Posted 5 апреля 2020,, 15:06

Published 5 апреля 2020,, 15:06

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Sticks for Fatherly Severity: TV Approves Chechnya's Experience

Sticks for Fatherly Severity: TV Approves Chechnya's Experience

5 апреля 2020, 15:06
Experts give so different forecasts that it is completely unclear which of them to believe.

Sergey Mitrofanov

The president’s second address to the nation didn’t hurt the TV. Advisor to the leader of the United Russia faction, Markelov tried as best he could to prove his relevance.

In fact, the president did not ruin his vertical and did not appeal to people like “save who you can”, but simply urged everyone on the ground to act according to the situation so as not to waste time coordinating. Including, with him, with the president, while he is in a remote place due to contact with the infected head physician of the isolation center in Kommunarka. And this is not the spread of authoritarian power, as you probably thought, and not the additional powers that the president threw off himself on others, but the additional responsibility! Then, when everything is over, everything will return to square one. The leader will remain the leader.

However, such a beneficial topic was not duly continued. It is really strange that something suddenly everyone enters the emergency regime, or suddenly it, emergency state, begins to seep through its fingers .

Moreover, in this extraordinary state there is some kind of nesting. So, Russia declared dangerous to all foreigners, closed airports, and whoever comes to those dag-scratches. And in Novosibirsk, for example, all Muscovites were declared dangerous - those who come from Moscow will also be scratched. Here, implicitly, or perhaps even explicitly, the idea is being held that Moscow is almost the West and, in general, another Russia. What is not good from the point of view of a single country.

Skabeeva (risky pays attention): "Concrete blocks in the Stavropol Territory do not bother you?"

Yes, the Stavropolites are well done, with concrete blocks, as in 1991, blocked roads (like Moscow - airports) so that no one came to them and no one left them. Well, really, who is defending from whom and why?

Markelov: of course, there is no need to sow separatism, but Kadyrov’s measures are good. Although there is something sick of everything in the republic, we welcome Kadyrov’s tonton-makut when they take to the streets with sticks to maintain quarantine. ( A creepy futuristic spectacle is on the big screen. ) Because Kadyrov knows his people - ardent Caucasians, and with them this is just the way to go, with paternal rigor.

There are, however, some doubts about the prohibitions, which are also not established universally, but in a number of separate cases.

Firstly, because alcohol helps relieve stress, which is inevitable due to news reports about coffins already posted in parking lots. ( Calm down, this is abroad .) Secondly, because it brings income, which in a falling economy is by no means superfluous. And the economy, apparently, by the summer of collapse - portend many experts.

The smiling head of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) Aisen Nikolaev is unsophisticated. You see, we sent everyone quarantined, and they immediately stocked up on vodka. We got drunk and off we go. The shaft of crime. One family was completely slaughtered along with the children. A reasonable question from the studio: if there wasn’t quarantine, wouldn’t it be cut out? And if there were no quarantine, then perhaps they would not have been cut out, but would have been engaged in some other stupid thing. But quarantine with alcohol gave exactly this effect.

And here is another case for discussion. A man with a coronavirus went to ... a hospital . It sounds a little absurd: where else should he go? But as a result, the hospital was quarantined, squared quarantine, and that person is attracted. But it’s your own fault: why didn’t you make him a diagnosis on time?

Another case: heart attack + coronavirus = exactly the same result. Kapets hospital. But where did the heart attack go ?

Fear and stress are trouble. I saw it myself, having gone after a weekly ambush to the store. I must say, frightened people by their own initiative keep a distance of one and a half meters. Convinced. The light is dim everywhere, and for some reason everyone is whispering, probably so that the virus does not hear and attack. Nowhere is music playing. They run in dashes, jumping in yellow circles. For the first time I agree with Zakhar Prilepin. Infection sticks to inflated people.

However, one must already begin to get out of this inflatedness. There is a feeling that the situation is gradually playing back. The virus is a virus, and payments are scheduled. A cafe was opened again in Irkutsk. In Moscow, the order of restrictions on travel on personal vehicles has broken. Sobyanin, in despair, cried out that he did not have the means to maintain total dominance. In addition, virologists draw a picture completely parallel to the whole process.

Head of the Department of Microbiology, Virology and Immunology THEM. Sechinova Vitaly Zverev says that the virus came forever. And this means that it will not be held either by April 5, or by the First of May, or by June 22, and it will not sit out. So why then sit? Live with him, and everyone will get sick.

Perhaps the idea is to simply divide the patients into streams. Those who later fall ill will be more lucky, and by this time some vaccines and masks will be brought. On the other hand, mortality from coronavirus is not very different from the mortality of normal seasonal flu. This thought is also repeated many times.

Again, conspiracy theorists raise their heads: maybe all this is a modulation of social behavior (a red light comes on and you get food) and a maneuver to the sixth technological order?

Unfortunately, it is not clear which of the "knowledgeable" to be guided in this matter.