Not ready for the trouble: there are no means and reserves in the Federal State Reserve Agency to protect from the epidemic

Not ready for the trouble: there are no means and reserves in the Federal State Reserve Agency to protect from the epidemic
Not ready for the trouble: there are no means and reserves in the Federal State Reserve Agency to protect from the epidemic
20 April 2020, 11:06
On March 29, NI published an article entitled “Question of the day: why is State reserve not sharing its stocks with the people?”, which directly asked Rosreserve's leadership about the medical masks, sanitizers, and medications presence in the larder of Motherland for the case of epidemics.

The deathly silence of the secret department was the answer.

Sergey Lvov

More than two weeks have passed, but the Federal Reserve still remains silent. Not a line, not a sound... Although among the constitutional tasks of this powerful organization, as we mentioned in the first article, it is mentioned: "ensuring measures to prevent or localize epidemics, epizootics and radiation contamination".

Thus, a strategic miscalculation in procurement planning for state reserves becomes apparent. In preparation for some wars and emergencies, generals and analysts simply did not take into account the appearance of the coronavirus. Although the likelihood of new global infections, including biological weapons, is regularly discussed by specialists, and not just urban madmen and science fiction writers.

“Are there any masks and ventilation devices in giant warehouses of the state reserve, where everything is supposedly to be stocked up for the case of a nuclear war?" - a popular analyst of LiveJournal asks - Sources with access to these pantries The homeland claims that there’s no shit like that. There are no carcasses and folding beds. But there are no obvious things like the aforementioned that can be massively needed in a large-scale armed conflict - or a major epidemic. In the event of the spread of radioactive dust, masks / respirators are perhaps even more necessary than against viruses. The reliability of the sources is on the surface: this good would have been reserved, the stocks would have been used, judging by the genuine fright that the authorities have been demonstrating recently. But there is nothing to go. They forgot to refill the bins. "

But why is the homeland, which for years sat on oil surplus profits and heroically waved the "Dagger", completely unprepared to receive and save the masses of the victims?

In general, something like the USSR, which, in spite of all its fierce “struggle for peace”, did not believe that the West was going to attack us and had never planned to seriously fight with NATO. In those days, Chernobyl served as a test. The relatively small nuclear accident — compared to the planned exchange of strikes with the United States by at least a couple of hundred warheads — has perplexed the Soviet Union. Nothing was ready for such situations to arise, although it would seem that a power that tirelessly pumped muscles in anticipation of the third world war should have clicked on such local tasks as seeds.

The Chernobyl chronicles leave a feeling of bewilderment by this mismatch of the call and the answer: the lack of necessary equipment in the first place, the lack of equipment of the services and troops, who had come to bewildered as if from the non-nuclear era. Now the same picture. The absence of respirators in state reserves is probably a stroke, but a stroke useful for understanding the real role of “military mobilization” motives in the thinking of the Russian leadership.

The market is overstocked with legends of tough guys from the troops and special services, which Putin barely holds back from rushing into battle and crushing America, at least to begin with the Baltic states. But no one is bought ...

Military mobilization bullshit only for the common people and for the conditional enemy. To really prepare for war, “like under Stalin,” what does this mean? Let us recall how we prepared for war with Hitler in 1937, and then with America (in 1948 - 1953) and think about how little leadership cadres should have a tendency to “repeat”. The higher the people rose, the fewer were those who wished to return to a leadership known from history (pre) military life (marching in classrooms, on business and not on business, answering with their heads, regularly to open up conspiracies in the upper echelons and cranial box colleagues).

The epidemic turned out to be a litmus test, the “test system” of the RF system. The steepness flew off the face. Not just a “war”, but also a much less complicated emergency, largely surrealistic, caught our authorities by surprise.

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