Question of the day: will the authorities launch a new attack on the telegram channels?

Question of the day: will the authorities launch a new attack on the telegram channels?
Question of the day: will the authorities launch a new attack on the telegram channels?
30 July, 14:53
According to experts, the country's special services on the eve of the elections again became interested in anonymous telegram channels and want to find out who they work for.

Two days ago, the popular analytical Telegram channel "Kremlin BezBashennik" published an interesting message:

“Our sources in the central office of the FSB report that the day before, a remarkable interest in the anonymous Telegram channels, their authors and real owners / beneficiaries has reawakened in the special services. The furnishings require..."

These almost innocent three lines caused a storm in the telegram community. It's no secret that attempts to deanonymize this social network have already been made, but to no avail. Moreover, practically all active politicians, economists, sociologists and experts in other areas of public life conduct their own telegram channels, some openly and some anonymously. Therefore, the next surge of state interest in this network did not leave anyone indifferent.

For example, analyst Andrey Gusiy believes that in fact, anonymous channels have not existed for a long time, and therefore there is nothing to worry about:

“Everything has been known and calculated for a long time, both in terms of rhetoric and the topics raised. In regions where there is a normal internal political bloc, everyone knows that it is not difficult. But there are regions where the UVP "for show" is not able to control materials.

And officials can say for a long time that Telegram does not influence politics, they do not read it, but then the question is - why then are they collecting sections from it by region on certain topics, including federal ones. Regularly.

Interestingly, TikTok has been added to Telegram's rating this year. But here it is clear, there are not meanings, but coverage. I'm experimenting with it myself - 150,000 live views with comments is not a problem, the record was 380,000 views in an account with 0 subscribers, no payment.

So this year there will be crops in Odnoklassniki and VKontakte - because there are Russian social networks - as well as monitoring and discouraging topics in Telegram. Instagram and TikTok will be used in the background, there is such information .."

The hosts of the PolitSatirKa channel, in turn, were not surprised by the insider information about the Telegram cleansing:

“The pre-election field should be pristine, no one wants to repeat the Belarusian scenario.

The main question that arises in this regard is: is Telegram so anonymous, as Durov says? Wasn't the action with its bans, organized by Roskomnadzor, just a talented PR action of a new platform, which is controlled by you, you know who".

The channel expert "Yebuldinsky Spets" is sure that the interest in Telegram in all absolutely special services - from the FSB to the Investigative Committee and from the SVR to the Main Directorate of the General Staff - was, is and will always be - until that time, until it can finally be slammed:

“And this cherished thought will also always exist as a stratagem. It’s better in the trend of total napalmization of the political field, it’s calmer. The veterans of one of the services (which, incidentally, play an important ideological role in any of them) tried to change and push the department towards greater participation in various info-wars and wars, only which of the existing ones needs an extra political and instrumental load..."

Political scientist Marat Bashirov was not surprised at such an interest in Telegram from the special services:

“As one head of a large agency said,“ I only need to think about a couple of hundred heads, and they will do the rest themselves, if they agree with what they read, including bringing it into the minds of millions. ” This is what makes Telegram the flagship of the political information / field sector. TikTok or VK is for simple minds..."

The Russian know name channel paints a rather bleak perspective:

“The main direction of the emerging“ high interest ”seems to be the desire to get to know the owners / beneficiaries of the“ new anonymity ”that is not yet controlled. Then this "vinaigrette" can be divided into three main "sectors": our own, others' and unacceptable ones. Their "laundresses" will even more pretend that they are busy "rinsing", with "strangers" - they will negotiate, since the experience after the "swamp trading" is already sufficient, but with regard to the "others" - after September a really serious company, because the existence of independent "carriers of meanings" (other than the "general line") will become an impermissible luxury. And it may very well be that their belief in anonymity will play a cruel joke: the grid's ignorance of their leaders of public opinion in the face increases their vulnerability, and does not entail censure in a wide information / space: who will notice the "silence" of a separate "channel" when their already darkness and darkness, and it is not known who is under what "cap".

And with the very "anonymity" - everything will still be fine: it's so funny - to use something almost non-existent to switch attention to the non-main and non-obvious..."

But the experts of the Ryazan view are sure that telegram channels are beneficial to any government, whether central or regional:

“In our opinion, there are practically no anonymous channels. If only those Elusive Joes that nobody cares about.

Take, for example, a typical province, the Ryazan region. We absolutely know the authors of all the main Ryazan channels. People in uniform probably have the same knowledge. But it is not profitable for anyone to carry out a deanon or destroy the existing system. By monitoring the main channels on the ground, the authorities and bodies receive a lot of information about abuses and violations completely free of charge, the production of which would otherwise require huge financial and organizational resources. In addition, in a number of channels there is an analysis of what is happening “on the ground”, organizing the preparation of which on a national scale on our own, if real, is very difficult and costly.

If we talk about the subjective approach of the channel authors, then it is naturally present, but devalued when analyzing the entire stable array of channels. Some authors do not like some local officials, politicians and oligarchs, while others do not like others, but in general, all that impartial is revealed, the fight against which will help make our society cleaner and life better. And there is no equivalent replacement for telegram channels to solve this problem yet. This means that the channels will develop, strengthening themselves in the chosen niches until some new platforms appear, where today's channels will organically flow at a new level. But not all. According to the laws of evolution and natural selection..."

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