Posted 6 апреля 2020,, 05:38

Published 6 апреля 2020,, 05:38

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Human rights activist demands to present to China bill for landfills and coronavirus

Human rights activist demands to present to China bill for landfills and coronavirus

6 апреля 2020, 05:38
Humanity, with its thoughtless and neglectful attitude to the environment, has caused the current catastrophic situation.

The famous Uzbek human rights activist and public figure Yevgeny Dyakonov published on his personal website an extremely emotional appeal to readers on the true causes of the coronavirus pandemic and its consequences for all of humanity:

“My dear reader! What do you think are the most popular three words in the world? No, this is not I Love You , you have not guessed, this is Made in China . And if a quarter of the world's population are Chinese, then it is no wonder that China is around us!

First of all, I want to emphasize your attention that I do not have and did not have any nationalist sentiments or complaints against the great people of the Celestial Empire - I want to bill the Chinese government and politicians for this coronavirus, its consequences and more. The amount of damage has yet to be calculated by humanity.

But look around. Everything that surrounds us is 99% made in China, they have captured almost all industries and today China is the main factory on the planet where EVERYTHING is produced !

It is no secret that official Beijing does not really care about the environment and harmful emissions into the atmosphere from its production facilities. Examples such as that of a fool wrapper, if they are doing any development or mining, they do it in barbaric ways, destroying everything living in their path.

Look at the laying of railways in Russia or the construction of chemical plants in Belarus , they mercilessly destroy everything that they see around them and they do not give a shit about the future and nature, flora and fauna, as well as people living nearby.

If they grow fruits and vegetables, turning abandoned fields into blooming gardens, then after a couple - three years in this place - there are only lifeless wastelands where you can shoot Martian stories without decorations, because the consequences of thoughtless and uncontrolled use of pesticides squeezes all life juices out of the ground .

If we turned our nose away from Chinese consumer goods about 20-30 years ago, today everything around us is MADE IN CHINA , with the only difference being that there is an outright fake - this is for rogues. For a fake for the original - for state employees, well, for the elite - a high-quality fake, and forgive God for the "elite", very expensive Chinese shit.

Oddly enough, all THIS is done in the same factories and with the same hands, but few people know that all Chinese industry produces more than 50% of the marriage and most of this marriage is practically not processed and does not even go to waste. but just thrown away.

Let us turn to the facts, now the Chinese have created a biological problem for the whole World comparable to the World War, in fact, what is the sin of concealing, this is war. Some moron, releasing the virus from a test tube, paralyzed half the world. More than three billion people were under house arrest, otherwise they will suffer a painful death. But what crime did they commit? Why do other nations pay for the Chinese? The answer is retribution for our silence. When big business tycoons, in pursuit of profit, simply trample on our future, destroying everything that is at least somehow connected with common sense, we are silent, we are patient.

In my opinion, we are all not sick with the virus, we are sick with another more terrible disease called tolerance, which means that it doesn’t happen around you, even if you are crap on your head, don’t dare to arise and object, otherwise you will be equated with the Nazis or racist with all the ensuing consequences. Ah, who would know how I hate this word, tolerance, according to which I have only to grit my teeth and now, all that people around me do.

By the way, a little earlier, I did not in vain say about zombies! It’s not just for a red word I used this expression, remember the lines of iPhones where people fought for a new dialer. It's just a phone , but they are the same zombies! They are already among us! They don’t need this phone for hell, but they want to get it at any cost. I don’t know the truth or not, but there are idiots who are ready to sell themselves to the authorities in order to buy a new gadget. Isn't that a zombie! It's not evening yet, gentlemen! It's only the beginning.

Today, schoolchildren are stuffed with modern gadgets, which, in fact, are only needed by serious businessmen, but the shkolota bothers them with toys and cats, and those whose parents cannot allow their children to buy an expensive toy, which, by the way, will soon go out of fashion, are considered losers and everyone who is not lazy is blaspheming, including teachers, which affects the psyche of a teenager, by the way there are cases of suicide based on social persecution (mobbing).

But mark my words, as soon as everything settles down, China will necessarily “give” the World some kind of hemorrhoids, but it’s more serious, for example, a real man-made disaster of a planetary scale, in comparison with which COVID 19 will seem to you an easy prank. It is not surprising if, as a result of a chemical or bacteriological apocalypse, the world's population shrinks by a quarter or a third or even half! After all, Chinese landfills are several times larger than the Great Wall of China, and landfills go far beyond the horizon. There are almost no real statistics, but for comparison we’ll take neighboring Russia, where the situation with garbage processing, or rather with its absence, beats fellow citizens directly to the most indecent places.

Back in December 2017, the Russian journalist Arkady Mamontov released the film “ General Cleaning ”, where he voiced the terrible figures of garbage in Russia, and your humble servant, inspired by his example, shot his film “ Dirty Business ” in April 2018. If there is interest on YouTube on the audience or feedback on social networks, then I’ll shoot a sequel, that is, the documentary “Dirty Business - 2, recycling”.

But back to China, where emissions of harmful sewage from factories and toxic waste from chemical industries poisoned more than 90% of the lakes, they were simply destroyed, and around the once picturesque landscapes worthy of the brush of famous artists, now are poisonous puddles, where all living things died out for several kilometers , these reservoirs will never be restored.

More than 30 thousand rivers in China are dangerous for human life , toxic emissions into the oceans, also do not bring anything good, including for neighboring countries, where ecology is also a disaster.

The Chinese government categorically ignores areas such as ecology, human rights, and environmental conservation. A vivid example is the Siberian taiga, so zealously destroyed by Chinese lumberjacks with the assistance of corrupt Russian officials.

