Punish or grant a pardon: opposition discusses the future of propagandists

Punish or grant a pardon: opposition discusses the future of propagandists
Punish or grant a pardon: opposition discusses the future of propagandists
28 July 2020, 13:36
Any change or renewal of power inevitably raises the question of what to do with those who faithfully served the previous government.

Network analyst Dmitry Milin decided to tackle a rather thankless task, to put it simply - “to divide the skin of an unkilled bear”:

“I would like to raise one very important and undeservedly ignored topic: where should politicians who have lost elections, go to?

For all its seeming simplicity and obviousness, this is an extremely dangerous, unsolved and even unconscious problem in Russia.

In the West, politicians mix between leading universities, the management of private (!!! this is important) corporations: the examples of Condoleezza Rice, Dick Cheney.

It is somehow accepted in our country that politicians leave politically high positions either on a personal pension, or "feet first," or in extreme cases, to prison. Accordingly, the current government is waging a fierce struggle for their places by the most fierce methods, since if they lose, they lose everything: the standard of living, status (which means a lot in Russia), and sometimes freedom.

Moreover, the proposals to "judge and imprison" (an extreme opposition option: "shoot and hang") representatives of the ruling political forces from the opposition only strengthens the authorities in their intentions to hold on to their "seats" to the end, like those Putin's cornered rats.

Until we resolve the issue of a dignified resignation in case of losing the elections, I am afraid the hope for a bloodless change of power and fair elections are absolutely groundless.

Society must guarantee life after the elections to those who left power, protection from politically motivated prosecution, preservation of a certain level of social status and a decent pension.

At one time, Margarita Simonyan said: "Do you understand that the first free elections in Russia will be won by the fascists who will hang us?"

If you want democracy, fair free elections where you can change the government - you must guarantee people like Simonyan at least life, and even freedom.

And if you still want to hang Simonyan, then she is really right - you are fascists, not democrats!

Here is such a paradox..."


For all the consistency of these arguments, they found serious opponents, whose opinion was best expressed by Anatoly Prokopiev:

“Why is it obligatory to hang or let go in peace? And what is the law for? Even under the current laws, they can get their 15 years. Including propagandists. It is clear that this is unrealistic, but you never know what.

Therefore, the opposition must say bluntly - we will bring everyone to justice. According to the law ... In Rwanda, propagandists were sentenced to life imprisonment by an international court, where they proved that the genocide of the Tutsi population was, among other things, the fault of radio and TV workers. All programs are recorded, all words are cast in granite.

I think that our oppositionists should say - we will attract, according to international law, those propagandists who are responsible for the deaths of people in Ukraine, in the Donbass, etc. And they did a lot to make blood flow there every day.

Every day, for several hours a day, there was anti-Ukrainian propaganda, when Ukrainians were massively accused of all mortal sins, which attracted thousands of bandits and murderers from Russia to Donbass.

By the way, even now in Russia it is impossible to say a kind word about Ukraine or Ukrainians in conversation. Thousands of words will immediately follow that they are all traitors and murderers, that they are genocide of the Russian people, that they prohibit the Russian language. That during the war "they all fought on Hitler's side". All objections are followed by aggression and squeals, snot and drool. People are stuffed with propaganda, I just can't... You remember 2014... Every day, from morning to evening, there were programs about the battalions of Nachtigall, about Shukhevych, about Bandera, about the Volyn massacre. And all this pursued one goal - to represent the Ukrainians as followers of the Nazis. And since they are Nazis, then it's not a sin to go and kill them. Tabakov even called them a second-rate nation, probably under the influence of this propaganda..."

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