Andrey Anzimirov to Alina Vitukhnovskaya: why I don't want Donald Trump to win

Andrey Anzimirov to Alina Vitukhnovskaya: why I don't want Donald Trump to win
Andrey Anzimirov to Alina Vitukhnovskaya: why I don't want Donald Trump to win
29 October 2020, 17:06
The problem of authors writing in Russia about what is happening in the United States today is that almost all of them draw information from video clips of dubious origin and, whether they want it or not, from the Russian media, says American publicist Andrey Anzimirov, arguing with our author Alina Vitukhnovskaya.

- I have lived in this country for over ten years, but I still don’t understand the Americans.

- And I'm over forty, - I said, - but I don't understand Americans either".

Ross Macdonald. "There are only enemies around".

Andrey Anzimirov, USA

The countries of the Old World do not understand the countries of the New World, and especially America. If even England understands it poorly, what can we say about Russia. What a fact is clearly confirmed by a line of Russian writers trying to comment on the current election campaign in the United States and large-scale protests by blacks against police violence and judicial injustice. Let's face it, unsuccessful. Unfortunately, the poetess Alina Vitukhnovskaya did not escape failure. Her text entitled “Why I Wish Donald Trump Victory” (Novye Izvestia, 10.18.2020) contains a whole set of misconceptions that are hard not to respond to.

I have always respected Alina for staying away from talking about America, and attributed this encouraging fact to her wisdom. And suddenly a man with the brightest talent finds himself in the thick of pique vests and captures the distorted reality in his texts.

According to her, the most common argument of Russian opponents of Trump is that Trump is an agent of the Kremlin. The author resolutely refutes this fact with an interesting move - he does not say a word about it further. Which means that she cannot refute this fact. It is also reported that some of the Russian liberals are taking an anti-Trumpist stance just because they are sponsored by the US Democratic Party. This is big news for the US Democratic Party. Who exactly? How much do they get? Where does this information come from?

There are no answers.

The apogee of invectives is two particularly noteworthy points. First, the liberals "turn out to be typical leftists with Soviet party attitudes." Secondly, that "a modern domestic liberal is a priori anti-trumpist".

None of these Parthian arrows hit the target.

Let's start with the fact that the expletive word "leftist" belongs to the jargon of the political backyard, and not to the lexicon of worthy people. This is a senseless and deceitful label - an analogue of bazaar abuse. The "Soviet party attitudes" attributed to opponents must be confirmed, and not declared unfounded.

Alina Vitukhnovskaya was not mistaken about one thing. I would like to hope that the Russian liberal, like any other, is a priori an opponent of Trump. Because Trumpism is ultra-right conservatism, really mixed with populism, racism and sexism, as opponents of Vitukhnovskaya argue. In other words, the worst enemy of any liberalism, both left and right.

According to one of the delusions that seem to be inherent in all Russian analysts, my conscience does not allow me to remain silent. The poetess vaguely mentions someone who "embraces some allegedly oppressed" minorities "and other leftist anarcho-terrorists, whose predatory flocks have filled large American cities".

The problem of authors writing across the ocean about what is happening in our USA today is that practically all of them draw information from video clips of dubious origin and, whether they want it or not, from the Russian media. Predatory packs flooded large American cities only on these video clips, and in the Kremlin propaganda. By "left anarcho-terrorists", apparently, they mean uncontrollable antifa, who, yes, break windows and sometimes play with fire. But they do not have a single leadership, and most importantly, they have nothing to do with the Black Lives Matter movement. Our real protests, not hooligan protests, are 100% peaceful. I know this well, because I myself participate in them and see what is happening around me. In BLM, White is at least one third.

Now regarding “some allegedly oppressed“ minorities ”. Where does the "supposedly" particle come from? What is the meaning of the quotation marks around the word "minorities"? Does this mean that blacks are the majority in America?

In all honesty, I do not seriously recommend any Russian authors to enter that steppe. Because the way there is lightning fast, and from there it is endless. This is not the case when certain beliefs are deliberately displayed for the sake of shocking. It may take years to cleanse oneself of the stigma of white racism, but the cart will still be there.

One more thing. Stop scaring us with a leftist idea.


We are not afraid. Not scary.

Of course, all of us liberals are leftists. Since the 18th century. Like Locke and Hume, Montesquieu and Rousseau, Franklin and Jefferson, Kant, Condorcet, Mirabeau and Radishchev. Left. Because the conservatives are right. We are not them.

This is a truism.

Delight for Trump reminds me of madness, but not the Parnassian poetic, but the one that Bacchus sent down on his maenads. Donald Trump is constantly playing the alpha male, always ready to "grab the woman he likes by the pussy" (his own words). It always seemed to me that Vitukhnovskaya was the last person who would campaign for a president campaigning for a complete ban on abortion, and admire any feigned masculinity. I made a mistake. She sings praises to him exactly as a man. "Gorgeous, real American, like from the picture Donald Trump," she exclaims, "a spectacular multimillionaire!"

