Social Monitoring: A test of humiliation

Social Monitoring: A test of humiliation
Social Monitoring: A test of humiliation
28 May 2020, 17:06
The organizers of "social monitoring" and observers did everything so that people would not only self-medicate, but also daily prove their innocence to the authorities.

The publicist Yegor Sedov drew attention in his blog to several not too noticeable aspects of “social monitoring”:

“About the so-called "social monitoring" has been written and said a lot. And that the program is, to put it mildly, crooked. People simply do not perform the action for the failure of which a fine is imposed. And that this, in fact, is a real digital concentration camp. Already without any quotes. And about how the liberal radio station Echo of Moscow invited those who are responsible for this - and they begin to praise their “right” product. And that this is a form of mockery of people who have not yet recovered. (The publicist Igor Yakovenko told about this yesterday very clearly and by his own example:

Now, for those who are not very up to date, a few words about the essence of the problem. Coronavirus proceeds very differently. I have this garbage lasting more than a month, and although the virus itself is not in me - until I was discharged from the hospital I received two negative results for a smear and two of the same for a CT scan - nothing was far from over. Kovid left, but before that, he almost completely destroyed the body.

Now imagine the real situation. You have a high fever. Everything that can be sore, aching and aching is possible: from the lungs and kidneys to the head, heart and joints. You cannot breathe. You have diarrhea. There are no forces at all. A dream that is healing for any patient is a sudden and very rare gift for you. And in this situation, you should - not think about recovery and try to follow the doctor’s instructions, listening to your body - no! how could you imagine such an absurdity! You have to put an absolutely curved program on your phone, which many people simply don’t install because of incompatibility with the phone (for which you get a fine, of course, and not the crooked developers). Then you should listen and look at your phone 24 hours a day so as not to miss the command: "quickly take a selfie, scum!". If you, the criminal mat, were at that moment in the (sorry) toilet, or taking a shower or medicine, or - God forbid! - at night I was finally able to forget myself for a couple of hours - the punishment of the administration of the metropolitan digital concentration camp will overtake you inevitably ... "

But there are still several aspects of “social monitoring", Sedov continues.

1. One of the sudden childhood impressions that came up is a poster in a pharmacy. A man bedridden with a lock that says "Self-medication is death!" Simply put, the problem was still in such a "scientifically oriented" USSR. It wasn’t just that — it stood at its full height, reached the ideological authorities, otherwise the poster would not have appeared. Nowhere is it gone. Moreover, the organizers of the "social monitoring" and observators for the lungs of patients did everything so that self-medication became ... perhaps even a bit of a nacidea. At least true and without quotation marks staple.

The people already have distrust of their superiors. And doctors (teachers, police officers working "on the ground", etc.) - this is the bosses. The closest to the people. This is not "obscurantism," not a "dark people." Not at all. This is a communication experience. Now they say a lot about the heroism of doctors. And he, this heroism, undoubtedly is. However, let me remind you (I have already talked about that) of the docking experience of communicating with an ambulance. Not for me. A neighbor is knocking on top - help her husband from the fifth floor to quickly convey. And on the ambulance - the crew of a combat vehicle, three healthy hogs, three cheerful friends, a driver, an orderly, a doctor. But they don’t wear sick people. They command - deploy so-and-so... Do you think they are not working right now? Do you think now it (in any case, with suffering diseases, and not Disease) is somehow different? You think in vain. Another similar case occurred in our "non-working April".

It's like with the cops. Whoever you ask - "Yes, of course, there are heroic cops, dangerous criminals are being detained ...they reported... but we have such... ...and such...!" And now, communication with doctors ("superiors") leads to "social monitoring". At least in Moscow. And what will the people do in such cases? Of course, to distrust. And use self-medication in any cases where possible. Was this the purpose of the authors of "monitoring"? In any case, they achieved this: "If I get sick, I won’t go to the doctors..." (c)

2. The moment of elimination of the presumption of innocence is very important. Her poor one is generally attacked wherever possible, and not only in Russia. And in the Russian Federation it took the form of "social monitoring." Do you think that patient N, staying at home, will try to break the regime - go out, go to the barbecue many times you have cursed? OK. Establish a post at the entrance. Put the camcorders. Watch out. In general, if you suspect, then you will have to prove your suspicions.

And the patient should not and is not obliged to prove anything. This is not his task! It is you who must be collecting evidence, not him. But no. And in the end ... Now, suppose there is an ex-convict who has unwound his sentence for some terrible real villainy. He stabbed someone, for example. I don’t know how often he will have to report to the police. But hardly more than once a week. And how many times a day should a completely law-abiding citizen send his “selfie” with geolocation to “monitoring”? How many times is a law-abiding citizen who had the misfortune of catching the Wuhan flu (and the second misfortune is to see doctors in Moscow) is more dangerous than a recidivist ?!

And here people are perfectly cutting through. You can write as much as you like about supposedly "genetic slavery," but in reality this is not even the case. If something like this is genetic, there is only one thing: in the 1930s, most of the gullible died (“they have to figure it out, a monstrous mistake has happened!” They died with this). People have pride and dignity; suddenly and for no reason they do not want to become suspected repeat offenders.

So, the organizers of "social monitoring"! Self-medication (with unknown consequences) is you! The violation of the principle of the presumption of innocence is you!

And all together (this, of course, my evaluative opinion, I’m not a lawyer) is drawn at least to abuse of power, which entailed serious consequences. And switchmen, if anything, will be the pests-introducers (and it is very doubtful that someone is taller than Sobyanin). Think about it!"

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