Corvalol rehabilitation: The All-Russia People's Front activists proposed amendments to the Code of Administrative Offenses of the Russian Federation

Corvalol rehabilitation: The All-Russia People's Front activists proposed amendments to the Code of Administrative Offenses of the Russian Federation
Corvalol rehabilitation: The All-Russia People's Front activists proposed amendments to the Code of Administrative Offenses of the Russian Federation
25 June 2020, 17:19
The All-Russia People's Front working group has developed some very radical proposals to be included into the Code of Administrative Offenses.

The public figure Pyotr Shkumatov published on his blog for the general discussion several cardinal proposals that were developed by the working group of the All-Russia People's Front on making proposals to the Administrative Code of the Russian Federation during its meetings:

1. Compensation for an erroneous administrative fine of 20 thousand rubles + a fine to an official for issuing such a resolution is also 20 thousand rubles. If such a mechanism works, then any inspector in doubtful cases where there is no reinforced rock-solid evidence of the guilt of the person involved will not make decisions. And those who continue to squint will soon be left without a salary. At the same time, the people who were attracted, according to another amendment of ours, will have the right to reimbursement of expenses for legal defense and to compensation for moral damage. Consequently, it will turn out to be quite a profitable event to sue even for 500 ruble fines if you were attracted by mistake or illegally. And for inspectors, this will be an occasion to carefully check the data before writing a fine.

2. For freight carriers, we proposed to differentiate liability for violation of weight and size parameters. There is a fine under half a million rubles even for a negligible excess, and it can happen even without malicious intent, simply because of sudden braking (the load has shifted). As a result of a long analysis of the practice, a differentiated scale appeared, which such random violations (violation of dimensions up to 20 cm and axle load of not more than 10%) does not provide for the financial execution of the carrier, but quite reasonable fines of 10 to 20 thousand rubles. Well and so on on the list. Giant fines remain only for those who deliberately allow the monstrous> 50% overload and violation of dimensions.

3. As regards the speed limit, we proposed, firstly, to leave +20 until the moment when the organization of traffic comes to order. Secondly, we proposed dividing serious (> 40 km / h) speed violations into those committed within and outside settlements. And to introduce an increased fine for repeated speeding at 60 km / h within the village - 15 thousand rubles.

4. The sensational proposal to ban the operation of a car without an insurance policy. Only the lazy one does not persuade me, which is doubly surprising, since in the last one and a half to two years the most popular message was "a man crashed my car without compulsory motor insurance, what should I do, how to recover damages?"

I even have a ready-made answer to this. Damage will be recovered for a long time, painfully and with an incomprehensible result. Right? If so, then I can refer all those who have remained at the trough (crossed out) of the car to those who are against discipline in terms of compulsory insurance. You there somehow sort it out then. At the same time, the transfer of CMTPL (Compulsory Motor Third Party Liability, OSAGO) from a piece of iron (car) to the driver has matured and the policy should be an annex to the driver’s license.

5. Riding unfastened. It concerns not only the driver, but also the passengers. Now the fine is “neither ours nor yours”, as a result 25% of drivers don’t fasten themselves, and their passengers don’t fasten much more often. If a car gets into an accident where passengers are not fastened, the consequences are much worse. We proposed the first fine for a belt to make 500 rubles, and if the driver did not understand the first time, then each subsequent fine for a belt - 5000 rubles.

6. For the “drunk” article, we proposed reformulating it so that for cases of intoxication with other substances, including “laughing gas” (this is nitrous oxide N2O, used in anesthesiology), the intoxication state, regardless of the active substance, is established by narcologists. Now the formulations assume the presence of any amount of a substance from the list approved by the government of the Russian Federation, and there is our favorite valocordin or corvalol. At the same time, N2O is not there and cannot be. And here are the consequences: “On the night of February 24, on a Nevsky Prospekt, the BMW driver lost control and killed two pedestrians on the sidewalk to death. He said that before driving, he used“ laughing gas ”on Dumskaya Street.” Thus, in our concept it does not matter what caused the intoxication, if it is, then the person is attracted to the "drunk" article. For ethanol, everything remains as it is. Also, such a formulation will 100% protect against prosecution of those who use common drugs.

7. Deprivation of rights for leaving the scene of an accident. This is a long-standing problem that has not been resolved for decades. If you "non-dolbyb" scratched a little car in a cramped yard, then you will be found and deprived of their rights for at least a year. And so they can throw a half. However, you may not even notice that a slight touch has occurred. And you can be a professional driver or a pregnant woman with many children, for example. And then depriving you of your rights for a year because you did not notice a scratch inflicts such a blow under your breath that it will be difficult to get around. A professional driver is simply losing his livelihood. And his family too. Right? Probably not, therefore, we proposed to introduce an alternative punishment in the form of a fine of 10 thousand rubles. The sentence of choice of the court, so that louts and freaks will receive their deprivation, and if everything is within the framework of human decency, then no one will seriously suffer.


Thanks to everyone who wrote comments, participated in the work of the group (29 people!!!), gave practical advice and comments. This great work is the fruit of the collective creativity. Further the All-Russia People's Front will take in work the procedural Code of Administrative Offenses. We will present our offers next week. "You can write your suggestions on the site, or in personal messages, or in the comments for this post, we will try to take into account the maximum!"

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