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Алина Витухновская
Asexuality as a political factor of the future
The more civilized a person is, the less capable he is of experiencing, and the more he is capable of logical constructions.
27 June, 23:59
Владимир Василиев
On the issue of riots in the United States: the West has died
The spiritual foundations on which Western civilization alone rested
23 June, 23:55
Алина Витухновская
Lulling to death: they want to put us in a cradle between Eros and Thanatos
Common sense tells us that Thanatos is opposed not by Eros, but by Resource, that is, a civilized world, a normal education and economic benefits.
21 June, 23:56
Михаил Макогон
Are teachers afraid of dismissals for not participating in election commissions? Do not make me laugh!
Russian courts take the side of the employer if something out of the ordinary hasn’t happened, even less often than the presidents are changing.
13 June, 00:53
Анжелика Дин
About the freaks, directors and viewers on the NTV channel
Today, on the NTV channel, the children of famous actors will share unsightly stories about their parents with the audience.
30 May, 12:25
Алина Витухновская
The true essence of Cheburashka, or the story of one children's writer
Eduard Uspensky was not only a disgusting person, but also a poor children's writer, and even a Soviet one, which is generally unforgivable.
29 May, 12:10
Андрей Починков
Предприниматель, Прага
Not the democracy makes people free, but the free people choose democracy
That is why all the attempts to “export democracy” failed, even backed by the full power of the United States.
28 May, 17:12