Yes, much more spectacular. I have to disappoint - Donald Trump is far from Rockefeller or even Vanderbilt. He has about 2 billion in debt. This is what Trump's tax return was tricked into by court reporters. The declaration also revealed that Trump has a secret account in communist China, for which he recently paid $ 188,000, while for the American one - only $ 750. The latter is only possible with financial fraud; even the middle class pays the IRS about $ 18,000 per family annually.

So why wish for an "overwhelming victory" for an exposed financial fraudster?

At the direction of Trump, today in the United States there are multiple violations of voting rights affecting the interests of a significant number of citizens. For example, the reduction of the number of ballot boxes in their states at the direction of the president by the Republican governors, so now there is only one ballot box per district (including those with a half-million population), which creates huge queues. Secondly, many post offices have seized machines for sorting letters - in a number of US states, voting by mail has long been introduced. And if the mail is held back, then the ballots sent "late" will be invalid.

So why wish for an "overwhelming victory" for an exposed political con man?

It is now known that Trump learned about the impending deadly epidemic in January of this year, but he criminally hid it from the country. Instead of introducing emergency measures, the president, on the contrary, began, in the classical manner of a medieval obscurantist, to ridicule medicine, science, doctors and their recommendations on the need to stay at home and wear masks outside and keep a distance. Many people who followed his insane advice have contracted covid. He is currently organizing pompous mass rallies for his supporters, during which neither distance nor wearing masks is observed. After these rallies, the number of cases of covid in the respective states increases dramatically. Thus, Donald Trump is personally to blame for the spread of the covid epidemic in the United States, from which a quarter of a million Americans have already died and today is dying 800 Americans a day.

If Typhoid Mary was once subjected to forced quarantine, then this is impossible with the President of the United States - he himself must demand that voters comply with the rules for protecting against a pandemic. But the president, on the contrary, openly makes fun of these measures and recently announced that he would not fight the pandemic at all. It seems that there is logic in Trump's madness, and people are increasingly wondering if this is deliberate genocide. In the United States, retirees and blacks are the most likely to die of covid, and their living standards are among the lowest in the country due to centuries of discrimination. These are two categories of the population that Trump frankly does not like.

So why wish a "stunning victory" for a man who hid the onset of a deadly pandemic from the nation and refused to fight the covid?

As of 2019, 70,000 children were held in children's concentration camps along the Mexican border. No one is allowed to see them. It turned out that such negligence and confusion reigns there that today it is impossible to find the parents of 545 children who, it seems, will never meet their parents again. Unlike children separated from their parents and sleeping behind bars on mattresses thrown on the floor for more than three years, Donald Trump's children openly profit from their father's presidency. Proudly and brazenly plundering the country in full view of everyone - unlike countries with authoritarian regimes in America, those in power have not developed a "tradition" of hiding the actions of their children.

The main character traits of the current president are as follows: open disrespect for the US Constitution and all laws and regulations; their systematic violation; extreme aggressiveness; consistent irresponsibility; unbridled self-praise; the desire to dominate others; disrespect for everyone who disagrees with him; inability to manage your emotions; unwillingness to admit their mistakes; inability to regret or sympathize. And the constant obsessive and inescapable lies on any occasion of both Trump and his entire administration. So if for Vitukhnovskaya Trump is "like a picture", then this is a picture of a malicious sociopath.

Trump has destroyed the impeccable work of so many ministries and departments that after him they will have to rake the Augean stables. He violated so many provisions of the constitution and other laws that listing them would take several pages. He is supported by all extreme right racist organizations. In addition to skinheads, his main pillar is, first, moneybags trying to wage a conservative revolution in the country and end wealth taxes, human rights protection, trade unions, rule of law, independent media, social security, affordable medicine, women's marches, abortion and protection. minorities. Secondly, the largest public, which is his support, are either inadequate people who like Trump's rude, tactless and vulgar style, or people with various prejudices who are sincerely afraid of an open society. As for emigrants from post-Soviet countries, in my experience, they are either just racists, or, for example, those who vote for Trump for the sake of America, but for the sake of Israel (despite the fact that 77% of US Jews voted against Trump), and by the way, are also always racists, often semi-conscious.

Trump has undoubtedly been able to harm America. The fruits of his presidency are massive civil protests, the decline of small businesses due to the president's unleashed covid pandemic, and 30 million Americans today on unemployment benefits for the same reason.

Trump is the worst president in US history.

Biden today symbolizes American democracy, and Trump stands for authoritarianism and corruption.

Many may wonder why America tolerates such a president? The answer is simple: the Founding Fathers, who created America, could not even imagine that a president might appear in the White House, openly working for hostile countries. Therefore, they left us no other mechanism to remove an unworthy president, except for impeachment. Trump's impeachment took place, but was not confirmed by the Senate, in which today his supporters are mostly conservative right. Nevertheless, he went down in history. And America does not violate its own principles, it stands on them.

Despite the impeachment, Trump is sincerely confident that he can stay in the White House and continue to work for wealthy ultra-conservatives and hostile countries. He just once again told his voters that he is not sure that he will transfer power to the newly elected president peacefully.

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