Posted 6 апреля 2020,, 21:36

Published 6 апреля 2020,, 21:36

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Updated 24 декабря 2022,, 22:36

Stepan Demura: "With the words "stock", "bond", "currency" you should have diarrhea"

Stepan Demura: "With the words "stock", "bond", "currency" you should have diarrhea"

6 апреля 2020, 21:36
On the air of the YouTube channel “Analitik TV”, financial and exchange analyst Stepan Demura spoke in the spirit of the fact that with the words “stock and bond” people should immediately have at least an upset stomach.

He also said that it is necessary to try to correct the imbalances and delusions introduced into the world economy over the past 100 - 120 years, which were the time of "mockery of common sense."

“The first thing that people, investors are asking now, was there already a bottom and when can I buy? No guys! With the words “stock”, “bond”, “currency” you should begin diarrhea, you should vomit! ”, - said Demura.

“There will be a short-term recovery, but whether it touches us - probably so, it will fly a little edge. Ruble 85 will do, and in the near future. It will be seen further. Well, the RTS will be 500, maybe 450, it will break that bottom. Then again there will be some kind of recovery process. But among our Russian investors, there is simply no one to take part in this very recovery, ”said the analyst.

Stepan Demura believes that the business was mistaken, believing "that they will not come for him." “What can you say to the business now? Did you think they won’t come for you? They came for you. You miscalculated. History shows that they always come. ”

According to the analyst, the last 100 to 120 years have been years of mockery of common sense.

“This was a period of using usurious interest as the main engine of progress. It is necessary to correct all imbalances, all the nonsense brought into the global economy. And that will be adjusted. But do not wait for the “pink prospects” for the long term. Especially, taking into account the specifics of the political and economic power of our wonderful country. I think that we all are still being poured! ”Said Demura.

The entire experience of the past 30 years, he said, shows that the Russian authorities are not able to make adequate decisions when it comes to assessing the real state of things or threats to the country.

“There are hundreds of examples. For example, now they say that they will kill US shale oil. But where is the threat? But they always stuffed their pocket perfectly. The authorities are not able to think and predict two steps forward, and sometimes even their next step. Smart people don’t start oil games with the Americans, they don’t go to Ukraine and Syria, they don’t send a rusty smoking trough to demonstrate the strength of the fleet, ”said Stepan Demura.

However, degradation of the species and degeneration, “directly according to Sorokin”, due to negative selection, occurred, according to the analyst, still not only in our country.

“In any case, the whole world is changing, the consciousness of mankind is changing and will never return to its former state. Each has its own daddy, people everywhere are easily manageable. Standard system. The darkest time is right before dawn. So now dawn is coming. But there will be nothing, everything will become a stake, or rather, it has already become a stake. Well, the faces on the TV will change ... ”