Two worlds rolled in one: how the pandemic will change the life

Two worlds rolled in one: how the pandemic will change the life
Two worlds rolled in one: how the pandemic will change the life
24 April 2020, 17:06
For decades world cinema has been predicting the situation of small and large apocalypses, but with the expectation that they will remain in the movie. It didn’t turn out exactly as expected.

Sergey Mitrofanov

The predicted happened, and the first to suffer, in an amazing way, was also a movie. Empty the movie grounds, curtailed television projects. The most profitable industry paused. Anachronism seems to be yesterday's shots of cheerful people who talk, dance at discos, drink in bars and generally go without medical masks. But how to play the movie of the future in an ugly mask? With one eye? In addition, you can’t see whether you are handsome or a freak ... My heart bleeds over the fate of the newly born “stars” and “stars”. After all, success was so close, and with it the villas, and huge fortunes, and public attention, and the ability to influence politicians. But the coronary pause will nullify all this and let them go along the trajectory unless the supporting actors. If the Rolling Stones started quarantine, they probably would never have taken place ...

The lost cannot be returned; fate is really breaking.

"How will Vasily Utkin come out - I hope the quarantine will someday end - from that quarantine?" - ask Utkina. Utkin: “I probably don’t know the poor.”

This civilization, like a massive "Titanic", makes a fatal turn, as in a world war. And where she will be, completing it, is not very clear. Although it is possible to predict many elements of the emerging philosophy of the future, as well as the contours of a new world emerging from the fog.

And the first thing that needs to be found out is the virus, where did it come from .

From self-conceit of environmentalists in a secret Wuhan laboratory or by pure biological chance, from an unplanned meeting of a pangolin with a bat?

In the laboratory, this is terrible, but not surprising. From the intercourse of a pangolin with a bat - funny. But in fact, the more tragic is precisely that the evil military did not create the virus: in the end, they can be called to account and a thousand and one declarations should be adopted on the inadmissibility of such experiments. But what about large crowds of people who produce the virus in huge human retort machines?

Then it’s clear why the viruses come to us mainly from China and are most dangerous in the huge and meaningless multi-million people.

The seven billionth size of modern humanity in itself creates a threat, since the planet (in the person of a pangolin with a bat) is now forced to resist the human parasite. And if we want to buy time for the newly arriving passengers of our stone flying around the Sun, then, apparently, we must reconsider the paradigms of our existence. At the very least, stop wars and meaningless, expensive weapons. Stop racing to pursue profit, pushing laggards into the dust, where pangolins are waiting for them. And do their optimum, passengers, accommodation, cooperation with nature, until humanity can fully escape into outer space and unload the ecosystem. In other words, hello to you from Greta Tumberg.

Second, the pandemic has shown us the place of public medicine .

Perhaps I’ll say a banality now ... Not only as a sphere where budgets are spent, and a service market, where cosmetologists and dentists shovel money, and pharmaceutical companies plan how to cheat the population. But also as a sphere of public planetary security, the responsibility of national governments and their international cooperation. To withdraw medical care - partially or completely - from market relations seems to many to be a left threat, almost more dangerous than a pandemic, but what if it is just an attack of reason and humanism, and dentists and cosmetologists will not suffer?

The Optimizers tell us: then, after all, the beds will be idle. And the fact that your atomic bombs are idle, are you not offended?

Pandemic and Inequality

Inequality is the eternal companion of civilization. However, there is such a point of view, erroneously attributed to the “right-wing liberals,” that inequality is actually for the common good, since it encourages laggards to reach for leaders. Leaders, as soon as they break out into the stratosphere of personal security, change the morale of the money-grubber to the moral of the philanthropist and begin to help the weak. So, they say, this works.

Dreaming is not harmful.

Nevertheless, experts studying the problem of inequality noted the following fact: after the world wars, social inequality really usually decreased, private savings fell, and democratic governments adopted socially oriented laws that included democratic labor law norms. Sometimes this trend has been classified as "field".

And then the inequality grew again.

By 2010, writes Tom Picketti (Capital in the 21st Century), "the value of private property is approaching the marks reached on the eve of the First World War." At the same time, the profitability of capital increased in proportions ahead of the manufacturing sector, which predetermined the emergence of gigantic financial bubbles and parasitic classes, a top-managerial corporation and the phenomenon of weak security of major world currencies. From here came the populist idea of the inevitability and even desirability of the Third (“regulatory”) world war, although it is not clear who would start it and for what reason and what would be its result. The second life of the dollar, not burdened by public debt? In any case, I would like a war so that without much horror and somehow without the death of all living things. Desirable - virtual.

So, two previous world wars balanced inequality. Many rich people lost their fortunes, and the heirs died. A colossal rotation of new people has occurred. And thus a "more just post-war world" was formed. It is not surprising that today many hope that by some miracle the pandemic that has fallen on us in time will work as World War 3, but as if in a sparing regime. 2.14 casualties per million people (in Russia, according to data from April 20 ). However, it may turn out something completely different.

The middle and lower classes will lose everything, and the elite will be able to protect their advantages with the help of lawyers, state aid and derivatives, assets will be distributed in favor of the strong. Then, instead of an era of equality, there will come an era of even more flashy phantasmagoric inequality ... A pandemic will work in vain.

Russia, pandemic and disaster

It is often said about Russia that political modernization here can happen only through a catastrophe. This is apparently true. Moreover, a catastrophe is usually understood as something like another revolution and another collapse of the country, we don’t agree on anything less. But it turned out that the disaster can come in a completely different guise - in the form of the COVID-19 virus in a hundredth of a micron. Although the consequences will still be similar to the "post-war".

It is already clear that the repressive policy of the regime and its hybrid post-democracy in the new circumstances began to run out of steam. People criticize the authorities more freely, more meticulously relate to its organizational abilities. Elite geopolitics has receded into the background. In a pandemic, you will not fight with Ukraine, you will have to forget about provocations in the former Soviet republics for a while. How to forget about the “Chinese way” and competitive confrontation with the West in general.

The genius of all times and peoples suddenly turned into an old peasant who does not understand anything. It turned out that his magical amendments to the Constitution, with which he soared with frenzy the brains of the Russians, did not save anything. And they will not interfere with anything, however. Talks about 25 million new jobs and the lowest unemployment in Europe stopped - here, before, employment was, in truth, fictitious, but now everything has stopped, no one is working. Which, again, was especially not affected by anything, as it turned out. The main thing is that the garbage be cleaned, and 60 thousand couriers carry products. Some professions have died - for example, a journalist. In others, a new Eldorado suddenly opened - for example, a virologist, resuscitator, and a specialist in the maintenance of mechanical ventilation devices. The expression "my virologist" appeared, as in Soviet times, "my butcher."

Even the security forces are running out of money, and this is the situation in 1989.

On the other hand, total surveillance of the population has obviously entered a new phase, and it turned out that a landmark experiment was successfully conducted to arrest the capital and all the big cities in general. Borders are closed, planes do not fly towards the Free World, and the liberal opposition requires more rigor. Such an "iron curtain" did not imagine himself and Stalin. “Turn on the printing press!” - everyone wants printed money. The police require a pass to exit the house, which is written out by a faceless computer mind.

Two worlds in one bottle - freedom and terror. Shake it up. We are drinking. We look at the result.

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