Katasonov: "There will be no cash - G6 is preparing a Plan "B" about the digital non-cash"

Katasonov: "There will be no cash - G6 is preparing a Plan "B" about the digital non-cash"

Katasonov: "There will be no cash - G6 is preparing a Plan "B" about the digital non-cash"

19 June 2020, 15:18
Photo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aFh9CznTd_A&t=799s
The door of the electronic concentration camp is about to shut. This will happen as soon as the G6 of the central world banks will issue a single digital currency, on the creation of which these banks are working for a long time.

The doctor of economic sciences Valentin Katasonov told about this on the air of the YouTube channel "Stalingrad".

“Here's the thing: the Americans themselves began to talk about how the US economy and the FRS are like an airplane that took off from a strip of 500 meters, and for landing you need a strip one and a half kilometers long, but there is none. One of the passengers will probably have parachutes and they will be saved, and the plane itself will crash. And then what will happen next?

It is no accident that today central banks began to discuss such a seemingly exotic topic as digital currency.

By the way, many people incorrectly call this cryptocurrency. No, cryptocurrency is something so secret, anonymous, opaque.

For issuers of this currency, that is, central banks, this currency should be extremely transparent. Through blockchains, they will trace the trajectory of each ruble, each dollar.

And I have the feeling that they have such a Plan B for a long time and are actively developing it.

The G6 consists of the six leading central banks: the FRS, the ECB, the Bank of England, the Bank of Japan, the National Bank of Switzerland, and the Bank of Canada. They are developing a collective digital currency.

I must note that the relations between these banks are very informal, we know almost nothing about them.

Over the course of three years, I have found literally three pieces of information that confirm my version that these central banks have concluded a cartel agreement between themselves.

That is, in fact, this is a bit like the monetary system that existed in Europe in the middle of the XIX century. There was such a story when several European countries issued gold coins that had different designs and different names of monetary units, but were absolutely standardized in terms of weight and sample.

Therefore, when today we say, say, about Swiss francs and euros, we notice: yes, of course, they dance a little in relation to each other, but as a person who works with numbers and not texts more, I see that this range, this corridor of fluctuations in these six central banks is very small.

And, in addition, these central banks at one time entered into an agreement on a currency swap - this is a currency exchange that aims to damp out these fluctuations, reducing the volatility of currency pairs.

And in addition to this, a consortium has been created from private banks - European, American, which are developing a universal digital currency.

The cover legend is this: we are developing this digital currency for our own interbank operations. For your loved ones.

But all this is not just central banks. For example, JP Morgan Chase is one of the Fed shareholders. Or, suppose, the Hong Kong and Shanghai Corporation - it is clear that this is a bank that is close to the Bank of England. Deutsche bank, Santander, Barclays...

That is, it is such a consortium that is developing its own currency, which it wants to legalize.

And in order to legalize a monetary unit, it is necessary to get the go-ahead just from these 6 central banks. In roundabout ways they have to build a scheme ...

The ECB will crash at some point, because they have already printed so many euros there ... Fed, Bank of Japan ... They also have a rally there, who will overtake anyone.

For the time being, ordinary people do not feel any of this. Do you know why?

Because all the products of printing presses go to financial markets.

Nothing enters the real sector of the economy; nothing enters the consumer market, which a simple person comes into contact with, either.

Therefore, a strange thing arises that contradicts any textbooks in economics that state that commodity-money supply must be balanced.

If the money supply is developing rapidly, then inflation and hyperinflation begin. In America and Europe, they are still struggling with the threat of deflation.

In comparison, it looks like a reservoir, which they fill and fill all the time. And it will burst somewhere.

Then all this will flood into the real sector of the economy and take everything down. Hyperinflation will begin on the product market. The Weimar Republic of the early 1920s rests ...

And they understand this: sooner or later this reservoir will break through, with all the ensuing consequences. And get ready.

And it will be a system of absolutely non-cash money.

There will be no cash.

The first to let out the Chinese. For about half a year I could not understand what the digital currency of central banks is?

Maybe this is an electronic currency? So they have and so on for a long time in electronic form.

On paper, it all ended somewhere else in the 1980s, they all switched to electronic media.

No, this is not electronic money, it is a digital currency.

This is the digital currency, said the People's Bank of China, which will replace cash yuan.

Others did not say this, but you can guess about it.

And after that, not just a single global digital currency will appear: the main thing is that it will be a non-cash currency.

And this will mean that the door of this electronic concentration camp is slamming shut.

I don’t know, maybe, of course, the people will find some ways to break out of this concentration camp - will use some random forms of the exchange, as described in “Capital” by Marx.

Maybe people will make barter deals... I don’t know, it’s hard for me to say so far.

But in general, it looks like the steps towards the situation that George Orwell described, when Big Brother monitors every sneeze and every person’s movement, and even his thoughts - the writer also had an idea about the crimes made in thoughts that the Police of thoughts tracked..."

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