Captured by inertia: why reforms are not taking place in Ukraine

Captured by inertia: why reforms are not taking place in Ukraine
Captured by inertia: why reforms are not taking place in Ukraine
27 July 2020, 18:45
The thoroughly corrupt political system of this country is successfully surviving Maidan after Maidan.

Ukrainian analyst Yuri Khristensen published an extremely pessimistic post about the processes taking place in his homeland:

“The Prime Minister of Ukraine announced the requirements of the European Union for receiving the macro-financial assistance in the amount of 600 million euros:

- holding open tenders in tax and customs administrations;

- reform and improvement of the VAT monitoring system;

- continuation of the civil service reform;

- improving the business climate;

- gradual liquidation of the existing State Fiscal Service;

- sectoral reforms;

- reform of state-owned enterprises;

- the issue of post-trial settlement of disputes;

- creation of a commission on court ethics with the participation of international experts.


The goal of the European Union is clear - to push Ukraine to carry out reforms. So that she no longer needs macro-financial assistance. This is in the interests of both Ukraine and the EU. But for some reason, reforms are not taking place. This means that there are forces in Ukraine that are interested in maintaining the status quo.

Since a corrupt system exists and successfully survives Maidan after Maidan, then it has beneficiaries. They will fight against democratic reforms, telling that the West wants to enslave Ukrainians, buy up their land, make them gay and other horror stories.

These beneficiaries own TV channels, support political parties, and fund elections. Voters watch TV and vote for their favorite politicians from TV series and TV shows. Then the beneficiaries monetize the received administrative resource, and everything starts over again.

Nothing will change until a force appears in the country that is interested in carrying out reforms. Citizens of Ukraine who understand what is going on can become such a force. They are able to unite, nominate their politicians and win the elections. There is no other way out..."

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