Alina Vitukhnovskaya: what the new year 2021 will be like

Alina Vitukhnovskaya: what the new year 2021 will be like
Alina Vitukhnovskaya: what the new year 2021 will be like
25 November 2020, 10:43
The pandemic is reshaping reality in the most unexpected and radical ways, so that we literally see the ruins of the old world and the emergence of a new, unbridled, unpredictable and dangerous. But dangerous, first of all, for the owners of the inert outdated thinking.

Alina Vitukhnovskaya, writer

By the end of the year, Russian society, as usual falling into a pre-New Year excitement, seemed to be numb, but not from the cold and everyday troubles, but from the realization of the uncertainty that replaced the future. Moreover, this uncertainty concerns not only everyday life, but also semantic guidelines. It looks like we are dealing with a radical existential and semantic reformatting of the era.

The prerequisites for this situation were laid back at the beginning and middle of the 20th century. And now a pandemic reality has been superimposed on the fragile structure of an incomprehensible past.

An unspoken fact is that negativity has tremendous energy. The humanistic paradigms of the 20th century, in particular post-war humanism from Fromm to Sartre, did not work out the depth of the negative, reducing it to banalities and simplifications in the spirit - "Adolf Hitler is a necrophile", etc., etc. Further, "humanists", socialists and collectivists began to suggest at all "not gazing into the abyss", but devote themselves to socially useful labor.

For this (including in the first place) reason, we have the deepest intellectual failure that continues to this day. It can only be exacerbated by the coronavirus pandemic and new ethics, which together for a modern neurotic person will be similar to the Second World War and the reaction to it.

Even a cursory glance at the history of the 20th century, one can come to the conclusion that the humanistic paradigm, formulated as a result of the last major global conflict (WWII), is a rather empty declaration of intent, rather designed to lull a vigilant gaze and a sharp mind than to designate and approve new progressive humanistic standards.

In fact, the "Man" project was completed at the turn of the late 40s, early 50s of the last century, and it was replaced by a social object with gradually reduced basic properties. The more pseudo-humanists talked about a person and his rights, the less rights and freedoms got, in fact, a person, a commonplace man in the street. So where is the man? There is no man. But the problem remained.

In response to my survey of how people felt this year and are they going to celebrate the New Year, my subscribers for the most part emphasized this feature - the anxiety that appeared at the beginning of the pandemic subsided, replaced by a relatively comfortable adaptation. Many were happy to get rid of unnecessary social burden, communication and were satisfied with working at a distance. The New Year will be mainly celebrated traditionally, but in a narrow circle, and those who have not celebrated before, respectively, will not be now. In a way, this reaction resembles the reaction of schoolchildren, who were canceled due to the frost. "If only not to go to school" - this is inherent in the subcortex of the majority of Soviet people. And no wonder. Normal response to institutions of violence and distributed poverty.

At the same time, hysterics of pop and film artists who "do not have enough money to live" are a refrain in the media. It’s hard to believe that all these people didn’t buy a property for themselves or otherwise secure their future. However, it seems that such a message is aimed at a purely propaganda effect. It is required to show the population that has fallen into poverty that this situation affects everyone, including the "inhabitants of heaven". The apotheosis of hypocrisy on both sides will be the disgusting ritual show "Blue Light", in which some will squeeze out fake smiles, demonstrating wealth and bad taste, while others, cursing, watch.

In the political sphere, a similar lulling factor is the predictions of the notorious Professor Nightingale, who plays on expectations. This is about the same as what magicians and illusionists do, using the inattention of onlookers. Of course, there is an imitation of "perestroika" initiated by the same professor. But this seems to be a movement under the sink. But after all these political imitations, the field for real maneuvers will be cleared. So save your strength, stock up on resources. The Russian future is merciless!

I will try to make my prediction. It looks like the pandemic will last at least until the end of next year. Let me remind you that the Spanish flu pandemic lasted for about two and a half years. Vaccines, which are now being developed in the West, will be tested in real conditions and it is likely that the declared effectiveness figures will differ significantly from the real ones. The question is also how can we in Russia get access to these vaccines, given the technical difficulties of their transportation and storage, as well as problems with the closure of borders and the desire of domestic manufacturers to impose their own drugs.

By the way, several active workers of the domestic feather and ax rushed to the COVID-19 loophole with their breasts, agreeing to test the domestically produced vaccine on themselves. Like Zoya Kosmodemyanskaya, however, in Sorokin's design - "I hope the country will give me a lot of antibodies" (literally!), These latent suicides rushed into the arms of the Motherland-Death. Is it worth explaining to someone that using the Russian coronavirus vaccine is like giving yourself a dropper with water from a puddle?

The current Russian agitprop consists of confidants, for example, rich beavers, who are still allowed a lot and the poor (let's call them goats or goats - that's whatever you like). The latter will be merged first.

I feel that soon the red-brown plasma of the Motherland will flow into the alarmingly unsteady, exhausted by the struggle with liberalism, the common belly of deviant individuals, similar to slimy entities, as if crawling out of the scenery of the TV series "Territory", and foaming, in apocalyptic agony filling their skulls with holes filled with holes content.

Now let's get back to the forecast. The Russian system of government will be seriously demoralized and shaken by the interim results of the fight against coronavirus. The enormous resources that have been devoted to countering the disease are likely to be used to strengthen the punitive machine and impede citizen mobility.

Just as the coronavirus itself has a nonlinear effect on the body, depending on the situation and its hidden problems, giving completely different symptoms and clinical picture, so the COVID-19 pandemic as a whole will reformat reality in the most unexpected and radical way. We will literally see the ruins of the old world and the emergence of a new, unbridled, unpredictable and dangerous. But dangerous, first of all, for the owners of inert outdated thinking.

Russia has never had a clear structured space - in the social, political, and even technical sphere. Therefore, a global update will not be fatal and psychologically overwhelming for her. Those who have always lived in ruins may find it easier than others to rise from the ruins.

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