Natalya Poklonskaya - about Crimean hospitals: "Even in the 40s there was no such disgrace"

Natalya Poklonskaya - about Crimean hospitals: "Even in the 40s there was no such disgrace"
Natalya Poklonskaya - about Crimean hospitals: "Even in the 40s there was no such disgrace"
25 November 2020, 11:31Photo:
Deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation, ex-prosecutor of the Crimea Natalya Poklonskaya in her recent interview with Tina Kandelaki on the air of the radio "Komsomolskaya Pravda" harshly criticized the state of the healthcare system in the republic.

“In Crimea, in order to get to the hospital or take a test for coronavirus, people have to call anyone, ask ... My friends asked me to just be admitted to the hospital so that they could have a CT scan. For example, Yevpatoria, a hospital for coronavirus, is a children's infectious diseases hospital, there is no CT scan, people just lie there.

Aksyonov has fired, probably, the sixth Minister of Health. This is probably a shortage of personnel in this area ... Unfortunately, the healthcare sector suffers greatly.

This is the most painful topic for people.

I believe that if you work out at least one topic of health care and people would see that everything is fine in this direction - and there really is high-quality free medical care, and there really are some guarantees, and indeed people will not be afraid if they get sick with this coronavirus... And that they need to call someone to be admitted to the hospital, and not just put, like a thing, just lie on the bed, but they will study, provide medical assistance, perform CT scans and do everything that we see on TV...

In fact, there is one thing on TV, but completely different in life. And there is a problem. And, of course, this cannot be hidden.

They call me a lot. Even the previous Minister of Health, who was recently dismissed by Aksyonov, he confused me with the head physician of the Belogorsk hospital - I called him so often about people that he confused me and started sending messages as if to the head physician.

I call him back and say, why are you, I'm Poklonskaya, I'm not a doctor. "Oh, sorry, I got it wrong." That is, it suggests that very often and a lot of people apply.

My phone is, I don't know how, probably everyone has it. And everyone can call at any time of the day or night, strangers, complete strangers. As usual, I then call the current minister of health, then the chief doctors, an ambulance to go and pick up the person ...

They don't refuse me. Well, try, refuse! How it is?! So this will be a refusal of compulsory medical care! And if a person dies ?!

If it does not help orally, then I write a parliamentary inquiry.

And, besides, I then fully analyze all the appeals received, and write to the prosecutor and Aksenov with one request.

These requests - they've been reviewed. Positively. It is written that measures have been taken, everything has been eliminated...

But not quite qualitatively "accepted"...

If you just go to the hospital - the same Yevpatoria, Saki, Belogorsk, Bakhchisarai, you will see that there is that Ukrainian legacy that has remained and which many are outraged, it has only worsened.

It got worse!

For example, in hospitals where money was allocated for repairs, it was done as follows: another layer of paint was simply applied to the old peeling paint on the windowsills. And it got worse.

The smell in this hospital when you come in ... It does not smell like a hospital! .. In Kerch, when there was an explosion in a college...

The people in the hallways were undergoing operations! And the hospital itself, when you go there, I have a feeling that even in the 1940s this was not the case!

This is a terrible stench, it doesn't work, it doesn't have basic white sheets!

I asked and wrote this question. The answer was: "all measures are being taken".

She wrote, of course, to both the head of the republic and the minister of health of Russia.

Action is taken slowly. Why is not a question for me.

I didn’t go to hospitals, I know hospitals in Crimea.

If I were a prosecutor, my ministers would not have been dismissed, but would have been imprisoned.

I believe that if the minister did not cope with his duties and federal money was allocated and this money went somewhere wrong, he should go to jail.

They steal everywhere!

In Crimea, probably, is no exception.

...If I had any facts that I could verify as a prosecutor, having my prosecutorial powers, as before, I would tell specifically, based on the established facts.

But today I am making such statements, proceeding from the fact that I am a people's deputy, I am a deputy, I see what is happening.

...I can only make deputy inquiries to the prosecutor's office, that's all, and I do them. Honestly, it doesn't make much sense.

On these painful issues, I immediately turn to the Prosecutor General of Russia and he sends my requests to the Crimean prosecutor's office, the Crimean prosecutor's office begins to conduct an inspection, but such measures will rarely be taken that would change the situation.

Documents of the prosecutor's response will be issued in the form of a submission, perhaps decisions will be issued on the organization of criminal prosecution, about which the Investigative Committee will later say that there is no corpus delicti and we will not initiate a criminal case - and this is endless correspondence.

But in fact, there is no benefit to people from this, special benefit, because these are already consequences, this is already a trial, why is this so today ...

Nothing changes in life, in the material world. Those walls are not painted, equipment is not installed ...

That is, it is very difficult to achieve concrete, active actions that would improve the state of affairs in the health sector".

The full interview with Natalia Poklonskaya can be viewed here.

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