The forest, as you know, is light planets, and the Chinese cut down forests ruthlessly and mercilessly, in a barbaric way, and the territory of hellish bald spots is already equal to the European continent. The result of such a bacchanalia was not long in coming. Floods in the nearby cities of pirate cuttings became the norm - since there is no natural forest water intake, which has turned the lives of millions of people into hell, because many have lost everything that has been acquired and turned into homeless people, and the “generous” Russian government has dismissed them with miserable handouts that still need to be managed receive. Forest fires, usually man-made, to hide the real traces of theft, also did not pass without a trace. Lost property, human casualties, destroyed fauna, and most importantly, poisoned air and water.

I was born and raised in the East, and in our area they say: Water is life ! Indeed, it is difficult to argue with the sages. Well, if people poison water, they destroy life itself on Earth.

Where the Chinese workers live, they ate all the frogs, you get hordes of insects - flies, mosquitoes, nests, and everyone knows about mutant fish in Russian rivers.

In the cities where the Chinese live, they ate almost all stray dogs. It seems like a useful thing, although this is a moot point, but then they ate almost all of the domestic cats, and as a result - you got hordes of gray rats, and as a result, with them deadly infections and dangerous viruses - returned to us from the Middle Ages, for example smallpox , plague, cholera, typhoid, as well as a whole list of exotic diseases for which, not just vaccinations, but they have not even come up with a name.

And now from personal observations. Living in Europe, I noticed that the most problematic tourists in terms of cleanliness and culture are the Chinese. Many guides will not let me lie. If a Chinese man bought, for example, ice cream, then he would not send a wrapper from it to an urn two meters from him, he would throw it right where he was, and it doesn’t matter if it is in a palace, in a park or in a store. If he drank soda or didn’t eat the pie, he won’t put it in the trash next to him, but he’ll drop it on the ground and nevermind that if everyone does the same, there’s a mess around us, srach and stink . Attempts to convince the Chinese not to do this, in the best case, ends with sending you to a known address, and in the worst, he marks the light between your eyes. Aggressive such assholes, you know.

And now from a number of fiction.

Remember this Swedish girl, who many considered crazy, but as it turned out, it was not for nothing that she was declared the person of the year. And what, in fact, did Greta Tunberg want? Let's understand, were her demands so extravagant?

- She called for the preservation of the environment! So what now? Nature is recovering, but factories and factories stopped production just a month ago. Fewer cars began to emit toxic gases, harmful production ceased to spoil poisonous smoke into the sky.

“She called on people to stay at home more and now everyone is sitting at home!”

- She urged the children not to go to school in protest and now all the children do not go to school just like that!

“She urged that no planes fly or ships go!” What now? Iron birds got into a joke, and the atmosphere improved, and the ferries stood motionless on the pier and the oceans became cleaner!

- She called for stopping the production of hydrocarbons, here you are, oil has fallen in price to all conceivable and not conceivable lows and is likely to go down, and with gas in general, laughter through tears, two pipes worth under a trillion dollars each, in fact, buried in the ground drowned in the sea or simply stolen.

They say for sure that the truth speaks through the mouth of the baby, and now it turns out that this juvenile little man is a thorn, not at all so nutty as some people try to present it to us.

It would be safe to make nuclear power plants and make world business leaders respect our planet and save the lives of people, because the greatest value is human life, not banks, yachts and villas.

You can believe in Jesus or Allah, in Buddha or not believe in anything at all, but remember the words of the Prophet that Satan will come and you will believe in him, because he will make you believe in him . Understand me correctly, my dear reader, the main value of any state is not oil or gas, mineral resources or money, but people who need to be protected, and not having kept the planet clean, we will not be able to survive elementarily, not to mention future generations.

What do you want? One and a half billion people in China, about the same number in India, besides the fact that they produce and sell something, they also litter everything they see around themselves, and this already gives its disastrous results today.

This applies not only to China and India, there are also countries - assholes, this is Bangladesh, there is the same Russia, Thailand, Vietnam, North Korea, Africa, Central Asia, where the situation with landfills and hazardous industries is no better.

A little more moralizing, you already tolerate my dear reader, if our Planet is presented as a large apartment building, and if there are several inadequate neighbors in this house who throw garbage out the window, instead of taking it to the container, I'm not talking about separate collection of waste. If these inadequate cohabitants crap in the porch or piss in the elevator, then all the tenants should get together, albeit with completely unpopular measures, but bring to the knowledge of the villains that the rules of social living are mandatory for everyone.

And in the end, taking advantage of the experience of human rights activities, I cannot help but propose advisory measures to solve and prevent these problems.

Who is to blame, we still have to figure it out for a long time, but what to do, read below:

  1. To convene the UN Security Council and present to China bills for compensation for damage due to coronavirus, following the example of the United States, because the White House is preparing an invoice for $ 20 trillion to China for the damage caused.
  2. China's garbage dumps, just like India, are time bombs, their technological disaster will also make themselves felt, so the UN Security Council needs to attract companies from civilized countries to recycle garbage. It should be understood, not recycling, namely the recycling of garbage for its use again.
  3. The processing of garbage and other industrial wastes is a very profitable business and an almost unlimited source of raw materials that can and should be put back into circulation. There is a wonderful world experience in recycling. Raw materials such as plastic, glass, metal, wood, and most importantly paper, can be used again, which will preserve the nature around us and give a chance for the survival of future generations.
  4. Organizations banning chemical and biological weapons to put under control all chemical and biological production in order to avoid new geopolitical disasters in the future.
  5. The UN Security Council and the UN General Assembly adopt the World Declaration on the Protection of Humanity from Biological, Chemical and Technogenic Disasters, which I am ready to develop personally and offer the powers that be.