navalny, and also spoke about his impression of the film about the "palace".

“If the elections were now, I am sure that Putin would be able to win honestly. There are a lot of people who like Putin in the country, especially in the regions, I just see them and communicate with them.

At some communication tables, we close the political issue, because this immediately begins - "choose": Putin or Navalny.

I don't want to choose. If there were elections now, I would not have voted for Vladimir Vladimirovich, and I also do not need Navalny as president.

For me, he is too categorical, and I am sure that if he comes to power, there will be a lot of unfairness in relation to those people who were for the previous government, there will be a harsh redistribution of some kind of property, information space... I don’t believe into absolute freedom, equality, brotherhood and the fact that we will kiss passionately with America and the West. I do not believe in these tales that this person will come and everything will be like this.

Although in this situation, I have a lot of respect for him because of his inflexibility, because of the giant eggs that he has...

A rare person in his place would have taken it and flew from Germany. Of course, he is a strong man, he is worthy of respect, but I repeat that I am not on his train.

The film about the "palace" is a great entertaining movie for me. Content - well, it's just impossible to come off! Cool movie, watching and having fun.

That it is, well, it is obvious and for me it is not some kind of discovery.

It has always been the same throughout the entire existence of power. It has always been the case that the authorities live in some other categories - palaces and so on. I like it? Well, no, I don't like it, but it's kind of a common thing. Regular.

I am not saying that you have to accept it. You have to come to the polls and vote. It is necessary to make sure that people arise, those who feel the strength in themselves and have new ideas.

It is necessary that they appear, and not those people who are from the series - let us make a revolution, and then we will figure out how we will live with the red button and relations in the world, and how we will solve economic problems.

I don't hear that from anyone now. We are only harshly criticizing the existing government, which obviously needs changes, but we are not proposing anything.

Therefore, I am specifically waiting for people who will come to power, whom I can believe, who will be ready to remake Russia, gradually, of course, not immediately - but they will not come through the revolution, but through the fact that they will conquer us, as people, by themselves. themselves, by what they say - they will want to go and vote for them. There, for example: "I will vote for Yaropolk Troshkin, he says the real things!"

And now we have an absolutely bipolar world. I don’t want to adhere to anywhere, and then I will try to reflect reality with my creativity”.

You can watch the entire interview with Sergei Svetlakov here.

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