Criminologist Vladimir Ovchinsky: "Bill Gates will not kill humanity"

Criminologist Vladimir Ovchinsky: "Bill Gates will not kill humanity"

Criminologist Vladimir Ovchinsky: "Bill Gates will not kill humanity"

26 August 2020, 16:46
“The two main problems in the world now are covid and American protests”, - says Vladimir Ovchinsky, criminologist, Doctor of Law, and the retired Interior Ministry General. He is sure: Bill Gates did not invent a pandemic, he just wants to make good money on it, but not to reduce the population of the Earth.

As part of the presentation of his book “Covid-19. Premonition of the Apocalypse. Chronicles of a cursed pandemic" Ovchinsky shared on the "Knizhniy mir" YouTube channel his opinion about the processes that are causing the planet to fever today.

“The world, of course, was seriously shocked. Like on an electric chair. Everyone got into an incomprehensible situation.

It so happened that together with my co-author Yelena Larina, a few months before the information that something was happening in China appeared, we translated one very interesting report of an international group of experts on the issues of modern development of biological weapons and research, which are carried out in the field of synthetic biology, the study of the human genome and others.

This report concluded that this research is being carried out so intensively, both in closed and open laboratories, that so many people are involved in this, and that, since, in fact, we are talking about the fact that new types of biological weapons are ready - that the slightest situation related to the human factor, the leakage of some strains, incomplete vaccine variants, can lead to catastrophic consequences.

We have published a digest of this report. And after a while this whole story began in China, and then throughout the world. Therefore, for Yelena Larina and me, this situation was not surprising.

The government's measures to prevent the development of an epidemic - or, on a global scale, a pandemic - were amazing. It was surprising that the leaders of most states, even the largest and most powerful, decided to, in fact, reset their economies in many respects. They took measures that, in their worst case, could lead to much more harmful political, social and economic consequences.

What we experienced, as well as the consequences we faced, ended up, in my opinion, much softer than we all predicted. In general, the consequences are not as dire as we thought, including in our country.

My conclusion: we went through this situation with minimal losses.

Now there are many conspiracy theories that all this was specially done in order to reformat the world order, banking and financial systems, to create a world government. I am not inclined to think so.

The names of certain individuals are called ... By the way, Elena Larina and I were the first to write on the Russian-language Internet - it was on the pages of the newspaper Zavtra, materials about Bill Gates, about how last year there were exercises to prevent a pandemic, about Various specialists, experts were involved in this, huge funds were spent. This alerted us.

I associate this with the fact that Gates, in addition to being a genius, whose inventions are used by the whole world, is also a person who controls a number of large pharmaceutical companies.

This is a business that even blocks drug dealing. And, of course, this is a mafia business, a lot of people have suffered from it. Therefore, all this has a place to be.

And Gates is developing a vaccine not to reduce humanity, but to make money on it. He is a man of business and science. I don't think there is much human in it. Little empathy, as they say now. Just like Elon Musk, by the way.

And the fact that he came up with some kind of chipping system for vaccination is really so, and the fact that he wanted to carry out a mass vaccination is also so. And the fact that he is actively involved in the development of a vaccine so that all these drugs go through his pharmaceutical concerns is also true.

But he did not invent this pandemic. I am 100% sure of this. Despite the fact that he invests a lot of money in the World Health Organization and in various research.

In my work, I use operational criminological analysis. I use information from various sources, compare, contrast, track, where are obvious fakes or dislike of some for others, and where are objective breakthroughs of information.

From the jigsaw puzzles that have been collected in recent months, I get the impression that the coronavirus is still an artificially created structure.

In my understanding, it so happened that the Americans, together with the Chinese and Canadians, developed a vaccine after the first pandemic associated with SARS, and after two more types of coronavirus, one of which manifested itself in Saudi Arabia, in the Middle East, such a deadly option, and in a number of other countries.

They were very scared of all this and wanted to prevent development. It was in 2003 and in 2007, but then it was all local, and died out. But a vaccine was actively developed. Both in open and closed laboratories.

And with regard to China: Wuhan is not a village at all, as many think. It is a multi-million dollar city of the future, a smart city where everything is computerized. It is enough to watch videos with all these skyscrapers.

And a laboratory is not a laboratory, but a separate city within a city. It's like Odintsovo next to Moscow. Or Balashikha and Mytishchi. This is a large center. There are several degrees of protection. Everything was developed behind closed doors.

Again, how is it closed? American specialists came, and Chinese ones went to the USA, there were movements, exchanges. This famous Chinese professor, who has the nickname The Bat, collected all possible bat excrements to isolate all types of coronavirus. All this lasted for many years.

But at some stage the human factor worked. This is my guess.

And the human factor means that with any degree of protection, something can always happen that passes through this protection and breaks out.

Back in October last year, the Americans noticed the movement of equipment around the Wuhan laboratory from space.

Perhaps even then it happened. The first cases of death began, they were unusual, with severe damage to the lungs, they became like plastic, there was also damage to the brain membrane, skin. From Covid-19, multifunctional lesions.

The Chinese, thanks to their, in fact, totalitarian system, stopped this process, leaving with minimal losses. But then there were breakthroughs in Europe, the USA, Africa, India...

But, again, the calculations that the British scientists did were all overstated. And all draconian measures were introduced on the basis of these inflated assumptions.

After all, it was assumed that it would be worse than the plague that was several centuries ago, that millions would die. Indeed, many died, but still several orders of magnitude lower than what was assumed in the calculations.

The protests in the United States have sent all efforts in connection with quarantine measures down the drain.

In this situation, the Americans erased all their measures to combat covid. Therefore, they have a second wave.

The two main problems in the world now are the covid itself and the American protests.

People ask me why I pay so much attention to America. Yes, this is because the world processes in general, and therefore in our country, depend on who becomes the president in the United States, what the situation will be there.

I believe that the protests in the United States are more important than the protests in Khabarovsk. Much more important. The protests in Khabarovsk are nothing, they are a local situation. And the protests in the United States are serious.

There will be elections, but the Democrats will not calm down. They recognize the elections as invalid, and then all these crowds, tested earlier, but this time with arms in hand, will take to the streets.

America is an armed country. Thanks God, our country is not so armed.

In addition, groups of several organizations have appeared that are already killing police officers, breaking into the homes of rich people. Now the FBI cannot reveal who killed the family of a federal judge, this is the first time in a century that this has happened. No one ever raised a hand against the judges. And these are all the consequences of the riots.

Therefore, I believe that the pandemic of American uprisings and protests is more dangerous than a biological pandemic that the whole world is fighting with medical and restrictive means".

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