Mikhail Khazin: "Assets and capital of Russians who left for the West are under the threat of stripping"

Mikhail Khazin: "Assets and capital of Russians who left for the West are under the threat of stripping"
Mikhail Khazin: "Assets and capital of Russians who left for the West are under the threat of stripping"
23 November 2020, 16:33Photo: U24.ru
“Regional systems will emerge, and each will legalize property in its own way”, - says Mikhail Khazin.

As part of the broadcast on the radio "Moscow speaking", the economist explained the fraught with the destruction of the Bretton Woods system, "which everyone is already talking about", and the introduction of the electronic dollars.

“The key element in the destruction of the modern world order is not even the destruction of the Bretton Woods financial model, in which all investments are made in dollars and the assessment of economic activity is also in dollars.

The most important thing is the destruction of the unified model of property legitimization.

My comrades call me and say that people are rich, very rich, with hundreds of millions of dollars who absolutely did not run away legally, but left, twelve years ago, ten, eight - to Miami, London, Germany, Hong Kong - are now in a state close to hysterics.

Why? Because their entire system, the world in which they live, is fundamentally tied to this liberal management model.

And they understand very well that if there are no banks that lend to their current expenses, if there are no rating agencies that issue ratings to their companies, due to which they, accordingly, live, if there is no support for the legalization of their property - apartments, land and so on, it may turn out that their capital suddenly turns into nothing.

You ask, what's the problem? They also have plots that cost a lot of money, they can be leased, or something else... But how do you lease them out if the state stops supporting your property?

It will say: and you prove that the money that you paid for this site is consistent, that it was not stolen. Well, of course, I have a certificate from the tax office! From the Russian tax days of Putin? This is not serious, no, you show real proof. And that's it.

And this can happen to everyone. Because they are already hinting: in a year or two we will introduce electronic dollars.

And the exchange will take place exclusively through the legalization procedure within the framework of interaction with new structures.

One more moment arises. You come and say: here I have, in Miami, a house or an apartment. And they tell you: who did you vote for in the elections - for Trump or for Biden?

And you understand that if the president is Biden, and you voted for Trump, or vice versa, then it turns out that you have the "wrong" property.

You understand, the sacred right of private property works only if there is a single system of its legalization, which suits everyone. Today it is the Bretton Woods legalization system, well, that's such a generic name.

And if it crumbles, as everyone is already talking about, what to do?

You and I, people who work, in general, by and large, do not care, maybe even better, for example, to me, because the crisis is coming, and I am an expert on the crisis, my income is growing; but if I am embedded in this financial system, and it collapses, then it may turn out that my obligations have not disappeared, and incomes will sharply decrease.

What to do? This is the fundamental problem.

It is for this reason that the supporters of this system are so hysterical.

For some reason, they associate its destruction with Trump, although analysis shows that if Biden comes, it will collapse even faster.

But the result is still the same: regional systems will emerge, and each will legalize property in its own way.

And the key point in building these regional systems is language.

If you speak the wrong language, if you live in the wrong world, then in this case, you have no chance of success.

If you come somewhere and begin to say something, and to you: ah, so you, then, for Biden, and, so you are a liberal, well, or from here.

A typical example: when you come to Ukraine, try to pronounce in Russian “to Ukraine”. Everyone will immediately point the finger: the enemy has arrived, a Muscovite.

This thing, the correct language and the correct fit into the new realities, is a very hard psychological work.

There were people who explained that this would be the case before us, but we were the first to put this work on a systematic basis, and who wrote the theory. The theory we really came up with is the first, and so far there is no alternative.

In the West, so far people refuse to admit that this theory is needed. But in the coming months, I think the situation will change.

This is the change that Putin spoke about at the G20, openly and directly. This does not mean that he did not know about it before, it is possible that all those who listened to him knew about it earlier. This topic has been legalized and put into official circulation.

In this situation, it makes no sense to hide your head in the sand like an ostrich.

Don't scare the ostrich - the floor in the cage is concrete.

It is for this reason that I believe that people who practice household magic and try to make conspiracies "from Trump" will fail, they are people. Who will definitely lose.

Today you need to look at life extremely soberly.

They write to me that "your theory, Mikhail, is of no use". But that's where you are wrong. If you read it today and delve into it, even if it is absolutely uninteresting to you as an economic theory, it turns your brains in the right direction.

There is a crisis, it is already actively developing, it will only deepen, the very collision between Trump and Biden is destroying American society. It is not clear what to do with this, it is already impossible to stop it, this is already a consequence of the crisis, but one cannot but discuss it".

The full recording of the program with Mikhail Khazin can be viewed here.

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