Posted 5 апреля 2020,, 08:31

Published 5 апреля 2020,, 08:31

Modified 24 декабря 2022,, 22:36

Updated 24 декабря 2022,, 22:36

During a quarantine week Moscow City Hall announced 5 billion tenders for municipal accomplishment

During a quarantine week Moscow City Hall announced 5 billion tenders for municipal accomplishment

5 апреля 2020, 08:31
The mayor of the capital Sergei Soyabnin declared that it's impossibile to provide financial assistance to the people who were unemployed due to a non-working month until the end of April.

The day before the mayor of the capital Sergei Soyabnin declared the impossibility of financial assistance to people who were unemployed due to a non-working month until the end of April.

Meanwhile, after the regime of strict self-isolation was announced in the capital, the Сity hall placed regular tenders for the urban improvement of Moscow with a total amount of 5.3 billion rubles.

The Moscow mayor explained the inability to help people with money that suffered from a non-working month because of self-isolation measures, saying that “the budgets will crack” and invited business owners to take all the financial costs of paying employees for themselves, because “it is only for one month”.

At the same time, as noted by in the heading to its material : "The budget will not "crack" on the tile."

The fact is that, as Baza found out, in February and March, when the scale of the coronavirus epidemic in the world was already known, the city authorities announced tenders for laying lawns, replacing tiles, curbs and asphalt for 12 billion rubles .

And when strict self-isolation regime was already announced in Moscow, the city hall placed several more tenders for the improvement of the city with a total amount of 5.3 billion rubles .

Employees of the publication conducted their inspection at the addresses where the metropolitan authorities intend to change “tile to tile” or “asphalt to asphalt”, making sure that the coating in these places does not need urgent replacement.

It turned out that one tender was received by the Zarcom company in the amount of 1.6 billion rubles , and the second - by the CEN group of companies for 2.4 billion rubles .

According to the publication, the first is connected with billionaires Andrei Bokarev and Iskandar Makhmudov, with whom the city hall has "excellent relations", and the second is called "one of the kings of government orders in Moscow and Moscow Region" and is associated with the Rotenberg family.

When self-isolation in Moscow lasted for the third day, on April 1, the city hall announced a tender for improvement of the Park of the Northern River Station at 1.8 billion rubles . It is planned to lay 38 square meters there. km of granite tiles and 4.5 km of granite borders, make a new highlight and put benches. At the same time, according to the documentation, the contractor can begin work on April 28, that is, right during the quarantine.

Also, in the first week of quarantine, the mayor’s office announced tenders for improvement of streets in the area of the Enthusiasts highway for 609 million rubles , parks in the South-Eastern district - 533 million rubles , pedestrian zones in the South-Western district - 1.4 billion rubles , lanes near Sadovnicheskaya street - 415 million rubles and public spaces in the Western District - 581 million rubles . In almost all cases, we are talking about replacing asphalt with tiles, or vice versa, or tiles with tiles.

Here is what the well-known political scientist and journalist Kirill Rogov wrote about this on his Facebook page :

Over the past few years Moscow has been literally covered with gold dust: the funds that the Moscow authorities invested in the renovation and decoration of the city were absolutely outrageous. Moscow today looks bad in the meaning that it looks too good: the wealth of entourage surpasses the wealth of the residents, it distinguishes it from European capitals and exposes the east-oligarchic nature of its well-being. Such an emirate.

And then the misfortune came. And the Moscow authorities that poured the sidewalks with gold, changing the asphalt to tile, tile to asphalt, and again to tile and then to another better one, what can they give to the citizens who were sent to compulsory quarantine, which is not called quarantine?

Not so little in their terms: bans, surveillance and fines. If you lose your job, you are paid 19 thousand rubles, and if you leave your home, they will take 4 thousand from you, and if you leave by car - then 5 thousand, and your car will be taken to the auto pound, which will also have to be paid. The idea obviously is to let people travel more by mass public transport, right?

Today the Moscow Mayor said that the city cannot support all residents with a lump-sum payment. “Budgets will crack, they won’t even be able to arrange a health system and so on.” But this is a pure falsehood. There are 7 million workers in Moscow, of whom it is necessary to deduct those who receive a salary from the budget — they will receive it. I think that less than 5 millions will remain. Even if all of them will be paid 20 thousand rubles each, it's necessary to have only 100 billion rubles.

During 2017-2019 about 1.4 trillion rubles were spent on city improvement and beautification programs. That means 7% of this amount is needed. This, presumably, is three times less than the rental component in the improvement program. This year the city’s budget is 2.4 trillion, that means that 4% of this amount are needed. 95.5 billion rubles are envisaged for the “development of the urban environment” in the budget of this year, and 226 billion rubles in general under the article “beautification”.

Even with the two-month quarantine - this is absolutely feasible for the city. In the end, in a situation of force majeure, the city can borrow money, this is not a big sum for it.

Health care will not suffer, this is a deceit. The thing is that the city authorities just love the curbs more than people. But we had guessed about this before.